Original Gravity Public House

66 S 1st St, San Jose
(408) 915-2337

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John P.

Pre-Pandemic I would come here 2-3 times a month and always had a great time. When I heard that they had reopened after the lockdown I was super excited and told all of the guys that rode together to OG. Naturally we were stoked to be able to come back and enjoy a good beer and sausage. Well that was promptly over when we arrived and were met with the most unprofessional rude staff that I've ever encountered anywhere! We exchanged words and promptly left.... Fast forward several months. We decided to give it another go. Well, I don't know if there was a change in ownership or what, but talk about a drastic change. The staff were all so nice and welcoming and the food and beer were as we'd come to expect over the years.

Jessica Burgess

Amazing beers and fantastic food!! Will definitely be back for this OG burger and the duck fries with garlic aioli again ??

Brian Harkness

Food here is dead. Owner cheaped out and started making smashed burgers. Used to be great sausages. Now they charge you 7 dollars for burgers half a$$ burgers.the owner is a sell out. Buy beer nothing else. Might as well be a hole in the wall dive bar. It’s shocking that he doesn’t realize the real gem were the sausages

Chelsea F.

Wow. I heard the rumors, but was given truth slap in the face today. Traded in the amazing sausages for... HAMBURGERS?!?! Really?? Now, what is "original" about that? Can you name a taproom that DOESN'T sell burgers?! The beer selection is always good, but I pushed my recommendation to come here for the brats and poutine. Well my friends, I guess San Pedro Square it is. RIP to the original OG and all the fond memories. At least I can save myself the walk.

Shirley F.

It's a CHILL spot to stop by after work on a weekday, as there are PLENTY of seats and parking out back. Don't forget to check out their hidden OUTDOOR seating located WAY back, behind the building. They have a good selection of beers, but I GOT to admit the #1 (Fruity Wine) was the BEST -- our waitress agreed as well. You'll be LEFT OUT, if you're not snacking on their Duck Fat Fries. Anyways, if you haven't already done so, I definitely recommend y'all stop by and check them out.

Brian M.

Awesome spot for a beer and a burger. Tried their new smash burger and fries and they did not disappoint. The beer selection is great, and the beertenders were very helpful finding the right beverage for me.

Jason Valle

One of the best chicken sammiches I've ever eaten. I dig the no cash thing at the moment. Better to stay safe. Nothing but good things to say about OG Brewz. Recommended!

matt hale

Staff is always friendly and the selection is great. Even found a few gems.

Liz S.

Love love love OG. I'm really not a beer drinker so I appreciate the selection of ciders, as well as the sours (I'll pass on anything with even a hint of hops... so... most beer). But what I really miss is the SAUSAGES. All manner of flavors, meats, and vegan options. When are they coming back??? The curried ketchup for the duck fat fries is a don't miss. Also the grilled cheese. PS - OG, when you bring back your menu feel free to bring back the wasabi Mayo, too?

Christopher Nosko

The beer and hostess were great, but I sat at my table for 10 minutes without a single person coming to take my order. Also, I've tried calling them for days, and they've never answered the phone. The service could improve by a lot.


Kitchens open again and found my favorite Beer on tap Serpent ? Stout .They always have Great selection of Beers ?

Josh Rogers

I was a huge fan of OG before the pandemic. The combination of independent beer, Sausage and duck fat fries with friends was unbeatable. I went last week. Duck fat Fries are gone and replaced Sausage with Chicken sandwiches. There are so many places to get good beer these days. really bummed about the menu change

Seth Gustafson

One of the best chicken sandwiches I've ever had. So much chicken. So much toast. So much happy.

Vasanth S.

So apparently this place and scratch cookery are sharing the location for the restaurant. I asked to dine in and the guy up front said to order some drinks if we were to dine in. I had a couple of friends who were fasting and so they didn't want to order any food or drinks. The waiter literally made us leave because there were four of us and only two of us were willing to order drinks. We had gotten food through scratch so I don't understand what their problem was. I didn't wanna leave a bad review for scratch bc their food tastes amazing. However, I would never come to Original Gravity after literally being pushed out the door by a bunch of unprofessional and rude staff.

Neil G.

Body of Christ...the level 4 hot chicken is not for amateurs. It's taken me over 45 minutes to get through half the damn thing. Service is good, they get busy. I think y'all need ice cream on the menu. The level 4 is not for amateurs. Go lower. You won't impress anyone here. "Whoever's working might have an extra heavy hand!" - Tyler

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Original Gravity Public House

66 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 915-2337