5556 Monterey Rd, San Jose
(408) 784-3168

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it is ok, not the greatest Vietnamese place i ever had. good for beginners

Joe T.

When ordering in person make sure you ask them how long it is going to take. I just waited 40 minutes for a chicken sandwich and some fried wings.. I wanted to cancel my order so bad but she kept saying it was coming.. this business needs to be forthcoming with its customers.. I will not be returning here for a long time.

Felicia M.

This place absolutely SUCKED! The #4 was terrible. I love pho. I also love food and I will very rarely not enjoy food or throw it out but I threw this out. Completely disgusting. The meat was disgusting tasted rotten, was a different color than it was supposed to be. The broth was not settling. It was an over all big 0 in my opinion. Such a complete and waste of money. Worst pho spot I've ever ate at. I've ate at so many locations and this by far was such a waste. I can't believe how much it sucked. I'm not even trying to be hateful. It was just disgusting and I couldn't even eat it. Cheap noodles. Nasty old meat. I hope I don't get food poisoning! Ugh. I didn't even want to ask for my money back I didn't even want to GO BACK! Don't eat here if you love pho. I'm utterly disgusted.


The beef sandwich is good definitely would recommend

Atom Rahl

Nice little spot kinda out of the way but really nice food from what I had anyways. Got the chicken curry with bread. The bread was clearly made at site today, it was really fluffy and warm. Curry was exactly what you would expect, big chunks of chicken and potatoes and a good yellow curry flavor. Also had the football game on so that was a plus as I was here on lunch break from work.

yuu nishinoya

Wonderful food!! ❤️?

babie uwu

Wonderful food!! ❤️?

Eliz L.

Excellent pho! Authentic, quick, fresh, and plentiful. Friendly atmosphere... Highly recommend. Will definitely return the next time we stay in town (for us, this time, The Hayes Mansion- also recommended!). We had the #1 (pho with rare flank and meatball), and #? (veggie pho with added chicken - don't recall the menu number, sorry!).

Siddhant Varyambat

Amazing food. Great staff ?

Gabrielle G.

As I walked in I was greeted and seated very nicely. Lady gave me water right away which was great, then ordered #4 honestly it was BOMB so clean and very good broth and the beef was so yummy! Loved it. Try it out.

Yacsira L.

Meatballs were horrible, service was terrible, restaurant was not clean, the sauces were watered down.

Victoria M.

Pork banh mi was great but it took a long time to make since it's made to order. Also if you're getting a boba drink ask for light ice since they put more than half ice.

Jim Canelo

Very fast...good meal...inexpensive...

Rita V.

I came here for lunch today. Looking at the menu, there is a variety of dishes (pho, rice plates, noodle, or sandwiches). The prices for the pho bowls are a bit pricey here. I ordered the 'Enjoy pho beef noodle soup', and this was $11.95. All customers have to order and pay for their food at the counter. There are also plenty of tables inside for people to enjoy their food. I had to wait about 10 minutes for my pho bowl. The pho bowl was huge, so there was a lot of broth. However, there was not a lot of noodles or meat toppings. The portion size for the noodle was more like a kids portion. The temperature of the broth was piping hot, which is nice when you are eating pho. Overall, based on the price, the portion should be a lot bigger. I probably will not recommend this place if you are craving Vietnamese food. There are much better places in San Jose.

Fahmida Rahman

Champa kitchen was great!!

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