Pizza Flora

78 S 1st St, San Jose
(408) 560-5065

Recent Reviews

Aditi Shah

Amazingly tasty pizza. The ham in the Hawaiian is so tasty.

Corey Bengisu

Vegan-friendly but otherwise authentic pizzeria with homemade cheese and interesting recipes? Yes please! (They also have regular cheese)

Kevin TenBrink

I come for the great beer list and sometimes grab a slice of pizza too.

Audrey Y.

I've had two experiences here, both 5 star experiences. The first was when my husband and I walked up and bought pizza. It's so great having vegan pizza readily available to be able to just eat a slice. The guy at the counter was very friendly and extremely helpful. The second experience, I was trying to get pizzas for my husband's birthday. I called around to several pizza joints looking for a place that could have pizzas ready by 12 PM. I didn't originally call pizza flora because they weren't supposed to be open until 12. No one would help me, and I called pizza Florida on a whim and they answered! An hour before opening! They were kind enough to make me an order ahead of time just so that I could pick it up about 12 or 1215 in order to get the food to my husband's birthday. Everyone loved it, the pizzas are fantastic, but I was just so impressed with their service.

Aaron K.

Super friendly service and absolutely delicious vegan pizzas!! Will definitely be returning if/when we're back in San José!

Miguel L.

Pizza was very good. I'm definitely coming back to have some more. They also have a very good selection of draft beers. Another good reason to come back.

Diana Alanis

Great bread, a blend of thin crispy body and doughy crust. The marinara sauce on the Vegan Caprise needs improvement on depth and flavor. The Pesto Porcini (also vegan) is a great choice, it's very creamy, crunchy, and salty. The vegan cheese had a good texture. They have kombucha for nonalcoholic drinks. Very clean inside, staff keeps the outside space as clean and tidy as downtown allows it. Parking garage across the street if you don't find meter parking on the streets. Friendly staff.

Andy N.

Holy veggie, I can't believe this place exists in DTSJ and offers some of the best vegan pizzas I've ever had. Pizza Flora you have stolen my heart. This spot is run by the same folx over at Good Karma which is right down the street. On any given day, they have a selection of vegan and vegetarian friendly pizzas that are separated into their own rows. A slice of pizza sets you back around $5.50 while an entire pie can be ordered for $36. If you order it by the slice with someone else, they'll happily slice it in half for you so you both get to taste each one. Absolutely loved the two vegan options we got: the Hawaiian and Pesto pizzas. The awesome staffer was able to let us know what nuts were included in preparing the sauces, which is great for people with certain allergies. The Hawaiian was fantastic with a vegan ham alternative and the pesto had an epic white cream sauce that really reminded me of cheese. They have a few bar-esque tables for outdoor dining which is fantastic to take advantage of a nice day and people watch. I love that there are more options for outdoor dining on 1st St. and can't wait to return to try out more of their slices.

Dwena Marie P.

Kombucha, juice, beer -- you name it, they *probably* got it haha All of the pizza seems to either be vegetarian or vegan. Big slices and super flavorful! The pesto porcini vegan slice was delicious.

Amy W.

Perfect pizza in every way. Crust is amazing, crispy and flavorful. Massive slices, fresh toppings, delicious cheese and nice service.

Armando Lariz

I was disappointed with the vegan offering. Just a warmed up sparsely appointed mushroom and pesto slice not a great crust either. Nice person working there though.

Nicholas Russell

Just visited the museum of art in San Jose and stopped here for some lunch. It’s around six bucks a slice so not something I’d do often but the pizza’s legit. Just had a slice of the Wild Tomato Trio and it’s a great blending of hot and sweet. Didn’t notice til after the meal that this is a vegan & vegetarian place so just extra props. Good place to go to show your friends what flavors are possible without meat.

Jen T.

Two words: BBQ Jack! It's VEGAN, spicy, and absolutely delicious, especially if you're drinking along 1st Street and looking for a quick bite. It's a tiny bit pricey at $5.75 a slice, but the slices are generous and the ingredients high-quality. They've got a nice selection of slices to choose from, from comfort classics to originals. Plus, their beer selection is absolutely fantastic. If you like sour beers and they've got Rare Barrel available, try that! Rare Barrel is the best!

Jeffery Lewis

Their thin crust was the BOMB...delicioso...& the non-alcoholic kabucha...was served nice & cold....I will recommend their place 2 my friends...Oh the out door sitting...very comfortable...thank you FLORA'z PIZZA...

Sherri M.

Delicious and hot off the oven. Their solely vegan and vegetarian pizzas are sold by the slice and do not disappoint. Try their love potion drink if you want something non-alcoholic or like kombocha!!

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