Roy's Station Coffee & Tea

197 Jackson St, San Jose
(408) 286-2236

Recent Reviews

Dan Chen

When you walk in, the whole place smells like detergent, and yes, the place very clean. The pastry is just okay. I ordered a chia latte and it taste way too sweet and doesn’t have that bright spice taste . As a place to hangout and get some work down, it’s 5 stars.

Sayuri Shinmoto

Unfortunately I didn’t like any of their coffees.

Eddie Gomes

Best coffee shop ever. Wonderful family business that has transformed the community for the better. Definitely worth a trip to San Jose at some point in your life to go here.

Ria Pal

Lovely collection of teas and other drinks, very friendly service. Nice place to catch up with a friend or read. Convenient place to stop if you're in Japantown. Would gladly visit again!

Sophie Starnes

Lovely coffee shop with a great selection of coffee, tea, pastries and much more. Great vibe, lovely seating and just a really nice little place. Best coffee in town!

Zed Star

GREAT COFFEE SHOP ! My wife found this place online and it sounded pretty good. We tried 3 coffee shops around San Jose last trip in July and things needed to get better. Our flight arrived early in the afternoon last Tuesday so we drove the rental car straight here. It's a re-purposed gas station as the name implies and they've done a good job working with the lay-out. A few tables and chairs inside including a bar counter plus stacks of tables with large umbrellas on their huge street facing patio. A friendly dude took our order for 2 lattes with 2% milk & Hazelnut Syrup in porcelain cups. Our lattes were made by 2 different baristas......Derrick & Nina. We picked them up at the counter and sat inside because it was a bit hot outside. Our lattes tasted very nice.....creamy and full of flavor. My wife liked the Swan latte art in hers. They use Verve Coffee Roasters from Santa Cruz here. New to us but we liked the flavor. We thanked the staff and said we would be back on Thursday. As we were leaving a uniformed San Jose Police Officer walked into the outdoor patio. But all the focus was on what he drove up in and parked outside....a 1964 Plymouth Fury with a 6.2 liter V8. Pretty cool and it's a fully operational police car. I had a quick chat with Officer Rich and my wife took a pic of us. We thought this place was really good !

Emily Yarsinske

What else can I say about Roy's other than it's like being home! I grew up with a lovely backyard and now that I've been crammed into downtown, being out on the patio at Roy's, drinking amazing coffee in the sun is so relaxing! The staff are fun and friendly, the story behind Roy's is amazing, and the community support they provide is truly something else. I am so happy Roy's exists, it's basically the only reason why I stay here paying a ton of rent for an 1800's dungeon just so I can be able to walk to Roy's every weekend. Thank you!!

Christy Baker

Good independent coffee house with treats and pastry. The seating can be limited and they draw a crowd on weekends, but great local place with consistent drinks.

Michael B.

FRIENDLY SERVICE ! I popped in here today around midday to grab a decent coffee. Marcie the barista made me a rich tasting iced latte with 2% milk. They use the Verve Coffee Roasters Sermon blend for their espressos. I sat inside though it was very packed out...over 90F by the time I left at 12.45pm.

Iris G.

Cute spot! Was torn between the Carmelito iced coffee or spiced mocha. Ended up getting the spiced mocha and it's pretty good. Has a nice little kick and not too sweet. Definitely will come back to try the Carmelito iced coffee.

Kimberly M.

Great place to meet a friend for coffee and snack! Was there last week to meet a friend at 11 am. Had an iced coffee. She had some sort of egg dish and demolished it. I adore the outdoor seating because there's plenty, it's shaded, and there's never too many people. Parking on a side street is best instead odd feeding the meter. Super cute place. Love.

S C.

One of the best coffee place in San Jose Barista is proud of what they serve. Best Gilbraltar ever

Amber Celeste Ventura

Coffee was delicious. Has a lot of great flavor options. The shop looks like a great place to hang out. The staff behind the counter did not seem very approachable and that's the only reason I am giving 4 stars. But great coffee, will come back the next time I am in San Jose.

Lynne Marie Raguindin B.

Yuck! Literally one of the worst iced lattes I have ever had. It's taste way too acidic & it left a terrible after taste. I wish there was other options of coffee down here. The staff is nice and there are plenty of seats.

Anthony R.

This is the only coffee shop that take me back to my college days, back to the island of Oahu. There's nothing like it. The coffee is outstanding. I usually order the Iced Coffee or Spice Mocha Latte. The food selection is second to none. You must get yourself a Spam Musubi. Trust me, you won't find anywhere better than on the islands of Hawaii. The staff and service are exceptional. And The best part about this place? It's located in Japantown (Downtown San Jose). Thank you guys for serving this wonderful community. You guys are a joy to this world.

Warren C.

Not sure if they were having an off day because of the Japanese Festival today, but the ice coffee that I got tasted really watered down. Not the quality you'd expect when you pay $4.50 for an iced coffee.

Dillon Adams

Great coffee, huge outdoor seating area, small inside, lots of TOYS for kids, and AWESOME COFFEE. It’s best for drinking coffee and connecting with others (including running toddlers).

Rebekah Rollins

A preferred evening place. I had a brother come into town and asked me to take him back here. The bill was good for what you get. Atmosphere is similar to a cafe in San Jose I loved.

Cassidy Osborn

Came here on a Saturday. Really nothing but great experiences here, so I will be back. Prices are appropriate for the quality. Similar to a place in Denver I loved.

Kayla Green

Their tea selection is great. Ask for their Maple tea as a tea latte. It's fantastic.


Gas station-turned-coffee shop that’s also a magnetic destination for gathering community. Great for grabbing a coffee, a book, and chilling in their outdoor patio. Interesting books on local history available for perusal inside, along with toys to distract toddlers. Coffee from Verve. Full disclosure, the owner gave me some clippings in a coffee cup after she saw me admiring the succulents. That pretty much sealed the deal on them being the best.

Luz Myers

The croissants in question were huge, and soft, and from Golden Bakery in Milpitas: Ham & Cheese $4.50, Chocolate $4. The filling to carb ratio was needing a boost, especially the chocolate, but the pastry was tender and buttery.

Jasmine E.

Roy's is my neighborhood coffeehouse. I've been stopping in since my now 7 yr old was just an infant. The staff changes throughout the years however they always get a good variety of very geniune, happy, kind people serving you. This shop is 100% family friendly while they always have a good stock of crayons, color books, toys, board games. It's always clean and coffee is constantly good. I really enjoy the CHURRO CHURRO LATTE. These days I use Oatmilk. We cannot resist a pastry they are always usually fresh and they have a good variety. Saturday mornings here are my favorite it's always packed. Thanks for the great service and always remarkable cup of coffee!!!

Lauren Shields

The coffee is awesome and the employees are awesomer. The only complaint I have is that there's not a lot of indoor seating, so if it's warm, be ready to sit outside. Generally, though, a great spot for meetings cause it's not too loud and has plenty of charm. Go here instead of Starbucks: you get more Cool Points, AND you're buying local!

Jason Gardner

Best Tea shop I have ever been to hands down. From the simple green tea to herbal teas and right down to the frap. Simply a marvelous coffee/tea shop with awesome staff.

Dan Gee

Not a good iced coffee... Tasted weirdly.. Burnt sour and orangey..... Chai tea and hot chocolate were great.. But that iced coffee... Seriously lacking. Maybe a bad batch

Annie C.

I walk here from work about once a week and get a delicious small mocha, decaf, whole milk ($5.50 as of May 9, 2019). I've never had one that didn't taste great (as a former barista I know sometimes espresso is hard to "dial in" and can on occasion taste a little bitter or sour, which is different than "acidic," which is exactly what coffee is supposed to be). I just discovered today that if you bring your own mug you get $0.50 off your drink, so I'll definitely do that in the future! I always tip at least $1.00 - you should too. The baristas and cashiers are always friendly and willing to chat if you want - a GREAT quality for a coffee shop in my opinion! I have gotten the ham and cheese croissant before, which was great; as well as the spam musubi, which was warm and wonderful. Sorry I can't remember the prices on those.

Annette Aguilar

Great coffee and fresh pastries! Love the outdoors seating

Greg D.

Has a great outdoor seating area and the coffee was just mundane and average. I'll give it three stars no problem and -1 removed for claiming that their restroom was out of order during the Japan Town festival. Not a good way to treat your customers on one of the busiest days of the year.

Lorraine B O'Lague

Delicious pastries and well executed coffee drinks in a converted vintage gas station!

Nic Chebeleu

This is a Japantown Classic! I've been coming here with my wife's family for years. The service is very good and the coffee is great! There is a real friendly vibe going on. Their pastry selection is great too. I love getting a cappuccino and sitting outside on the patio! I've brought my family here, and I even came here with my wedding party during my wedding weekend. I love Roy's!

Brittany G.

Never had my coffee barista shake my hand and introduce herself. I was helped by vanessa and Tommy herself! She explained to me how the location where the cafe is was originally owned by her grandfather roy while it was a gas station. I think its such a great idea how she keeps her grandfathers memory alive by doing something she enjoys, making drinks. I had the churro churro, which is supposed to be on the sweet side with 2 shots of expresso. Im not an Expresso person. But i did love the tropical thunder iced tea. Soooo good. Oh and the yogurt parfait. Yummm. Will be back next time on the way to the office after bailing out my Clients from jail at Le bail bonds.

Vivian C.

My friends recommend the croissants at Roy's Station in Japantown, so I popped on over for breakfast one morning. The line was rather reasonable at 9:20am on a Sunday, and there were seats available both inside and out. The croissants in question were huge, and soft, and from Golden Bakery in Milpitas: Ham & Cheese $4.50, Chocolate $4. The filling to carb ratio was needing a boost, especially the chocolate, but the pastry was tender and buttery. Games were available in the corner for folks who wanted to linger. Meter parking outside had a two hour limit on Monday - Saturday from 9am - 6pm (minus holidays).

michele vitarelli

Great local coffee shop. Indoor and outdoor seating.

Frank S

Located in San Jose's Japan Town. Roy's Station was originally a Mobil gas station from the 1930's-ish. It was vacant for a number of years. Roy's Station has now been reinvented and authentically restored as a quaint coffee shop with sandwiches, desserts, excellent coffee and teas. A small indoor seating area and a great large outdoor seating. I will drive to Roy's for a crafted.latte and an excellent hand crafted locally sourced Moon Pie (marshmallow centered between two cookies then enrobed in dark chocolate) Get to Roy's and get a Moon Pie!!!!!!

Correy Morales

Pretty busy sometimes but love ham and cheese croissants and hot chocolate, good place to work on my screenplay

Daniel Lopez Miramontes

Such a cool little spot. Great coffee and kind workers.

Pham Tu

I unhappy for 1 capuchino 12oz in yesterday. Very bad and terrible. I'm never come back again

Jacquelyn T.

Still happy for Roy's existence in San Jose, especially the Japantown neighborhood. Why the bump down in rating? Well I know a bit more about coffee now, and the prices are pretty steep for coffee. Macchiatos and cappuccinos only come in 12oz, which is always a red flag for coffee... I love a strong, flavorful espresso, but the cappuccino was steeply priced at $4.50 (ouch!) for an untraditional size (the 12oz means it's a bit watered down, considering that's the same fl oz for a latte). Some other quick prices (as of Feb 2019): $6.25 for dirty chai; $5.50 for green tea latte, mochas; $5.25 for chai latte; $5 for latte. The drinks are OK but the prices are steep for what you get. Maybe stick with the tea? The rest of my previous review remains true.

Audrey M.

Roy's has been part of my daily routine since I've moved to Japantown a few months ago, and I couldn't be more hyped about it. The inside is pretty small/cozy, but there's plenty of outdoor seating. It's the perfect atmosphere to grab coffee with a friend or do some work/reading/studying. The staff is always super friendly and many of them remember my name/drink order, which is always a plus! My go-to is a mocha with an extra shot, and they make it perfectly every single time. All the pastries I've had here have been amazing - particularly the almond croissant and apple pastry (*drools*). There isn't a single thing I would change about this place! P.S. Be sure to check out the "tearable puns" on the bulletin board :)