Roy's Station Coffee & Tea

197 Jackson St, San Jose
(408) 286-2236

Recent Reviews

Liz L.

This shelter in place order has really driven home the things about life I really miss and Roy's is at the top of that list. Not only is this shop serving up some delicious Verve coffee and interesting latte creations but they do it with such an impressive sense of community. The food offerings are divine-the bakery items are a must have and all their breakfast sandwiches/lunch options come from Zannottos market (local supporting local!) and taste wonderful. I'm fortunate to live in walking distance of this gem and can attest to how kid and dog friendly they are- there are (sanitized) toys on hand for children and water bowls/ treat handouts for pups! The patio is unbeatable in good weather and the shop itself is a lovingly restored/renovated former gas station family business. Don't miss this place if you're in Japantown or San Jose in general. I know I'll never take it for granted again!!

Saleem C.

Roy's Station Coffee & Teas has extremely friendly employees, and an interesting decor for a coffee shop. It is not the most comfortable place to relax when drinking coffee, but the environment is pretty unique, and the shop itself is nestled in Japan town, which gives it an interesting vibe. They use Verve coffee beans here, which is nice, but I was not impressed with the drinks at all. This place made me think of a Starbucks 3.0. Not quite as bad as a Starbucks knock off. Slightly better than that. If you need a place to study, want to get some food, and are not a coffee snob then you will like this place. I found that their Churro espresso drink is quite popular among customers, but it is too sweet for me. Does not make it seem like I'm drinking coffee. They also do not offer pour-over options.

Cordie Fay

Coffee: I had the Coffee Latte, perfectly delicious with frothy milk and not too sweet! It also looks beautiful, and they were quick to make it.

Vicky T.

This is a nice and quiet cafe in Japantown where you can get some work done or study. It has plenty of seating inside and outside. And the customer service here is also fast and friendly. However, their menu did not impress me and the drinks are more on the expensive side. I ordered their green tea latte sweetened. The drink was smooth, but the flavor did not pack a punch for me. I personally like my drinks to have a strong flavor so this fell short of my expectations. Perhaps there was just too much milk in my drink. And for $5.50 I don't think it's worth it. I want to give this place another try and order something different so I'll update my review then.

Amber Carpenter

The shop was really cute and clean, and the location is really convenient. I stopped there while passing through, and I'm so glad I did! The coffee was good, and service was fast. And there was anpan, a Japanese sweet bread - I suppose because it's located in Japantown. That was a nice surprise!

Siobhan S.

Roy's Station is full of friendly faces in a great location with a lot of outdoor seating in Japan Town. While Roy's is super charming (it's a converted historic space) I just don't love the coffee and it is on the more expensive side which makes it hard for me to rate higher.

Amber B.

Oh gosh!! I love this place. A super adorable and peaceful cafe in the heart of San Jose's Japantown district. They sell an assortment of coffees and teas, as well as a few light bites such as pre made sandwiches, hot buns, and delicious sweet treats. I tried the spiced mocha today, and it was perfect. Lightly spiced with a pleasant chocolatey aftertaste, complete with a vibrant foam topped off. My friend ordered the iced caramelita, and she loved it too. It's such a drive from my house, but I certainly need to make it a habit to come here every so often!

Alec S.

I've been here plenty of times since moving to Japantown, and I've never had a bad drink here. It's a nice place to socialize and unwind a bit. Free WiFi too so it's also one of my go-to spots to get work done. The outside patio is a perfect environment to provoke creativity, and I always get great work done when I'm here. If you go towards the evening around 5-6pm, a few guys play ukulele songs and it's really soothing. I believe one of them owns a ukulele shop around the corner. Coffee is on the pricey side, just about $6. Although I personally think it is really good. If you get a hot coffee they also do those cool designs in the froth

Andrea H.

Roy's brings so much warmth and character to J town. It's a popular spot for our community where lots of folks hold meetings or hangout to get some work done. Metered street parking is available. The staff are always lovely. I can't get enough of the churro latte (hazelnut and cinnamon), with oat milk. Happy to support small businesses like Roy's.

Lizzie H.

I've passed by this place so many times so today, I decided I would go in and order something. I got in during the afternoon time so there were a good chunk of people in front of me. I wanted the churro churro latte, but I also wanted one of the blended drinks, so the cashier said she'd make me one (idk what her name was, but I just wanted to say thank you for being so kind and accommodating). The drink was $6.00, which is a bit expensive, but I really liked it. They also have almond milk as a substitution and a lot of yummy pastries too. The drink had a lot of flavor and was a bit too sweet, so maybe next time I'll them them to tone down the sweetness, but I really loved it!

Kathleen O.

Whenever I am in Japantown, I always wanted to try out Roy's and I finally did! We needed a place to read so we were looking into coffee shops and we decided on Roy's Station. Fun fact: this cafe was once an old gas station back in the day. There are plenty of tables outside, there is even a little water fountain - very zen. The inside has some tables as well, perfect for studying. I ordered a vanilla latte with oat milk, however the barista ended up making a churro latte instead. She asked me to try it out first to see if I liked it, if not she was willing to make me my vanilla latte. I tried it and was pleasantly surprised! It wasn't as sweet as I would have imagined it to be, really nice hints of churro! She also did a wonderful job on the latte art. Tip: All pastry items after 1700 is $1.50! I got the blueberry croissant and it was lovely. 10/10 would recommend.

Megan Allan

Delicious coffee in a great location. I love the decor and loved learning about the history of Roy's Station, starting out as a gas station and evolving into a fun coffee spot. I have sat and worked on my computer here, and love that they have lots of seating and outlets for tech. Free wifi is a plus. Recently, I actually saw Roy hanging out there, which was definitely a treat. I was doing keto at the time, and appreciated when they were able to make a drink with heavy cream for me. My latte turned out delicious! Anytime I am in the area, I stop to get coffee here, and you should, too!

Mel Vargas

Nice place to meet up and have coffee and baked pastries

Stephen Passes

Amazing place. Good vibes, great staff and exceptional coffee. Somewhere quiet where you can enjoy coffee or tea and watch some anime.

Rowena Rose

This is my favorite place for lunch now, or a coffee and cake in the afternoon, best cake I have ever eaten! The service is very good, the staff are all so friendly, see you soon.

Jeremy Robinson

Roy’s is a neighborhood institution! Love grabbing a cup here when I can. Their espresso drinks are fantastic, the drip coffee delicious, and the ham and cheese croissant is the icing on the cake. Spacious patio area to soak up our pleasant weather and amazing staff seal the deal of awesomeness that is Roy’s!

Joanna S.

I live in Japantown and love the neighborhood. Roy's definitely brings character to the Jackson street and it has so much history as a gas station before. It even has a cute vintage coca cola machine! Anyway, I've been here many times on weekends and on the way to work to pick up coffee (and I prob still will since it's in close proximity to me). That said, I still really hate all of their drinks except the cold brew. Their lattes, cappuccinos, and mocha are all pretty much terrible. They all have too much milk and is way over priced ($6, what? it's not even artisan) Voyager, chromatic, anything is better. I really wish I had better coffee in the neighborhood. I even bought my own espresso maker because Roy's is so terrible. My cappuccinos are not great, but comparible to the quality at Roy's pretty much with no barista experience and lack of measurements. This is what I've sadly resorted to. I'd much rather walk down the street and buy coffee that tastes good. Someone in my uber ride agreed with me that Roy's is way overpriced and told me that he was advised banana crepe had better and cheaper coffee, kona coffee. I haven't tried myself but maybe that might be a better option for people. I asked why the coffee is so expensive (everything on the menu is like $6), and the answer an employee gave me was the high labor costs and that they don't roast their own coffee (they use verve). The danishes are okay, they source from Golden Bakery in Milpitas and the Zanotto's for sandwiches. Overall, the atmosphere is nice, the patio is great, just their lattes taste terrible. The only okay thing is the cold brew ($4.50). Pro tip - bring your own cup and get $0.50 off. Please, Roy's. Improve your coffee game!

Franklin M.

The old gas station is super cute and probably a wonderful place to hang out but I had coffee to go. The employees are very nice and attentive. I ordered an iced mocha to go and it was terrible because the milk they used tasted sour or old. The price of $6 didn't help either which kind of put me in a bad mood.

Hadley W.

The place itself is nice and comfortable. There are sitting places inside and outside as well. This spot it seems to be dog friendly. But unfortunately my cappuccino was terrible. Coffee was super weak and unflavored. Maybe I was just unlucky that day but....

ian Loveless

The food is fresh the coffee is superb and the staff are amazing. A true Oasis of a pace that has an elegant charm with modernity... I come to San Jose and I actually go out of my way to go here.

alfred acevedo

do yourself a favor and give this place a try. service is typically good. kinda of like a cafe in phoenix that i enjoyed.

Nunung Afuah

I order their matcha latte and it's fine. They sell various things including snacks, fruits and salad. They also have a public WiFi with the password on the cupboard. Their outdoor seating is really strategic since it's located in the corner of busy four junction.

Katie P.

Delicious coffee in a great location. I love the decor and loved learning about the history of Roy's Station, starting out as a gas station and evolving into a fun coffee spot. I have sat and worked on my computer here, and love that they have lots of seating and outlets for tech. Free wifi is a plus. Recently, I actually saw Roy hanging out there, which was definitely a treat. I was doing keto at the time, and appreciated when they were able to make a drink with heavy cream for me. My latte turned out delicious! Anytime I am in the area, I stop to get coffee here, and you should, too!

Joy R.

Coffee is good here. Tried out a tea on the menu and it was served well and to order;

Joy Reynante

Coffee is good here. Tried out a tea on the menu and it was served well and to order;

Sasa Hasid RA

This is one of my favorite coffee spots in San Jose Japan town. Big open outside seating area with plenty of tables and seating. And umbrellas at the tables for this sunny California days. Good coffee. Good vibes!

JJ Walsh

Great corner coffee shop open earlier than most surrounding businesses in J-town & offers a great spot to sit & enjoy surroundings.

Joy U.

Pricey coffee in a small cup. They do give iced water when asked. The best place to do some people watching or just bask in the sun in the Japantown vicinity. It used to be a old school gas station and during Japantown Immersion festival they spruce it up like the old times. It looked so cool. The barista is always nice and often talk to regulars which is a good thing.

Adrienne Oconnell

Staff is always nice even when they have a full house. Service is consistently above par. The prices are fair for the quality of food. Mood here reminds me of San Diego's scene.

Patrick Dikotxea

Nice coffee, nice service. Used to be a has station now serving fuel to humans.

Patrick Ring

Coffee was delicious. Location and atmosphere is great. A definite must stop if in the area.

Tawni Deptula

The coffee is great and the people are even better! Family owned and they treat you like family when you are there. It's the heart of Japantown.

Jon S.

A recent trip to Roy's reminded me why I like the place so much. Not only is it in my fav part of town (Japantown!), but their drinks are solid and always served with a friendly smile. The sun was shining bright last week (gotta love 'fall' in the Bay Area, right?) so I posted up on their patio, which is beautiful & quite spacious, while sipping iced tea and getting some work done. The original flavor I ordered (a Guava Black Tea of sorts) was sold out so I rolled with Lavender. Not bad at all. Gotta remember to come here more often.

Hunter P.

I'm extremely dissatisfied with my experience here. The barista wasn't very nice, and she made my drink poorly. I got the Carmelito, which came out to $6. I expected something great and unique, but all it was was just a disappointing milked down version of a caramel latte for $6. Their food was disappointing as well. Minimal quality and day old. I wasted $14 here and would not recommend.

Katrina C.

*NOTE: Rating is specifically on dessert items.* Even though I'm always in Japantown, I can count the number of times I've been to Roy's Station Coffee & Tea on one hand. And if we really want to get down to it, I've been to Roy's Station twice. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely little coffee shop in the heart of the neighborhood. I love walking or driving by it and seeing all the people chilling outside on a beautiful day. I even recall my first visit being a pleasant experience. During my latest visit, however, I ordered a couple of items from their desserts case that were so subpar. I went to Roy's Station around 6:30pm on a Saturday. The place wasn't too busy, but I could see that the staff was getting ready to close up shop. All the indoor chairs were inverted on the tables already. I thought that was a bit early, because the place wasn't supposed to close until 7. Customer service was nothing to rave about. The employee didn't care to engage in small talk. He simply rang me up and did the job. Nothing more, nothing less. I got a rose flavored macaron and a creme brulee cup. Both desserts were terribly disappointing. The macaron was hard like a rock. Sorry excuse for a creme brulee too. Technically the custard was more like a flan because of its thick, dense texture as opposed to the silken, creaminess of a true creme brulee.

Janet T.

This is my new favorite coffee shop in San Jose. Why? Because their coffee taste like it was made with love. It's kind of hard to explain. The last time I had a cup of coffee this good was when I was in Sydney, Australia. Which was about 2 years ago. And now, I can have it all the time!! I ordered the carmelito with oat milk and boy was it good. It wasn't too sweet nor too bland. I kind of wish they had a bigger size cup so I could order a large lol. But I guess it's good that the biggest cup is a 16oz, so I can watch my coffee intake. The baristas here are super friendly. It gave me the vibe of a mom and pop shop where they truly value their customers experience and the quality of their food/coffee. Parking hasn't been a problem for me. I've came here twice, before 9am and there was ample street parking. Plus, you do not have to pay for the meter before 9am. I will definitely be back!!

Yaritza Rodriguez

There's no baby changing station. I just wanted to leave a note here for other families that may need the convenience of one during their time there. I haven't been to Roy's yet, but unfortunately I cannot leave a review unless I give it a star rating. Will update this when I do.

hunter price

I got a peppermint mocha with a blueberry pastry, both were good. The baristas working here are amazingly personable and were some of the happiest people I've been around. 10/10 would recommend a stop in this quaint little coffee shop.

jay n.

Great service. Nice seating area. It's very relaxing as well. The gentleman that took our order was very nice. Coffee was a disappointment. Ordered iced white mocha.... tasted sour. Wasn't sure if it's the milk or the coffee, but it tasted like spoiled watered down milk. Threw it away because I didn't want a stomachache.

Christine B.

You gotta love a small, individually-owned coffee spot in the world of big company coffee shops. Roy's is perfectly situated in San Jose's Japantown. It's on a corner that can't be missed. It has indoor and outdoor seating. They have coffee, espresso, smoothies, and food. It really has something for everyone. I've always had good service and friendly encounters with staff here. Keep small businesses going. Shop small and local. Let Roy's meet your coffee needs!