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We do not serve from this location, 660 E Gish Rd, San Jose
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Maribell Gonzalez

For me this was 4.5. I think they can go one pitch less in the Cajun (even when we asked just one level of hot), and the che Ivón sandwich could use a little more coleslaw. But the chicken is tender. Juicy. The flavor is amazing. Good portions. Fries are crunchy delicious. And the house sauce it’s amazing.

Brandt M.

Never disappoints. You sandwich always comes out hot and juicy! If you're wanting the best chicken sandwich, you've come to the right place:

Sayali Mahamulkar

It's my most favourite burger ever. I just love it. I have tried level 5 and won't go beyond. Went crazy when I ate level 5. Trying eating the burger when it's hot to enjoy it's spice. Cool ones don't taste as good as the hot ones. I wish they were open all week. Waiting until Thursday makes me crazy.

Manny H.

Everything about this chicken sandwich was amazing. A lot of thought and love went into developing this wonderful creation. I highly recommend it!

Chelsey C.

Over all a really solid sandwich! It's nice to be able to control the spice level 1-7As a first timer who loves spice but not having my mouth on fire I went with a level 3 spice (cayenne and Thai chili) and it was amazing, i probably could have gone with a 4 but overall the heat levels were solid! This spot was a bit hard to find, they're located in a building with a different name so it was a bit confusing but other than that this spot was worth a second trip!

Greg W.

Now this is a hot chicken sandwich! Lately chicken sandwiches have been popping up everywhere like nobody's business. Everyone and their mom wants to tout the highly sought spicy chicken sandwich on their menu and boast theirs as the best. I've tried hot chicken sandwiches from various chicken sandwich shops already. Of all the ones I've tried so far, the hot chicken sandwich at Scratch Cookery definitely stands out. The kitchen is located inside the Original Gravity restaurant. At the entrance, there's a small sign with a QR code if you want to peruse the Scratch Cookery menu. You can also just go to the Original Gravity Pub website to find the menu. Place your order with the hostess and then it's about a 15-20 minute wait. I was happy to find out that they have a nice stock of sours (beer). I decided to try the peach sour. Light and delicious. To be fair though, there wasn't much of a peach flavor. Got the spicy chicken sandwich at heat level 3. Next time I'll probably lower it to 2. I love spicy, but wow 3 was quite the kick. The chicken portion is generous. The chicken breast fills and protrudes from the buns, which is nice and lets you feel like you got your money's worth. The coleslaw is substantial and well seasoned. Even though I got my order to go, the coleslaw sauce wasn't too runny and did not seep into the buns or chicken to make them soggy. That's a feat in itself. I had a 20 minute drive home before I got to take a bite and the chicken was still wonderfully crunchy. I also got a side of fries, which were shaped in curious twirls. These fries weren't exceptionally crunchy or crisp, but did have a nice skin and bite to them. It was nice to pair with the chicken sandwich. I will be back!

Nathalie Heitz

We ordered carry out, and by the time I got home (~20 mins after picking up), the chicken sandwich buns were completely hard. I’m hoping this would be a different experience with dine in when the sandwich is still warm. I ended up just eating the chicken, which was pretty good. Fries were a really interesting shape, and still pretty warm when I got home, so they were pretty good.

Bill Daly

Wow... Best chicken sandwich PERIOD. It makes other chicken sandwiches look sick and weak.I had the Nashville chicken sandwich... Huge, juicy chicken breast with slaw and pickles, spiced perfect. Worth every penny. Totally going back!


Probably the best chicken sandwich I’ve found in the South Bay, so far. Level 2 was optimal for me.

Jannis M.

the customer service was lacking, but the food was cracking! one guy waiter didn't prioritize serving us and the place was pretty much empty but the girl server was completely nice and helpful. other than that, the food is delish and worth the price - best chicken sandwich on the market! SPICE LEVEL 3 IS HOT

Henry C.

Located inside Original Gravity. The menu is simple and easy to pair with the beer there. We got the spicy chicken sandwiches and they were insanely good. The chicken was almost twice the size of the brioche bun and you get to tune the level of how spicy you want it. The fries were also amazingly good too - get the a la carte portion! Easily the best of this kind I've had, can't recommend it enough.

Vi Y.

Part 3 of our food crawl... I love fried chicken sandwich. Unfortunately, the veggies and stuff they added was so wet, it made the chicken soggy. 3 stars, but i'm only giving out 5 stars during covid.

Lidiana R.

the fries are good chicken sandwiches aren't all that but they are good but #7 on the spice level is for the inhuman don't get anything above 5 or you'll be paying a visit to the ER.

Natalie M.

I'm feeling a bit mixed! I enjoyed the sandwich near the end of my food journey haha. I could taste the flavor of the chicken marinade but it was faint. I got a level 5 sandwich and they pretty much give you a disclaimer about how hot it will be. They mentioned the warning about 2 times and it got me scared lol. I got it anyway. I like spicy food and can handle spicy things so I wanted to try it. I think though I could try level 6 next time. The first bite was spicy and just what I wanted! That tingling sensation...yowza! I want to give this a better review but the downer was that the bread was super dry and a bit stale perhaps? It just crumbled. It was a bit of a bummer because it was falling apart since it was dry as I was trying to keep the burger intact. I love brioche buns too. I couldn't taste much of the slaw. It did taste mildly sweet and the pickles were nice! I did find the sandwich juicy but of course the flavors were a bit harder to detect which is expected. It was a big piece of chicken! The fries were delish. Loved them. Level 5 is definitely hot so this is a must try for spice lovers! I felt fine buttttt it did make my nose run a bit while eating. I would maybe try it again with a spicier level.

Jay S.

Oh mylanta this food is SO GOOD! And the spice levels are ON POINT! I can do spicy pretty mildly, so I got a 3 and man I couldn't hang. Also, the portion is HUGE, so I ended up taking it home, even after not eating for like 6 hours. The fries also looked super unique and I love it. We sat in their patio and the vibes were real nice. The only challenge was finding this place - at first I was looking for a food truck based on some of the photos, then I was just looking for a "Scratch" sign, didn't realize it was really part of a bar. But the search was well worth it.

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