Spice n Flavor Kerala Indian Restaurant

301 N Jackson Ave, San Jose
(669) 235-5669

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Ronald H.

It's been several months since we were there, and were unimpressed. I doubt we'll be back, except by accident. Mango Lassi (best thing we had) Butter Chicken (ok) & Curry Vegetables (meh) Fish Curry (cold and not good) & Mutter Paneer (ok) Parathas (undercooked & not flakey) No diet soda

Grant Gaines

Do yourself a favor and give this place a try.

Dean Zamora

This place is absolutely one of my favorites. Fast and courteous service. It has a cool atmosphere.

meredith bradford

Visited on a Wednesday I think. Staff treated us so kindly. Reminds me of a place in New York I liked to visit.

Sau y.

I really wanted to like this place. The owner, Thomas is very nice. I got the butter chicken, veg and paratha. They have Kerala parathas which I've missed! Not a ton of places make these.. it tends to be more labor intensive. Something sharp was in the food. I had a scratch or something lodged in my throat the last 2 days after my meal. The butter chicken sauce was grainy and tasted off. So unfortunate!

Evgeny I.

Good food. I like mango yogurt. It's really good !!!!! Kerala paratha (bread) is so yamy

Vikram A.

Tasty food, with a very homely feel. Person in charge is very kind, and does his best with limited people to help him. We enjoyed the kerala rice and parotta, with chicken curry and lamb curry. Will visit again soon

Jaganath Achari

Authentic tasting Kerala food in the San Jose area. We tried the avial, fish curry, lamb. You can either order the rice or substitute for 2 Kerala parottas. The parottas are ok. Service is slow though.

Bijesh R.

The go to place for authentic Indian food..home cooked like food that tastes great, the owner is friendly and warm, I highly recommend.

Phi N.

Stopped by after work and ordered the butter chicken and the lamb to go. The butter chicken was watery and the lamb was just ordinary. You get a side of vegetables with each order-- those too were just okay. They ran out of naan and the cashier tried to sell me on the parathas being better. I should've have known; definitely NOT better... The best thing about this restaurant is that food is cheap, but I still wouldn't recommend it.

Andrew C.

Excellent food and service. The owner had great suggestions on vegan options. I got vegetable korma vegan style with vegan paratha and roti. All of it was very filling and delicious. I wish I could move them out to my area! Hopefully one day I can try the chana masala, but they were out so I'll have to wait until next time!

Allen O.

Food was frozen, the worker legit asked us what we wanted and came back out in less than 1 min with our food. Most likely microwaved premade food and drink as well was most likely premade. My stomach started hurting right away after leaving the store. The butter chicken didn't even taste like actual butter chicken. Out of all indian food stores ive tried this by far the worst. You can even hear the microwave from the outside!

Tejus A.

We had been to spice n flavor for onam sadhya , when I was standing waiting for my seat I felt there was no place for people to walk around and serve comfortably . When we got place to sit and started our sadhya it took a while for them to realize they need to serve us and half the items were not served and being non malyali I did not know the names of the dishes to even ask for it . Sambar was so thick , trust me I have had Kerala sambar before and it was no way like that . My husband waited fir rice on his second serve fir a long time and he just folded his leaves and went to wash his hands . At the end we waited for the payasam ,though they gave us after we called them and requested. I wish they had divided the waiters to certain tables and should have told them to take care of it until everything is served

Aparna R.

Simple tasty food. They serve one veg and one meat in their curry boat with rice or roti(wheat flour) or porotta(Enriched flour). I asked for shrimp curry for meat. The sauce was made with special masala powder. It was delicious. And the pineapple pachadi, which was the veg of the day was very very special. The pachadi was made with yoghurt and some masala powder.

Jose Lejin P J

Excellent service and delicious food. Staff are friendly and helpful. Wide variety of authentic Kerala style dishes available. Loved fish, lamb and chicken dishes. Lassi was nice. Reasonably priced menu.

Joseph C.

One of the best curry I've ever had in the South Bay. $11.50 for big cups of lamb curry and paneer/peas. I'm so content.

Ron K.

With a name like spice and flavor I'm all over it. Was in the area for work and now that I am on my Indian Lentil diet I came here in search of a vegan option. When I first stepped into this place I was a little taken back because the guy running this place is the only employee of the place. So there was this cute Indian couple eating but the rest of the people were all either waiting for their to go orders or trying to put in an order. Things got even more complicated when another lady walked in wanting her to go order. It was a 90 degree heat day and I'm thinking when am I ever going to get to put in my order. Thought I would at least holler to the guy in back to let me know if there were any vegan options on the menu so that if there were none I'd just make a B-line out of there. Turns out there were two dishes on their lunch special so I patiently waited. After watching this guy running back and forth to the kitchen and bringing back orders i finally was next in line to get my order in. Went for the two vegan entrees and it came with brown rice. Gentleman turned out to be a pretty nice guy and told me he cooks all his dishes from scratch and he makes different dishes some that that are not commonly found in this country. Sounds good to me. This no frills Indian diner is not going to wow you at all. Basically a few tables and chairs and a walk up counter where you place your orders. Definitely not a place to impress your date. But I'm always about the food first then atmosphere after that. So as long as the food is great I will keep the stars close to my vest. With all the the people and orders coming in the guy forgot that my order was to go and had two entrees packed into plastic containers with a side of rice. Didn't really matter as I think you get anything delivered into fancy smanchy containers lol. Opened up the two entrees and they both smelled great. One was a chickpea curry and the other was a lentil dish with this vegetable called moringa. I have seen moringa in dried form and it supposedly is super healthy for you but this guy gets fresh moringa from Florida where it grows. Is that amazing or what. Opened up the rice and I had never seen such large grains of rice before. Normally I see that in Italian Risotto but according to the guy it's a special brown rice in India I think he said it was called red rice. Anyway I started to dig in and I was like wow! This is the real deal. Both dishes had so much flavor and incredible spices. If you can't handle spice I would not come here. But if you are like me who hates places who water down their spice to accommodate wimps this was refreshing. Loved the moringa. It's a bit getting used to as you can't just eat it. It has a veggie skeleton that you don't eat so the people next to me explained you take one and bite into it and pull the skeleton away leaving the meat in your mouth. Yes a bit messy but loved the taste. It tasted a bit like artichoke and okra without the slime. Loved the curry sauce in the dish which was lentil based but not whole but more like a spicy gravy. The rice was incredible and so flavorful. It absorbed all the juices of the curry dishes. It was such a more milder version of a brown rice and was a bit chewy. So I'm a bit on a kitchuri craze right now and I happen to be talking to this owner guy and asked him is he makes this dish or a more lentil based dish. He said he had something for me. He ended up bringing a homemade dish for me he doesn't sell on the menu. It's his own cooked lentil stew that he packed a container to go for me. Super sweet guy. I actually made it later at home and it was delish. Can't wait to come back and try other things on the menu. There are not many choices but what he does cook up is 5 star stuff. Bravo!

Karen Goodman

I like it here, excellent food & service. The staff was very sociable and kind. Reminds me of a restaurant in Philadelphia that I enjoyed.

Mildred Medina

Super delicious. The service was very helpful and observant. Kinda of like a restaurant in Los Angeles I loved to visit.

Anand Hattiangadi

Excellent malayali food. Authentic flavor, and lots of it. Especially liked the fish w tapioca (kappa)

Arjun Mohan

One single person does everything from order taking, food heating (nothing fresh, it's all heated), service, replying to calls. Avoidable.

Nisha B.

This place has amazing reviews and totally deserves it. Has the personal touch of family coupled with excellent flavors of a restaurant. We ordered the chicken curry and fish curry. I loved the chicken curry and paratha. It also comes with a bunch of veggies which is always nice. The host Tom was kind enough to bring out other Kerala dishes for us to sample. They also have home delivery service called my shef. I would definitely go back here again.

Nileena K.

Hands down one of the best malayali food establishments! The beef fry melts in your mouth, the paratha is very flaky and the matter paneer is flavorful! The kappa and fish curry reminds me of the lunch meals served at The Grand Hotel in Kochi. Chef Tom runs this whole establishment and his passion for cooking is evident in the food he prepares! Don't forget to try the ready made masalas at the counter. They are simply incredible!!

Lillian C.

This is a long overdue review. I stopped by to get lunch and was greeted by a man at the counter. I ordered the butter chicken and naan but he recommended that I substitute naan for the parotta. I'm glad I took his advice! I enjoyed my meal and the service.

Inderjeet S.

Thomas make some amazing and mouth watering indian food, you have to eat it to believe it just ordered veg meal and it was great, Thomas offered me his special butter chicken which actually tastes like butter chicken not a lot of butter and no color added with all natural ingredients, will highly recommend his restaurant.

Larry Rodriguez

i wanted to post a food pic but it looked so good i couldn't stop. certainly worth a return visit. the bill was decent. not so close to my office, unfortunately.

Sammy Dawud

Had the butter chicken with Broccoli/Potatoes dish and White rice.

Zhou S.

Feels good to eat here! Indian food in the US is generally low quality. Heavy on grease and animal products, low on what actually make it amazing (taking seasonal and regional vegetables, legumes and grains to new levels with unique and relevant spices). This is home style cooking. Amazing and very personal service Not high end; I will be back!

Allie A.

Perfect hole in the wall restaurant that I stumbled upon by accident. Try their parotta and you won't regret it. Loved the food and quantity. Completely worth it.

Sammy D.

Had the butter chicken with Broccoli/Potatoes dish and White rice. Definitely Authentic Idia Cusin, spicy to mild spices made for a perfect blend without leaving you mouth on fire after you swallow if you know what I mean. Can't wait to come back tomorrow and try the Pepper Chicken dish. The young man that handled my order who was very patient and extra kind to me, as most restaurants don't take their time to listen to customers special handling requests. 4Star Food, 1 Extra Star for the service.

Jackie P.

Hands down the best Indian spot I'm definitely going to be coming back! Butter chicken was so good, we had 3 other dishes and I don't remember the names but everything was very good and flavorful. The nan bread was amazing!!! Also, the gentleman that was assisting us was super friendly and had superb customer service! Even though we were the last customers there after closing he didn't make us feel rushed but rather wanted us to enjoy our meal!

Sean F.

I'm always on the hunt for good Indian food and Spice N Flavor gave me exactly the fix I was looking for. As most delicious food places it's located in a strip mall and you might miss it if you're not looking. I stopped by for lunch. If you're not familiar, most Indian places usually close after lunch and then open again a few hours later for dinner service. As of my visit lunch service ends at 3 pm. The prices are great considering what I'm use to paying for good Indian food. I ordered the lamb curry with paratha and it also comes with vegetables. It took about 5 minutes to pick up my order. The service was great and the gentleman that helped me was very nice. They don't have samosas but this is a south Indian place and they do have mango lassi. I enjoyed every bite on my meal. The mango lassi was fresh with a nice mango flavor. The lamb curry had a good balance and next time I'll ask them to make it spicy! The curry potato was also very good. The paratha was a nice combo and reminded me of another type of paratha I ate growing up. So far this is my new favorite Indian place. Next on my list is the butter chicken.

Vinita Kumar

My first visit was with mixed feelings. I ordered Kappa with fish curry and realized it was more of a fushion dish than authentic Kerala food. I would have liked it made known on the menu etc than passing off the food as authentic Kerala food. I honestly hated the food, but the five star review is for the service as the owner is super friendly and nice. I’m not sure if I’ll go back there unless I order some catering or takeaway with a request for authenticity.


Great service and good food

Manesh Samuel John

Super delicious Indian food. Absolutely flavorful Kerala style curries.... Loved the beef, lamb and chicken. Butter chicken was amazing. Sebastian the chef is friendly and really nice... made our visit memorable! Definitely recommend this place.

Manesh S.

Super delicious Indian food. Absolutely flavorful Kerala style curries.... Loved the beef, lamb and chicken. Butter chicken was amazing. Sebastian the chef is friendly and really nice... made our visit memorable! Definitely recommend this place.

James D.

Tom was gracious​ enough to take a large order at the last minute and whipped up an amazingly delicious​ catered meal for 20 hungry people. He was able to accommodate​ for different diets/allergies and provide everything needed for the meal to be properly​ served​. Great customer service and fantastic​ tasting meals.

Reese A.

i am pretty confused about why this place has such rave reviews. i didn't realize people liked microwaved watery barely any flavor curries and dry chicken. me and my sis were looking at each other as we ate like are we wrong ? i dunno. maybe. maybe i'm missing some key info. it's indian food how can indian food taste bad i love indian food!!! i've never had a bad experience with indian food but this is pretty bad. we heard the microwave. i mean cool whatever but the food was so bland ! maybe just come here for the mango lassi? that wasn't too bad it was pretty good not too sweet. the name doesn't live up ! all i can think is watery (maybe i'm exaggerating but u know what i mean where is the creaminess?) and bland. oh almost forgot to mention the rice was watery too. no naan :(

Akshay Sawant

Food was really good. If you are looking for traditional home made Indian food with vegetables, this is good option. Ask for Kerala style steamed rice. I have had this rice only in Indian villages. Basically raw red rice is boiled to cook it about 70% and then dried and stored. Later just before serving, it is again boiled. It tastes way better and is much healthier than white or brown rice.

Viswa Prabha

Not just a place to eat but a URL that has immense historical importance in the story if digital Malayalam internet!

Spice n Flavor Kerala Indian Restaurant

301 N Jackson Ave, San Jose, CA 95133
(669) 235-5669