T-Square Coffee & Tea

1102 Bird Ave. # 20, San Jose
(650) 680-5969

Recent Reviews

Jasmine Z.

Absolutely loved the rose latte! The place is such a hidden gem.

Florence Relekerk

I would definitely recommend coming here for coffee. I ordered the black sugar latte and it was a perfect combination between espresso and a light sweetness. Ordering and paying is quick and efficient when using their touchscreen. The barista was very polite and did a great job making my drink!


I unexpectedly ran into this hidden hole in the wall while biking around. It's a very practical and efficient coffee shop which nevertheless makes a good coffee and takes pride in what they do. It has a good selection of pastries and the barista even provided a coffee with latte art.Service: 5/5

Elaine Aviles

I went here yesterday for the first time. I wanted to support the local coffee shop. I had my usual, breve cappuccino. Their froth was good, and their artwork was beautiful. However, their coffee was weak! I asked if there was one shot or two and she said oh no, there’s only one. For $6 there should be two shots and that’s normal everywhere. It was the short 8 ounce cup, which is a standard for a breve cappuccino. Instead of offering to put another shot she wanted to charge me extra or said next time let us know, and we will charge you for an extra shot. Not paying more than six dollars! I will go elsewhere. However, there are those who like milky, weak coffee, and for those who like that, then this is the place for you. Direct message to the business owner, if you change your mind and pull two shots out of the same shot in the grind which is only a press of a button I will be happy to return.

Jenn Huang

Cute shop! Love the taste of the coffee beans and the bubble tea. The barista is very nice and friendly

Alexis Babb

My favorite neighborhood boba ! Texture of the boba is super soft and not too sweet. I tried the organic milk tea boba and it was just the right amount of sweetness. Owners are lovely too ! This will be my new go to on the weekends

Akshaya Nagarajan

Cute little coffee place! Extremely friendly owners. Loved chatting with them about espresso. Trust me they know their coffee! If you’re around the area, please try their coffees and teas! :)

Audrey Lee

Best cup of coffee you can get!

Amy D.

I was looking forward to supporting a local business, but sadly, but experience at T-Square coffee was good but not quite great. They are a small cafe tucked into the corner of the Walgreens plaza, and are located next to the Thai Spice restaurant. At the time I went, they still had butcher paper covering the main door- I hope they remove that soon, since it was difficult to tell if they were open or not. You can order through Snackpass, through their QR code (displayed on the standing sign right outside their door), or on the kiosk inside. Their menu of drinks isn't extensive, and they offer around 11 options, including different types of coffees as well as a couple of boba milk teas; however, I thought the drinks were priced on the higher side for the size of drink. Oat milk is the only plant based milk alternative offered, and it was an extra $1 for this option. It wasn't busy the day I went, and I was in and out in 5 minutes or less. I tried their Caffe Latte ($5.95 + $1 Oat Milk, which was very smooth; however, there wasn't much coffee flavor, and what coffee I could taste left a slightly bitter aftertaste. As a plus, you can grab a square of Ghirardelli chocolate to go with your order! I would come back to try their black sugar boba milk latte if in the area. I hope I came on an off day, and I'm sure the consistency of their drinks will continue to improve. There were only a few chairs available for indoor seating (this isn't a cafe you can hang out at/do work from), and they had hand sanitizer. Parking was easy to find at the time, and this plaza has a decent number of spots available.

Xiaoxiao L.

Great taste with reasonable price. We ordered cappuccino and matcha latte. The owner made both for us with patience and served us nicely. The also offered free chocolate. Really sweet.

T² Coffee And Tea L.

Good for coffee lovers come to try! Friendly local family owned coffee shop! Not only have expresso, also have boba tea!

William W.

Out of the classic coffee menu - Caramel Macchiato is my favorite, loving it after the first sip. The Caramel sauce is pure and perfect. The barista is really friendly; the coffee was good, they just know how to make things right. It is a warm and welcoming space with rustic ambience. Definitely will go back and try other items as well.

Max L.

Got the brown sugar boba and it was so good! Staff here is also crazy friendly. Definitely a spot to check out :)

Chloe C.

Added coffee and oat milk to my black sugar boba milk tea and it was sooo good! Glad this place opened up :)

Simon P.

Wanted to check this place out since I am always going to Thai Spice next door. The shop is really cute and you can really feel the love and care being put into their business. T-square is owned by this really sweet Chinese husband and wife duo who make you feel like family coming in. Their coffee is pretty good. I got the Vanilla Iced Coffee with oat milk. It was sweet and light and gave me all the energy I needed for the day. Definitely want to try the rose latte next time!

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