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Marlene A.

I've never written a review so this should say a lot cuz I took the time. This is the second time we get food since we moved around the area. The food was fine but not great. The second time though, I called to place an order for my family because they wanted food from here. The lady, which seems to be the same every time was EXTREMELY RUDE. Every time I told her a plate she would ask "is that it?" Ok. Then I asked her to repeat the order to make sure it was right. Of course it wasn't so I politely told her the changes and she still wasn't getting it (mind you I speak spanish and I know it's her first language so there was no confusion there) but finally she got it down. Now I ask how long will it take and to give me the total so we'd be prepared. Very irritated she told me she didnt sum it up lol Still nice little me says dont worry about it if its such a hassle but she ignores me and is getting the total. Ok. I tell my husband to make sure the order is correct, apparently she repeated the order and it was fine, (he was not going to open up every single plate to double check he shouldn't have to) plus its being kept warm. He gets home and yup there was missing food and ingredients were not like we asked. Apparently its like she knew because she said we could go back if there was anything missing, like really who has time for all that, thats why we repeat the order and avoid these things ugh just very annoying and lack of customer service specially during these times. Thats a 0 star for me. Never again.

David Olivas

This is not the first time. I specifically ask for a burrito and tacos of tripitas. Please over cook the tripitas so they will be more crispy and no rice inside the burrito. My request was totally ignored got it their way at this location. It sucked! Try ordering it your way see what happens. Good luck never again.

Thomas D.

They fuck up my order every fucking time. This place is absolutely horrible. Every time I order from here I know it's going to be wrong and still I order from here. How do you mess up a plain bean and cheese burrito? Simple... add some mystery meat that I didn't want in it...some onions...that I didn't ask for...cilantro that doesn't belong in it and salsa that does go in it either. By the time I took out the mystery meat and everything else that shouldn't have been in there I basically had a plain tortilla to eat. Mind you, this was a phone order.. there shouldn't be any confusion on what should and shouldn't be in. Please, spend your money some where else.

Red M.

tacos are not on point. the asada tacos smelt funky, like the tortilla was a day away from going green. the salsas werent even spicy man, tasted like vinegar. the pastor tacos hella fell apart and the chorizo tacos tasted a little undercooked. all the meats were so so salty. not coming here again.

Marcos Araujo

They always giving wrong food

Alexis D.

I called for a simple pickup order and asked about seafood options. I was told all they offered were shrimp tacos. I went ahead and ordered something else. I get to the restaurant and see that they offer shrimp cocktail, shrimp (spicy or garlic), and shrimp miches. When I got to the counter to ask about my to go order the lady was rude AF and incompetent. You would think that someone who works at an establishment would know what their menu consists of. This lady was obviously too lazy to take the time to do her job accordingly. I hope her manager sees this never going back there again. Place is a shithole.

Dorothy L.

DoorDashed smoothly. We ordered: (2) Al Pastor Super Tacos - Al Pastor was decent, a little dry. (1) Chorizo Super Taco - Yum! Excellent chorizo and not oily surprisingly. Would order this again. (1) Tripa Regular Taco - My favorite part of the meal. The tripe was so crispy and delicious. (1) Pollo Quesadilla - Also decent and chicken was a little dry as well. It came with orange sauce, a few lime slices, and sliced radish. No salsas or pico de gallo. You have to pay extra for sour cream.

LaDonna A.

I ordered through DoorDash today. This was not my favorite experience. The Dasher waited for over 20mins & said they were unorganized. Then the tacos were just not that great. There were no condiments either with the tacos (cilantro, cebolla, pico de gallo, or lime). I am not a fan of the 'mania but I'm still a taco fan.

Mare M.

Wow I usually love this place. Did the cook leave????? meat was way overcooked, fried even!! I couldn't finish it.

Gucci Love179

There food is really good but kinda over priced!!

Albert Gonzalez

Love their super tacos, they're tasty and big.

Ruben Trovamala

I like it the barbacoa it was so so good plus the tortillas they were hand made

Lauliki Kapoo

Bomb....best ive had since i bin in CA

Alejandra Morales

One lady she its so rude,and long face you if you ask for extra plate,she say "why if you have the food plate why you need one more? En general she is no to good in costumes Services.

Austin Caldwell

Love the food. Also, I have never had any issues when I need to special order

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