Tandoori Fusion Grill

225 E Santa Clara St, San Jose
(408) 289-1935

Recent Reviews

Pooja Ramaswamy

Excellent place for Indian cuisine. Warm welcoming owner. Reasonable prices. Over all excellent place! 😊

shahmir ALI

For a restaurant grill this was pretty good. The staff really made it memorable. They sent us a plate of chocolate covered strawberries the first night that were some of the best I have ever had. The vegetables that were served with dinner were some of the most delicious because of the great seasoning. The steak was a little tough, but this is not a top of the line steak house. The staff was friendly and made us feel special.

Sandeep Kalonia

This place is filled with flavors. Any item is worth the money you spend. The kababs are excellent. You can order any item from the menu blindly and you won't be disappointed with your choice. The prices are very reasonable. A quite comfort place for family lunch/dinner and even for quick bites.

Scott Hillman

Excellent meal. Have been here twice on special occasions. The food is delicious, the ambiance is really enjoyable, and the service is top notch. Both times; the menu was different; and the food was incredible. Would highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for somewhere special for an occasion; or if you are just in the mood for a fine dining experience.

Charlene Reeves

Whenever i go to San Jose i visited the Tandoori Fusion Grill, excellent food and service. Reasonable prices for the quality of food. I enjoy the fish curry dish with their garlic or onion naan. Everything that I've tried there has always been very good. Really awesome place and good behavior of the staff.

lucky dewson

I rarely eat Indian food but this place has me addicted. I now go once a week. Chicken curry is the best! and the garlic naan is hot off the oven and when dip into the curry it just melts in your mouth. And then the rice dessert at the end just nails the spot. Portion is also generous too.

Amanda D.

Everything was extremely tasty. The staff were also extremely friendly. We ordered tandoori chicken and naan and some chicken gravy. Everything was exquisite.

Stella Richard

Very tasty & delicious food. I like the place also. If you like to have Indian food then you must try them at least once.

Monique Michael

Staff treated us so nice. This place has a cool design. Atmosphere is similar to a cafe in San Jose I loved.

Oscar C.

Came here for lunch on a Monday and had a pleasant enough experience. TL;DR: Come here if you're looking for a cheap all-you-can-eat Indian buffet with decent food and don't mind just OK service. Service: We didn't have to wait at all to start at the buffet. We could then pick wherever we wanted to sit. One issue that we had was how clean the plates looked. While they were clean, they had stains and scratches on them which made them look a little suspect. I personally didn't really mind too much since I knew it would be a cheap place to eat. One issue I did have was how long it took for us to get the naan with out food. I was starting my second plate of food when we finally got our first round of naan (comes with the buffet). Unfortunately, this was because there was only one person working at the time. Food: I had the chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken, daal, and rice. They were good. Nothing too outstanding and nothing was bad. I love mixing the sauce with my rice and then mopping it all up with my naan; however, I did have to wait before I could get naan. There weren't many selections, but the ones they had were good. Value: Value is very good here. I believe it was $12 per person for the buffet and I was plenty full after two plates and many pieces of naan. For that price, I was find dealing with the okay looking dishes and the wait on the naan. Final thoughts: I would come back here for sure if I'm feeling up for some cheap indian food. However, I will be looking for another option to go to more regularly with a greater selection of choices for the lunch buffet.

Baban J.

Ordered via DoorDash for the first time with the restaurant. Ordered chicken tikka kebabs and the entire dish came charred beyond recognition. Nothing was edible. Burnt till it became solid. I would have appreciated canceling the order by the merchant if the item got burnt. Also, ordered other items and they were sub par. Felt cheated. Beware if you are ordering online. I have to work out my concern with DoorDash customer support.

jesika brown

That plate of Chicken Biryani and Chicken Korma A La Carte is a must try from Tandoori Fusion Grill! I am a regular customer. Their service is simply world-class.

sukris minhaj

You haven’t tasted heaven yet if you didn’t tuck into Tandoori Fusion Grill’s Malai Kofta Curry! I was bowled over when I first tasted it along with my family.

Kate Kozakova

Lassi is my favorite and I go here every now and then for some refreshment.

Praveen G.

This is a nice quiet place with authentic Indian food and Indian desserts. The owner is really friendly and actually offered and MADE me biryani when I ordered a lunch buffet and enquired if they biryani!! Would definitely visit again and would recommend for anyone wanting to taste flavorful Indian food in an ambient and friendly restaurant.

Emigdio R.

Amazing food and staff! I highly recommend! The flavors of the sauce for the butter chicken were phenomenal. We would definitely return.

David Dier

Our first experience was fully deserving of 5 stars! We tried several items, over-ordering like starving students. The tandoori chicken - perfect in texture and flavor, none better. Curry items were rich in flavor, perfectly balanced. Its hard not to go on and on. This is one of the rare occasions when every items is a "I want twice as much of that" item. But the lamb has to experienced. I eat lamb at every restaurant that offers. This is the best. Mild in earthiness, the Spanish spice combination this restaurant uses is superior to others. My domestic partner dislikes lamb to the extent that it cannot be cooked in our home. She ate more than me.

Javier Velazquez

There was quick, helpful, and friendly service. The place has a nice feel to it. My apartment is far from here, so I can't visit often.

Melson vill

The food is awesome! We eat here all the time, and have never had a bad experience.

Adrian Ciprain

They make good malai kofta. It is one of the best vegetarian dishes that I really love to have.

Norma Johnson

I am a very big fan of fishes and this place makes amazing fish tikka masala.

David D.

We have been trying several Indian restaurants and by shear luck we find JR and his place. We start with standards. Samosas and Stuffed Naan. Pleasantly surprised the Naan was not overstuffed. Both bread and Samosa were well above average. We could not wait to try more. Chicken Sizzler, Cholay Bhature, Saag Lamb, Butter Chicken and Tikki Masala. The Sizzler had the tandoori flavor you expect but deepened- more expansive. The Lamb ranks as my all time favorite and I do try them all, all around the Bay Area. It was high grade meat prepared by an expert and the flavors were applauded by my mouth with a demand for an encore. Do not miss this place while you can. The freshness was unparalleled. The flavors and texture were at a level of perfection you expect from a Glam Restaurant in Vegas. World class- no exaggeration. True talent.

Sunny H.

How cute is this place?!!!! I love the decor inside and out. It's very clean with comfy booths and tables. Free self serve chai tea as you walk in the door. The Chef/Owner (?) immediately came out to greet me as I walked in through the doors. Incredibly friendly and great personality. We chatted a little about Warrior Games and going to the gym while I looked over the menu for my to-go order. He even made recommendations based on what I already like. I will definitely come back!

Rolland C.

One of the best places to have Gluten-free food in San Jose. The food here is delicious and the host is very polite. Had a fun time dining here!

Anna Dominguez

The food is amazing and the servers were very friendly and attentive! the murals are beautiful this place definitely stepped it up!

Priscilla Silvestre

More affordable than some other spots of comparable classification. Amount and Quality both are sensibly great. The conduct of the staff is additionally respectful and supportive.

Alex Andrade

Great atmosphere, amazing customer service, and delicious food. The owner was very friendly and accommodating. Vegan options are available. Will definitely be coming back!

Sing M.

Vegetarian uttapam with tomatoes, red onions, capsicum, cilantro, potatoes, and radish. Went down well plain, and good for brunch. The new dosas - a refreshing break from the usual naan! Both the egg dosa and the cheese dosa were comparable to alternative offerings at Chennai Kings or Dennys. But I still found the dosas to be more primitive when matched against either Whispers or Scramblz. So for now I'm sticking with the lunch buffet. They still have the free customer parking all weekend, and evenings after 6pm.

Sing Mac

They allow an unusually high degree of customization, and often cook to specific customer tastes. Because they also cater, when they aren't busy, they've even taken ingredients before from customers and for a fee, cooked them accordingly to the customer special instructions, for those with allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, vegans, etc.

Teejay Walton

Great food. Awesome vibe. The artwork in there is amazing

Mary Ann M.

My husband saw an article on this newly reopened restaurant in "Metro" this morning and we tried it out this very evening! I've categorized the food items we ordered into three ratings categories: GOOD Gulab jamuns OKAY: Naan Spicy Kofta Curry (although the balls were surprisingly soft to the point of near mushiness) BAD Saag Paneer (way too salty, way too spicy, way too liquidy--it was like an Indian Cream of Spinach Soup with a few slices of paneer hiding in it) No artificial sweetener available for the chai Chai (seemed like plain milk tea--any spices it may have contained were invisible to the taste buds!) I'm so love in with Indian food that my standards for it are pretty low but this place managed to fail them anyway! I've probably had Saag Paneer at 50 different Indian restaurants in my life. It varies from place to place but it's rarely the consistency of soup! The sauce in the Spicy Kofta Curry was actually thicker than the Saag. ?!?!?

Catrina S.

Wonderful flavors and people!! The ambience is warm and inviting. Their flavors are complicated and kept me coming back for more. I have had Indian food but nothing like this.

Shannon M.

I love the butter chicken here. Everything is seasoned so well and for every taste of spice. Special attention was paid to the decor with hand painted art on the walls. Good selection of beer and great service made the experience very satisfying. Reasonably priced authentic food for everyone from Sharks fans to SJSU students.


Friendly service. Gave us a great combo plate and delicious samosas! Everything was great!

Danniel Pereyra

Food was very good and great customer service. Would come here again and recommend to more friends!

Eric Isabelle

Good and fast service. Definitely coming back.

Joshua O.

There were only 2 employees when I came in shortly after noon on a Saturday. We were advised that they do not have buffet options on the weekends, but since my friend and I were already there, we decided to eat here anyways (They do sit-down buffet for groups of 4+ on weekends). They told us about a combo special they had. I ordered the combo with butter chicken. They brought out our platter along with naan for each of us. The butter chicken was good. The chicken was incredibly soft and not overcooked like most places. The curry itself was slightly underwhelming, but the food was very solid. The two employees were very accommodating and even brought out some extra curry for my friend and I to enjoy. With all the food on our plate, I was a little anxious to what the bill would be since the combo was not listed on the menu. When I went up to pay my bill, it came out to $9.50 before tax and tip. I was shocked. We came hungry and were able to eat an ample amount of food for a VERY reasonable price. The price was great for the service and the food. I look forward to seeing these 2 employees again (I didn't catch their name) because they were very hospitable and price is very reasonable. If you're looking for a big meal without breaking the bank, this is a great place to satisfy your Indian food cravings.

Kailash Ram

Great food,I had today evening hyderabadi chicken biryani very authentic and delicious love to go again...👌👌👌

Nik M.

Didn't like the food. We ordered malai kofta and kadhai paneer. Kadhai paneer cane with gravy which was surprising. Malai kofta was not worth either. Garlic naans were ok. Portion sizes were very small. Just enough for two. If you have more than two prople, the the sizes wouldn't suffice. Service was extremely slow. There was only one person on that Friday night. He was the cook, server and attendant.

Priyanka D.

Half the things on the menu are not available. We asked for Seekh Kebab and the server said we have stopped doing it and suggested the chicken tikka which is nothing like how chicken tikka is. Chicken tikka is marinated in yogurt with spices and grilled in a tandoor. This was orange colour chicken in a sweet sauce tossed in a pan. Then we placed an order for Dal Makhani. He said okay to it but got us yellow dal and upon serving informs that they don't do a black dal also so here is the yellow dal. Also the naan was a frozen one. Nothing like how a fresh garlic naan is. We just somehow ate and left.