Tiger Milk Boba Bar

52 S 1st St, San Jose
(408) 389-4170

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Christine C.

Not a fan. I ordered the Red Tiger (strawberry milk), Cocoa Tiger (chocolate milk), and Oolong Tiger (oolong milk tea) through DoorDash and it left a lot to be desired. First off, the Red Tiger and Cocoa Tiger straight up tasted artificial. I joked to my boyfriend that it seemed like they had just used Nesquik powder and called it a day. I wasn't a fan of either, but my boyfriend liked it and didn't have a problem with it at all. The Oolong Tiger was incredibly watered down and there was barely a tea taste to it. I'm a big fan of plain milk tea and I think it's one of the easiest milk teas to make, but this completely missed the mark. The only good part was the boba. It tasted fresh and had a nice bite to it.

Nattie O.

I think this place is great if you like sophisticated simple boba! I got the matcha and I liked it. It wasn't anything too different, it still had the undertones of matcha powder and mixed well with milk... Classic boba drink The man who served us was straightforward and quick. Our drinks were done in a flash. I did not see any indoor seating. Place was clean to the tea! Appreciate the dark aesthetics of the place.

Crystal C.

Original tiger sugar milk boba tea!!! It only comes with one size. Wish it was bigger, it was more like a medium. Boba tea was the best in town!!! Love the creaminess and the balance of the sweetness! However I wish it was a little colder though. Overall, it's a A and I would love to go back and try some more tea there!!

Katherine T.

We ordered the green thai-ger and the peach and roasted oolong. Unfortunately, we weren't a big fan of the peach and roasted oolong because the aftertaste was a bit funky, but I personally really enjoyed the green thai-ger. While I am not a big fan of brown sugar in my boba, this place is known for their brown sugar drinks and it was executed pretty well. I also adjusted my sugar to 30%, which made it a lot more bearable and the flavor was pretty great overall. As for the boba texture, 10/10! I love boba that's a little harder and this place did a great job of that. While the drinks were tasty, there were also pretty expensive ($6 a drink!!) so that's something to keep in mind. While the drink was tasty, there are many other places that do similar drinks at a more affordable price point. Another unique thing about this place is that shares a space with Temple (the bar/lounge) so it's quite literally a bar on the inside. Definitely an interesting concept!

Kawaii M.

Pretty good and decent boba tea place. I got the white tiger boba and I was pretty good but a little bitter! Overall would go back again

Pratima M.

A cute boba bar tucked into the heart of Downtown SJ! Right now, it's operating out of the Temple Bar and Lounge and it's pretty easy to find street parking close by. There was no line when we stopped by right before closing time. They have a variety of options and I wound up getting the Oolong Tiger! I liked the boba, which was chewy and warm. The tea, even after getting it at 50% sweetness, felt a little bit too sweet for me. The drinks are a bit pricey, but I would come back to try it again!

Ilz E.

I was looking forward to trying this place while visiting the city since it has stellar reviews but I was left quite disappointed. It's honestly the worst boba I've ever had. I would've sucked it up and finished my drink that tasted like dried prunes, I mean if you're into that go for it, if the boba pearls themselves were good, but they were definitely overcooked and gross. Overhyped :/

Yu-pei H.

I saw the reviews here were pretty good and I was craving some milk tea so I decided to stop by here before heading home. I got the green thaiger which was quite pretty (being green without being a matcha drink). The service was very fast and the drink came out in what felt like seconds. The first few sips were pretty good, but after it just became disgustingly sweet. I couldn't even finish the drink and ended up tossing the rest out at some point. They do give a lot of boba tho.

Ms. Lala L.

I totally enjoyed my first Boba at Tiger Milk Boba Bar. I thought it was pretty cool how SP2 opened a boba bar despite being closed during shelter in place because it has such a great location and receives good weather. I really didn't know what to expect because I never jumped on the boba train or understood the hype plus boba balls usually freak me out lol and remind me of large fish eggs. However, there's were smaller and actually really delicious. In fact, they weren't too soft they were perfectly the right chewy amount you need without being overbearing. I'm actually glad I got to try them and try this drink because I later got braces that week and it is recommended to not have any candy or sweet chili things. I got the oolong tiger and it was delicious! Not too sweet and I enjoyed it and even kept my cup. I love that it has a little heart stopper so you don't spill it. I was very impressed at the effort and care put into making each drink and you can taste that in the quality. I also really like how they use lactose free organic milk because I've been trying to get dairy free drinks past 3 years or so, so this made me happy & my tummy. I couldn't stop drinking it and loved the flavor. The service was really good and you could tell that he enjoyed making drinks and wanted customers happy. He offered great recommendations told me to stir and taste my drink before leaving to make sure it was to my liking. You need places like that. I really appreciate Yelp choosing me for this elite event because otherwise I would have never tried boba and happy to say my experience was very positive and staff were very friendly.

AiFen S.

These drinks are way too sweet for my liking, and I didn't see anywhere online when you place the order where you can adjust the sweetness level. I didn't realize also that it automatically comes with boba which I rarely get as a topping in my drinks. I also usually don't get milk teas and opt for fruit teas but didn't see many just fruit tea options. When I first arrived to pick up after ordering online, the gentleman behind the bar seemed to not even be aware of an order. I waited outside for a bit longer to give him time to make the drinks. There was a slew of customers in and out as this was a nice weather weekend. He was kind to put the drinks in a travel tray for me as he saw I had my hands full. I appreciated the high quality feel of the cups and lids themselves. However, given their location is not super convenient and the type of beverages on their menu, I will not likely be making another order from them anytime soon.

Michelle L.

I don't know if I went on an off day or not, but I was disappointed in the white tiger drink. I love Tiger Sugar, but it far from my house, so I thought Tiger Milk would be a great substitute due to all the positive reviews. Tiger Milk is located in Temple Bar and Lounge (yes it's a club), which isn't the most convenient to park/pick up. I had to use my emergency light on the bus lane to get the drinks.

The brown sugar wasn't very present in drink. It felt like I was drinking just milk. The tapioca balls weren't very soft and chewy. It was just okay. Also, the drink was $6, which is definitely on the pricier end for boba, so I guess I was expecting more from them.

I am kind of sad that I didn't get the experience that other yelp reviewers have. For now, I will stick with Tiger Sugar if I want brown sugar milk because they haven't let me down.

Madeleine M.

I'm visiting from out of town so I did a quick google search for local boba places near me when I had a sudden craving. Tiger Milk Boba Bar was the one I picked on a whim and WOW it didn't disappoint! Aside from being very aesthetically pleasing, the ratio of tea to milk to boba was perfect. Hit the spot after a long and stressful day and I will be back next time I'm in town!

I highly recommend the Golden Thai-ger, it was phenomenal!

Sophia D.

Really confused by the good reviews. Ordered via Doordash (which doesn't give us sweetness options so I assume what we got was the standard levels of sweetness and ice). I ordered the Oolong Milk Tea Latte with boba and the Hyper Coffee Milk Tea Latte with boba.

Boba: nicely soft and chewy, a LITTLE sweet, but overall pretty bland. (Giving stars for the boba only).

Hyper Coffee Milk Tea Latte: Ain't no one getting hyper off this. It's so watered down it tastes like water thats slightly flavored with coffee. Not very sweet, not very coffee, not very tea, not very milky.

Oolong Milk Tea Latte: Same. It tastes like watery milk... like as if you diluted 2% milk with a ton of water because you ran out of milk. No oolong tea flavor either, they either didn't steep the tea long enough or just watered down their product to fill the cup. (Note: I normally like my milk teas at 50% sweet too! So for me to say it's not enough flavor says a lot)

More than happy to support small businesses during this time, but this was probably one of the worst bobas I've had in a while. We tried to drink the drinks but ended tossing them, at this point it's a waste of calories.

Anterpreet Kaur

OMG this is the best boba ever! Gosh the courage it takes to say with so many good shops now a days but so true! They have unique flavors, fresh ingredients and so clean! My new go to place when visiting South Bay

Bobby F.

Place is located near the convention center and has a good selection of drinks. We got the tiger milk tea and it was pretty good. I think the drink is a little heavy handed with honey which I don't personally mind but was a no-go for the wifey. Taste wise the drinks are standard fair, nothing to write home about.

I think I might've been catfished tho cause I thought this pop up was Tiger-Sugar, but it's not. Lol I'm an idiot XD

As a side note...

I think this might be a ghost kitchen type of boba place because the drinks were mixed behind what I believe is an actual Bar?

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