Chef Kwong's Chinese Restaurant

754 Bockman Rd, San Lorenzo
(510) 481-2813

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Michele S.

I just saw this place on the news. They showed the kitchen. I SAW GREASE EVERYWHERE! And just in case he tries to say it's because of the guy stuck inside the vent, don't believe it, not possible from what I saw with the placement of the vent opening and the entire wall covered in disgusting grease. SO GROSS!!!

Kevin N.

We just discovered this Chinese spot. It's a hole in the wall place that we ordered take out from while on our way home. Not much of a view and only a couple tables but their food was really flavorful. We ordered honey walnut shrimp, beef chow fun, and bbq pork w/ scrambled egg. There was no business at the time but they made it all in 15 minutes. The honey walnut shrimp was delicious and the chow fun wasn't too oily. However the bbq pork w/ scrambled egg was basically all scrambled egg. If I could I would give the four and a half stars for that one dish. This place definitely hit the spot and we will be coming back to try more soon.

Khymley R.

Finally ordered some take-out from this place. My husband likes their house fried rice and it's packed so that's a good sign. I also like their beef with broccoli so that's a good sign again. The West Lake soup, was a little bit different from what we're used to but will give it try again. Definitely will be back and will try their other dishes too.

Kenneth Ramos

Chau mein better than panda

Alexa R.

First timer here , my friend recommended the place to me . It's a little hidden , there's very little parking The food price is pretty decent for the amount they give you . The food overall was good, not bad good flavor. The noodles are thick, not the thin kind. I would definitely go back, but maybe once every few months kinda thing .

Timothy J.

Awesome food. Small little place on a side street but well worth the effort to get there.

Absalon Banuelos

I have known them since 2003 great food always!

Joseph Laforga

The Crispy Chicken is our favorite...always fresh and crispy and the sauce is awesome.

Jennifer H.

Found this place on Christmas eve when our plans had been canceled. Food was really good. We have since been back several times and have not been disappointed. Broccoli beed, chow fun, mongolian beef, fried rice, sweet n sour chicken all very good. Everything has always been hot and fresh and arrives that way when delivered.

Tina Freitas

I have been eating here for 25 yrs..only Chinese Restaurant i will it and the family.

cheryl fergen

Just order for the 1st time from Chef Kwongs restaurant and is by far the best Chinese delivery I have eaten ever. On the vegetable they had a variety, cooked to perfection and they were very generous. We had pork and a beef dish that was cooked to perfection. Sauces were delicious. I am looking forward to so many more dishes. Thank you

Raul A.

Ordered crispy chicken with mandarin sauce (on the side) to go; well worth it. Very tasty and price is not bad.

Mac S.

Highly worthy spot to order quick "To Go" or sit down and eat.... small, clean and quick.

Betsy B.

Yo!! Peking Spare Ribs.. OFF THE it's a must order when i do order from there.. and yes, they deliver.. i don't know about everywhere, but they deliver to me and that's what's important :) i've never been inside the restaurant.. but don't let the store front fool you.. their food is pretty good! and i'm a picky eater!

Brian N.

Really small operation. Only 4-5 tables in dining area. This is much more of a take-out place. They make everything fresh. Food is good and portions are more than fair for a reasonable price.

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Chef Kwong's Chinese Restaurant

754 Bockman Rd, San Lorenzo, CA 94580
(510) 481-2813