Sisi's Hong Kong Cafe

17850 Hesperian Blvd, San Lorenzo
(510) 278-2568

Recent Reviews

Wilson Young

Food is good, price is reasonableThat's why I am a repeated customer

Faye V.

Our go-to for walnut prawns, mongolian beef, sweet and sour ribs, fried flounder, and all the other signature HK dishes you want.Pre-covid, we always order the salted egg lobsters but it hasn't been available without advance ordering. Understandable of course

Alana N.

The worst chinese food i had ever eaten in my life. Horrible and has no flavor of any kind. Eggroll was not appetizing. Orange chicken didn't taste like it should be. Mongolian Beef was somewhat decent but was missing some kind of flavor. I had better chinese food then this. This is my first and my last and would NOT recommend anyone to eat here Disappointed and well never be ordering or even eat here ever again. It doesn't deserve a star at all

Sam Ch

I enjoy the food here and get takeout often

Christine N.

Ordered via doordash. Order was prepared pretty quickly. -dry beef chow fun: yummy and flavorful -salt and pepper short ribs: nice breaded coating but a little bland -walnut prawns: yummmmm no complaints -chicken wings: super flavorful. Get it! Crispy too

mei l.

I wanted to give a 3.5 stars but guess it's not a choice. I ordered 5 different items for takeout just couple days ago and the rating for each of them is varied. I would give a 5 stars to the baked Portuguese chicken over rice, 1 star to the two different favors of rice sheet roll, and the tofu and fried rice vermicelli noodles are in between, mainly 3 to 3.5 stars. The lady on the phone is very pleasant and also at pickup. Despite of the 3.5 stars rating I gave, I will go back and try some other dishes!

William Crawford

two days ago was our first time in this good restaurant. But It is absolutely not the last. We enjoyed the evening very much with the excellent service, with the finest cooking and booze and with the friendly charge. We will surely return there soon.

Lisa L.

We just moved to San Lorenzo and I've been going here for years before. Now that restaurants are only doing take out, this place was the next best thing to getting some good HK style without traveling too far. It's nice to call in and place your order and have the food ready in about 15 mins. We always order the House special pan fried noodles and the beef stew. Their prices are decent and the food has lots of flavor. It's a good place to pick up good authentic HK cafe style food.

Jonas Y.

Wow, Yelpers be forewarned. All items suddenly went up 25-30% more. I understand prices should go up due to the riot and virus but with a sudden price increase of 30%, I am not sure if the food is worth it. I bought a few lunch dishes and total for 4 now is over $55

John F.

If you're in the mood for salt and pepper shrimp, this is the spot! I get it everytime and it's done perfectly just the way i like them! Friendly staff as well.

Alexis L.

This is the worst Chinese food I've ever eaten. In hindsight, I should've known better to order from here as I've never tried it before but I was HUNGRY and this was the only Chinese food place open for pick-up on Doordash. I ordered honey walnut prawns, fried chicken wings, salt and pepper tofu, chow mein with beef, and lemon chicken. The lemon chicken was so bland, it made me feel queasy after one bite. It doesn't look like your normal lemon chicken either. The chow mein looks more like pan fried noodles? It was okay, only the top tasted salty as though they sprinkled it on top instead of tossing it around. Salt and pepper tofu thankfully looked normal, but there was no salt and pepper. I ate it with some soy sauce to make it more edible. Walnut prawns and the fried chicken wings were the only things that I could eat without needing to gag. I'm super disappointed!! Never again.

John S.

Tasteless food. What is the point of eating here if the food has no flavor. Worst fried rice I have had outside of a cafeteria. Colorless and bland. The one bonus is, I did not get sick. Food ordered, Mongolian beef, orange chicken, chicken fried rice, sweet and sour pork. I literally could not taste the difference between them all. Avoid if you like some flavor in your food.

Rach R S.

Beside what all going on i still decide to help mom n pop chinese restaurant but boy they still bad in taking order. Cleanliness and speed. No one at the restaurant and yet made wrong food and than smelled my food and touching with her hair. I am sorry but would not recommend this resturant at all.

Roberto Williams

I very much loved their dishes and service, fantastic location nearby to my apartment. The workers are always very nice. Highly recommended.

Lynn P.

Been eating here every now and then. Food is fine. Just one time when we were there, all small tables were taken but the 2 large tables in the back are empty. Multiple staffs asked us our number in the party, when we said 4, they just turned and walked away. No one else were waiting to be seated. They left us standing for quite some time without explaining why we were not seated. We just left and decided this is not the place that welcomes us.

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