BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

2206 Bridgepointe Pkwy, San Mateo
(650) 931-2990

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steve standaert

From the minute I walked in the staff was a little to laid back and in responsive. Restroom was a mess no toilet paper. There were more employees in there they customers.the food was good but could be so much better.but after all beer is the driving force here.

Julia O.

Came in on Friday 08/15/21 around 9:00pm with my partner for dessert. We were immediately seated, and our server had greeted us but it took him awhile to get to us since it was busy. No big deal, since we weren't in a hurry. Once we gave our order it was another 12 minutes to get out pizookie trio. Now, either they didn't fully cook the pizookies or they left them sitting out cold, because when we got them it seemed as if it was raw in the middle, and they were absolutely horrible. Our server was so busy we just didn't eat them all, and we paid and left. It took forever to get our check, so we didn't bother sending them back. Really disappointed with our experience. Don't know if we're going to come back.

Wendy L.

Great food, great service, and our server Grant was a trooper accommodating a party of 16. Try their prime rib special :-)

Sandra Conway (Sandy)

1st time ever I can remember not having to wait to be seated. It was nice! Food was excellent, service excellent, everything was excellent! Definitely recommend. What's good about BJ's is their menu, they have something for everyone no matter what you're craving & it's all good.

Alejandra A.

This review is in reference to the servers: SOPHIA and JUAN, but mainly SOPHIA. Rarely do I give one stars, but oh my god this place took me by surprise. The food was great, I could've finished the whole plate of avocado rolls by myself! LOL but the service, extremely rude and unprofessional. We came here for a reunion with her friends and as exciting and momentous as the evening was, our server put a damper on the whole experience. She was short with us while taking our orders, giving an excessive and obvious amount of attitude. She would walk away before we would finish our sentences, acting indifferent when we asked her questions, rushed us, was snappy while we were in the middle of placing orders, and honestly acted like she doesn't wanna work there. Juan would service our plates and rudely demand that we take them from his hands. He was also very snappy, and neither of them had good customer service skills. Normally, we wouldn't think much of this experience but Sophia's behavior was consistently so disrespectful every time she came to the table that it left a mark on us for the evening. In fact, we were so disturbed by her behavior that we reached out to corporate to complain about these employees, and demand a refund. I know, I know, total Karen move. But we had to do something, you should've been there! Thankfully, they were very understanding and helped us out. I could go on and on (like I haven't already LOL), but you get the point. Come to this BJ's for the food, it's delicious! But for everything else, you've been warned... :P

Billy T.

We absolutely love it here! The bartender Angelina B. is outstanding! We come here because of her....very personable, friendly, and attentive. I hope her managers know how good she is!

Kelly Koser

I ordered potstickers and sweet potato fries from BJs in San Mateo to go. When I got home (live 2 min away), my food was cold and had almost no flavor. Not to mention I got a small order of sweet potato fries upon opening. See the picture, they didn’t even fill it all the way up. This is really poor service for the price being paid.

Victoria S.

It's hit or miss eating here and the biggest factor is in the freshness and cleanliness of the food. There have been times where I've eaten here and gotten sick and other times where it's been fine. This location is lacking in consistency. The last few times I've ordered food to go and when I've gone to pick it up, the staff has had an attitude. It's not my fault you chose to work here, but for whatever reason now you feel the need to express your unfulfilled life to customers doing a job you chose to do?! Ironic. After seeing the condition of the bathroom today, I'm ok with never coming back to eat at this location again. It's a shame because so many restaurants are closing and I don't want to see any more of them closing, but I'm not going to spend money that I worked hard to earn on food that has a sometimey quality. It's up to the management team to raise the bar on standards, and I'm sure they don't care either because if they did this place wouldn't look like this and I wouldn't keep getting sick from the food. I wonder how many other people are experiencing the same thing. It's really sad to see employees lacking any integrity and embracing laziness and entitlement.

Julio Guzmán

Delicious ? food


Sonia was the best waitress ever. She help us with all questions and was so helpful. Martin Danny Dave and Pat

Elisa H.

I like the consistency of BJ's and the fact that the atmosphere os one in which my severely autistic 22 year old feels comfortable. Alex likes their root beer and many items on the menu. As such we have the BJ's app and it usually saves us. Today was a bit of a miss in terms of a dinner out for us, but most of it can be chalked up to transitions back to in person dining, both on the part of Alex, but also the restaurant and the app. We were a party of 6 and attempted to get on the wait list through the BJs app, but there is currently no way to do so. I called ahead to gauge availability for a party our size in a booth and was told to come as soon as possible but that they could not hold a table. Luckily we did nit have to wAit long. Unfortunately for us we have some simple accommodations for our Alex that increase chances of us having a successful meal. The app not working well and having a neophyte waitress who was well meaning but super overwhelmed did not work in our favor.Also working against us was the fact that my kid was not super hungry and that he has not been eating in restaurants for the last year and a half. We tried to order and explain that Alex needed some special accommodations ( such as frequent drink refills, putting in his Pizookie order at the time of our meal so that we could finish our meal and some coasters to shred) for us to enjoy our meal. Our waitress was new-ish and so very overwhelmed by the simple task of taking our orders that I realized that I was giving her a ton of anxiety and backed off. She actually said, "I can try to take care of your requests but I have another table to take care of" as though TWO tables to take care of in terms of basic service was a feat that would max out her capabilities. Unfortunately for our party not being able to take care of Alex meant he only lasted about 15 minutes and through our appetizer of root beer glazed boneless wings ( always a favorite) and my younger son had to run him home and return to join us. This restaurant has historically been spectacular about accommodating us from checking in and paying on the app to making sure Alex is accommodated. The combo of a green server, the app not working properly worked to sabotage us a little. Our server was actually quite funny and kept asking "Is there anything else that you need to order?" every time someone ordered, as though she was hoping that not all 6 of us would be eating, and perhaps we would all be sharing a salad making her job a little easier. To her credit, however, she got the order exactly right and food came promptly and was delicious . I am sure once she has a few weeks under her belt, she will be a more relaxed, friendly server. I tipped her well and her face lit up and let me know that she appreciated it. It made me appreciate the fact that most of Bj's servers bend over backwards to make sure my family, which includes a young man profoundly affected by autism, is able to eat out at a restaurant and enjoy time together!

jeff camp

Filthy. Every aspect of our experience suggested management simply doesnt care. That napkin in the picture was nt used. That was when unrolled it to get my utensils. Dust at least a year thick in the booth, stuff stuck to the wall and who knows what stuck all over the salt shaker.

Jeff C.

This place is FILTHY! Hard to believe after a year of Covid, where everything was "supposedly" wiped down after every customer that a years worth of dust could be missed daily for all that time. Burger & chicken w/ tri-tip were both room temp, baked potato not hot enough to melt butter. When we mentioned all this filth to the mgr he apologized, then procceded to tell us he tells his staff to clean. That doesnt fly. Leaders dont dump a mess like this on the employees (who should know better) they own that this is their store and this is how it looks. Its your mess. Not going back.

Annette Greenough

We have been coming here on Mondays to enjoy the half price pizza!! But the best part is walking in to the smile and amazing Angelina B!! She pays attention to detail, always a great conversation and awesome service. Keep up the great work Angelina B!!! Dan and Annette

Kiana W.

After shopping at the Hillsdale Mall my friends and I decided to eat at BJs. The customer service was terrible. Our waitress was Sophia. From the moment we sat down she gave us attitude. The way she even asked us "What do you want?" came off as rude. There was another gentleman named Juan who told us to hurry up and move our plates so he could place the pizza at our table was rude as well. I've been in customer service too so I understand when you want your shift to be done or maybe you're having a bad day but regardless you still have to show some kindness toward your customers. I do think Sophia and Juan could benefit from a customer service training. We ordered large deep dish pizzas. When I've had deep dish pizza in Chicago there's so many layers of meat and cheese just like how a deep dish pizza should be. The deep dish pizza at this BJs should not be considered a deep dish pizza. It was basically all dough with a thin layer of toppings. The dough was way too thick. We had artichoke dip that was too watery and was almost like a liquid instead. The potstickers reminded me of the frozen potstickers from Costco. The one thing I did enjoy was the avocado egg rolls with their sweet sauce. I got the Spicy Bloody Mary which wasn't spicy and tasted diluted. I would not recommend going to this BJs. I suggest to go to another chain.

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