California Cuisine

1862 S Norfolk St, San Mateo
(650) 574-1112

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D R.

FYI went here 1/26/21 and there is a sign on door "Closed for COVID until further notice."

Douglas H.

Great tasting food for a great price! I recommend trying it if you enjoy healthy food that gets you feeling ready to take on the day!

Matthew K.

A hole-in-the-wall type place and easy to miss. But they have delicious and fresh soups and salads. Very generous portions too for the price. One of my go-to stops for a quick and healthy lunch. Extremely friendly and accommodating service too.

Kellie McNabb

Im new to the area. Tried this place and the salads are amazing and the service even better. We will make this a weekly visit!!

Lisa L.

So good, so fresh, so flavorful, so fast. On my way home from the gym or hot yoga I stop here often. I eat a lot of salads and this place has easily become one of (if not) my favorite salad place.

Somaya Gh

Love their Greek salad. I usually get it with grilled chicken or tuna salad and the portions are very generous.

Karrny L.

I found this restaurant on Yelp and thought I might try a new place and I was not disappointed! There were no customers at the few small tables so I was a little concerned and decided on a take out. I had the Greek salad with grilled chicken. The salad was fresh and crisp and the chicken was tasty and tender! I was very pleased and will definitely come back! Keep up the quality!

Alycia G.

I am new to the area and to yelp. This is my first review. I loved this place! I have gone there twice and ordered two different salads. Both were awesome!!! The staff is friendly, the establishment is clean. All I can say, I wish they were open later! They close at 3:00pm. The kids werent crazy about it but I was!

anna g.

Great Customer Service. Not a large menu BUT im very happy with my salad. The chicken is seasoned perfectly, i will return and try something different!

Andrea B.

I really like their ceaser pita here and their mashed potatos. The food is probably a 3 1/2, and their customer service is probably a 2 1/2. Parking is easy. Lunch can be realy busy. I like to call my order in a head of time. Prices are reasonable.

Tarra R.

I really cant say much about this place as I have only had the Greek Salad and the Healthy Burrito. The times I have ate here the food has been fresh. They are a little pricey for some lettuce and veggies, but the chicken does have a lot of flavor. The pita is super yummy! Give it a try after your shopping trip to Smart and Final ***~ UPDATE ~*** Today (05/09/08) I ordered the soup and greek salad combo w/chicken. The salad was the same as it always is. The Louisiana Gumbo which they say they make from scratch was nothing more than some veggie soup with some chicken and no rice. Gumba pssha.... I was hoping to bump some stars here, but nope, just the same 3 remain.

Bani S.

The first time I had CA chicken I thought it was great. However over time I believe that they have changed their recipe and I, along with others in the office, can taste the difference. A common choice is the luxor dinner plate which is a big dish of fideo rice (rice cooked in a chicken broth??) with chicken. They also have chicken wraps in pita bread if you decide that the plate is more food than you want in a single sitting. They try to position themselves as a healthy alternative to other foods although I'm not too certain that their rich rice and freshly baked bread exactly falls into the south beach diet. I usually get food to go but don't expect much from their dining area. It definitely has a cafeteria feel to it and does not have the greatest atmosphere. The service is also nothing to brag about. But if you want to grab something different to go for under 10 bucks, give CA Chicken a shot.

Omar T.

Healthy chicken dishes. This is a great place to go. Chicken and Vegetarian dishes only. From rotisserie meals to gyros to burritos to salads. Most meals under 9 bucks. The Healthy Burrito. Slices of grilled chicken, tomato rice salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar cheese and hot or mild sauce.

Audra E.

This is a good lunch place that serves great grilled chicken dishes, decent mediterranean food. Warning - their hours in the past have been weird - like they are not open on Saturdays or Sundays, and there are times they seem randomly closed. They are located in what I call the bermuda triangle of 92/101. Prices are a bit on the higher end of lunch prices, around $9 for lunch.

N V.

The food is decent and is sort of Greek / Middle eastern kind. I like the chicken plate with pita side.

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