Grindstone Coffee

2175 S El Camino Real, San Mateo
(650) 458-6556

Recent Reviews

Sara S.

*******For anyone wondering they're currently closed indefinitely until further notice !!*******

Erik T

Excellent service and the coffee was good. Its connected to the Stone Villa Innl so if you pass the Inn you have gone to far..Thank you Shreena for the great service.

Brandon Dillon

Sheen is so sweet. Literally one of the most inviting people I have spoken to in the bay area. Great coffee, food, and atmosphere!!

Tiffany B.

Super cute coffee shop. It was a little hard to find but it's a small shop right next to a motel. They serve Verve coffee which is one of my favorites.

Mindy X.

I came into this adorable café while my car was getting an oil change across the street. It was empty at 11:30am (save for a dude who grabbed his drink on the go). Seating: three tables, each sits 4. Good space to read or work on a laptop. Pretty insulated from the noisy outdoor. Ambience: feels like it belongs in Architectural Digest, not like its a coffee joint 10 feet away from an inn on a busy road. Coffee: I had a cappuccino. Asked if there were non-dairy options and the nice lady said soy and almond were available. My drink was delicious & foamy. Food: I didn't order any, but menu includes waffles & sandwiches.

Sunset Zoe

Love the coffee.

Lauryn Smith du Toit

Quite nice, probably not for working, though

Katie S.

This coffee shop is extremely hidden (my friend who lives down the street from it didn't even know it existed!). I love the drink choices and even the pastries they have are delicious. It has such a cozy feel but not only that the coffee really is amazing!

Carol Rogers

Good turkey bacon sandwich. Coffees. Also has yogurt, bottled drinks and pastries.

Ca Rogers

Good turkey bacon sandwich. Coffees. Also has yogurt, bottled drinks and pastries.

Roblox world And tik toker

Love the coffee.

Oscar V.

Recently moved to San Mateo, started looking for cafes near me and found Grindstone Coffee, highly recommended, they serve Verve coffee and their pastry assortment is very good. They also have a few to go items and Waffles. Highly recommend this coffee place.

Pizza ZAS Friends

Love the coffee.

Lydia N.

The coffee was mediocre. Given the latte art pictures on yelp, I was expecting a lot more but the foam was poorly done and I could probably have gotten better coffee at Starbucks.

David S.

I hunt for good coffee places, so visit this place with my bike. Nice Decor and nothing else special. I asked for a latte for Here, and the barista served me a to go cup with lid on. Enough to say, no latte art and I do better latte than her. They serve Verve but it is not flavorful at all. Disappointed.

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