La's Cafe

1900 S Norfolk St # 126, San Mateo
(650) 345-5939

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Yblehs L.

Not very good. Missing items that the menu stated would be on sandwich I was there the whole time she could have let me know that they were out of the carrots and daikon. I did hear the microwave going while my sandwich was being made. Will not be coming back to this location.

Tony B.

La's Cafe is a hidden little gem. Located inside an office building they serve up some very tasty sandwiches. The prices aren't bad for the area and the food comes out pretty fast. if you are looking for a little change of pace I recommend checking them out.

Shushi S.

It was our first time trying this place and we ordered a chicken and a pork bahn mi. First, the bread was wrong it was a soft roll not a French baguette, secondly there was no pate and they used mayonnaise instead, thirdly there was no daikon or carrots instead they used cucumber (which was OK )and purple onions. I understand it is Covid and they might've ran out of ingredients or something but it wasn't even a bahn mi sandwich at this point it was more of an unflavorful teriyaki chicken sandwich. I don't understand all the great reviews and our bm looked nothing like the prior pictures posted on Yelp. I debated on whether I should write this review but  the last straw was our  two bags of expired chips.  We won't be returning and the quest for a good local bm continues ...

Brittany M.

Vegan pho perfect for a cold day.

I couldn't eat all of it! Loads of noodles, vegetables and delicious hot broth.

Things were setup in accordance for no contact delivery.

Customer service was great and timely!

For those that are celiac/non gluten: ask for sauces to be separated as the hoisin sauce was combined with the siracha into one container. Also, request the tofu separately as it was already included with the soup.

Overall, excellent place for pho.

To get to La's. When you drive into the Atrium parking lot from the front-walk through glass doors, then you'll walk to more glass doors that will lead you to a water fall. Keep walking towards the other side of the patio to glass doors, go through and turn to your immediate left. Call them if you need directions. We want to help keep their doors open.

Yousuf K.

Came here to try and get vietnamese coffee. unfortunately this cafe is currently temporarily closed.

Brian W.

day 2 of my hangover. feeling terrible this morning. again due to the lack of easily accessible (american-style) breakfast burritos (that aren't from a major fast food chain) in the bay area or my lack of knowledge of them (i'm convinced it's the former but again if u beg to differ plz slide in the DMs) i decided to try la's cafe, a place that i have walked by on many a morning wondering if it had anything to offer. ordered a bacon egg and cheese on an english muffin. verdict? about as good as a starbucks breakfast sandwich at about one dollar cheaper. i think that i'd generally give the starbucks option a 4-star so we'll stick with that for la's. the benefit of la's is mainly for those that work in the 1900 norfolk business center so if you do not, like... probably don't come here and probably stop using Yelp to explore so much (yes i'm talking to you) because that's how you'll end up in a random business center and spend 20-30 minutes trying to find this place when it's... just not worth it lol. but for those that work here, la's is a nice option.

Peter D.

La's never, ever disappoints with their great service and better food. The wraps (Spicy Chicken and Chicken Caesar wraps) are go tos for me.

Joy M.

Great little secret in the area. I had the chicken curry. My colleague says the beef pho is good.

Marnitha Haynes-Barnes

Love the vietnamese coffee!

Matthias Egli

Great sandwiches, especially the "Specials"

Mark L.

Restaurant really a coffee shop in middle of commercial building. Banh Mi sandwiches uninspired and dull.

Santhosh Nair

A cosy mom and pop Cafe for people to quickly grab lunch. Nice sandwiches

angela a.

5 out of 5 Everything was sooooo fresh and yummy. I got the spring rolls and a turkey sandwich on Dutch crunch. Amazing!! Will definitely be back


Disappointed there were no specials but bought two spring rolls (Over $11 for two). The peanut sauce was watered down and the rolls mostly iceberg lettuce. I have had much better for less money. I made a special trip because of the previous yelps: the two ladies were very friendly and that's why I gave them three stars but I would not go back as it was out of my way.

Ameya Raje

Excellent food and service!

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