Panda Express

2011 Chess Dr, Foster City
(650) 525-1816

Recent Reviews

Bill p

Best fast food Chinese food. Only complaint is that their isn't any pork Entree

Alex S

It's cool

Del Lostaunau

The best Panda Express I've been to. The food tasted fresh and was not oily

Jonathan L.

Food was good, but I have an issue with them being unable to have my online orders ready on time. It's been twice that I've ordered from this location only to find out my order isn't ready upon my arrival. I work across the street and order so that I can something to eat during my " 30 MINUTE" meal. I shouldn't have to waste 10 minutes of it waiting for a late order. It also wasn't busy at the time of my visit today. NO EXCUSES, GET IT TOGETHER. HAVE MY DAMN ONLINE ORDERS READY ON TIME.

Chris Chang

Top tier Panda Express. Run by Chinese folks, so you know it’s good quality!

Yuriy P.

Go to any other Panda Express trust me. This place is horrible! Employees are extremely rude and do not listen to anything you say they just assume they know what you're asking want but still I did not get what I wanted. They talk over you when trying to speak or order and they're meat is so dry maybe stingy on the sauce. Anyway don't go there unless you want to be disappointed or disrespected.

Mercedes V.

HORRIBLE SERVICE . VERY DISRESPECTFUL, GOT ORDER WRONG and when food was already handed to me and i had went back to my car checked and foundnout they got my order wrong and i went in again and they were ganna switch out what i wanted and put the food that i had already had in my box back in the other "fresh food" . and threw away my Receipt .

Chris C

Top tier Panda Express. Run by Chinese folks, so you know it’s good quality!

Jane G.

The angus steak was mostly vegetables and hardly any steak. For a premium entree charging extra, this is really egregious, especially considering the fact that this was after I was kept waiting for a new batch to be made. The vegetables were bland and lacked adequate seasoning for tastiness. All in all, Panda Express has disappointed me. It used to actually be good, albeit unhealthy, but now, it's neither good nor healthy. What a pity. Truly a shame.

Julia C.

This Panda location used to be really reliable even during the worst of the pandemic. But our latest experience there was really disappointing. First, our orders included very small portions; for example two pieces of chicken in the mushroom chicken and my two item plate was mostly rice. Second, no potsticker sauce with out potstickers and no teriyaki sauce with our teriyaki chicken. Finally, if you order online it is not clear at all how to pick up your order without standing in the long line of people waiting outside to place in person orders (restricting the number of people inside is one of the only good things about the place). We eventually just went in the door with the big Exit only sign to grab our food off the pick up shelf. We have relied on Panda Express but not sure we will be going back anytime soon

cleavon kiran

Walked in at 925pm on Friday and they told me there is no more fried rice and they wont be making anymore. As 6 people walked in they all walked away because there was no fried rice.

Isabel J.

Today I had the worst experience ever! With customer service I can't believe you have the most rudest employees in the front line especially the cashier her name is Anahi I asked her light ice on my soda drink and she ignored me ! She filled my drink with only ice all the way to the top! Also my food was to go ! No silverware !! No smile either !

Matthew Whicker

Do not come to this Panda. You'll watch the staff get 10 pickup orders for every customer they help in house. It took them quite literally 5 minutes to help each guest. I don't know how this is considered fast food.

Rebecca C.

You should be ashamed of yourselves running a business so poorly...... I just stood in line 23 minutes (yes I timed it) Today at 11:45am You had 2 people behind the counter at lunch time and they didn't even acknowledge the people standing in line....most of which were too busy doing pick up orders.... Here's a news flash....Have one person do the to go orders.. and have more people at lunch to fill the orders of people standing there...or even just one person..... The little twerk with the black hair was sweating over the food and kept wiping with his arm...yummm.... when I finally got to order he could not have been more rude..... There are a lot of Chinese restaurants that want my business...will not subject myself to this crap anymore....

Benjamín Sanpploma

The food is not bad, but the service is really disappointing because a lady named jess screamed at me and I saw she didn't just scream at me she screamed at other people as well

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