Pho Little Saigon

2978 S Norfolk St, San Mateo
(650) 345-1535

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Doris L.

The food is disgusting here! The pork chop was hard as a rock. Idk how they sell those dishes. The togo pho was all sticky together.

Michele Lata

Food was good I ordered fried chicken wings and it was made well

Natasha B.

We all know the best pho in the Bay is in SJ. But living on the Peninsula, this place has a special spot in my heart. Having traveled to Vietnam, the broth here is so pure and simple, not muddled with excess salt or spices--reminiscent of the pho I had in Ho Chi Minh City (Phở Hoà Pasteur to be exact). The Pho Ga is my go-to--clean broth, tender (not rubbery tough) chicken breast, lots of onions and scallions with a crispy onion topping. It's everything you'd want when you're sick, hungover, sad, or happy and just want a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup. Pho Little Saigon is the perfect no-frills spot for a non-overpriced, satisfying bowl of pho. Pro tip: (this might be sacrilegious) throw in some kale/leafy greens to the broth before adding the noodles for a balanced meal!

Carlos Sidijaya

I love the rare steak w/beef meatballs

Suse C.

This place is a rip off with lousy customer service. Ordered appetizers and the menu indicated how many pieces you'd get with each order. We opened the containers and found 1-2 pieces LESS than what we were told. When we went back to the restaurant to talk to the owner, he seemed insulted (after he got over the shock) we would question him, and his response (after he composed himself and thought about it...) was "yeah, that's right...the chicken wings are bigger", which was not true...they were the same size as before. He just shrugged, got angry, shooe'd us out as though we were looking for a handout, closed the door and walked away and since it was closing time. There was no remorse, apology or legitimate explanation. He just wanted to go home and didn't care. Also, when we placed our order, it was 15 mins to closing. I was going to move my car (would have taken five mins.) and was told I could not as they were closing and not going to wait. We also ordered another combo, and again, it was NOTHING like we were told it was going to be, portion sizes were smaller (surprise!) and the photos on the window are very misleading. The pork chop was over cooked, tough, dry, and thin. There were cuts throughout the pork chop as though he was trying to check its doneness. Heck, it was so thin, it would only take a minute to fry. I couldn't even rip it apart. The plastic knife provided with the order broke in half when I tried to cut it. I have not had luck with this place in the past with poor customer service, but I figured I'd give it another chance to help local businesses. These folks were just plain rude and ungrateful for any customer that comes in. It's no wonder their business is so bad. Food wasn't great, portion sizes were small, misleading quantity information on menu, overrated, horrible customer service. Make sure you confirm how many pieces you get with the appetizers if you're hungry enough to dine at this establishment.

Joshua-Erik Sanchez

Who cares about customer service. If it’s fast and tastes great then there’s really nothing to complain about. This place is consistent and reliable. My go to pho place in the area!

Dakota S.

There was absolutely no real meat throughout the whole time I was eating this soup! It was nothing, but fat like it usually always is and the customer service was god awful! I wouldn't recommend this to anybody!

Shunyee Li

Don't feel thirsty after eating it. So they don't put a lot of msg in the food. It taste quite good.

Mason Loeb

Best pho I've found on the peninsula so far. Broth is always on point.

Matt N.

I tried this place for the first time and I was hooked on the very 1st bite. I ordered the bbq chicken over rice vermicelli and it was beyond delicious. The chicken had great flavor and the portion was a great size. I will definitely order from here again.

Brandon W.

Order (Takeout):
* Small #1 Beef Noodle Soup with rare steak, well done flank, brisket, tendon & tripe
* Spring rolls

* Broth is clean, flavorful, well rounded and not overly potent in any one attribute.

* Fair amount of meat included.  I didn't feel like they skimped.  They also give you all the normal fix-ins you'd expect to come with pho.

* The texture of all the meat was just right and what you'd hope for, especially the tendon.  I've ordered from here many times and the tendon is always tender.  You can break it down with minimal effort.

* Spring rolls taste fresh and the wrapping is never dry.

* Generally, a takeout order like this only takes ten minutes to be ready.

* Nothing significant.

* It's hard to reimagine pho or make it stand out, although bad bowls certainly exist out there.  You won't experience anything particularly unique or inventive here, but you'll get a pretty much flawless bowl of beef noodle soup.  Tip:  Although the take-out stock comes hot, I always bring it to a rolling boil before assembling my bowl to eat.

Craig K.

The pho was barely room temperature.  The table next to me had two bowls of abandoned pho.  Before adding flavorings, bland.  Was never asked if I wanted anything to drink, not even water. Perhaps they were having a bad day, but I'll go to another place before returning.  If you want to introduce someone to pho, who has never had it before, this should not be your first choice.  The service was fast. The bowl came quickly and that was the last I saw of anyone.

Abbey F.

Was craving pho, so my boyfriend and I decided to stop by this place since it's down the street. There were two other parties in front of us (including someone with a complicated order) and to be honest, these people could use a lesson in kindness. BUT we're here to talk about Pho Little Saigon. This is a no muss no fuss kind of place. You want pho with rare beef? You get pho with rare beef. If you need a hundred substitutions, you're probably better off going somewhere else. (Or if you're ordering pho for takeout, know that the broth, veggies, and meat + cilantro + noodles come in separate containers so you can omit as you please at home). If you want something straight and to the point, this is a really good place!

Anyway, we ordered a large #1 Pho, small #12 pho, and #A5 fresh spring rolls to-go.

** Tip for ordering -- order by number vs the name of the dish; I'm sure it's easier for both you and whoever is taking your order

Food came out within 5 minutes since everything is packaged separately and it's up to you to assemble at home.

Soup could easily be heat up on the stove, but since we live so close we quickly put everything together in our bowls and got to eating.

Spring rolls - peanut sauce was really good! I've had better rolls but for a last minute dinner it hit the spot.

#1 Special Pho & #12 Rare Beef and Brisket Pho - broth was delicious and we received the perfect amount of meat for the sizes we ordered. Like I said before, this place is straight and to the point especially with its pho!

Definitely give this place a try if you're in the area :) this will be added to our list of staple dinner places.

Specter Washington

Great pho! I also love their spring rolls! Service is nice and quick, even on when they are busy. 10/10 would recommend!

John C.

We ordered a large pho to go but they gave us a pathetic amount of soup and noodles/meat. In other places this would be equivalent of the kids meal. The lady gave us our change and held her hand out expecting a tip, maybe if you gave me what I ordered but no not for this kids meal pho.

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