Saigon City Restaurant

418 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo
(650) 340-8878

Recent Reviews

Savannah L.

I've been coming to this spot for over a decade and it always hits the spot. Our favorites are the imperial rolls with bbq chicken and beef stew with egg noodles. We sometimes mix it up and order the crepe and fresh spring rolls for appetizers and the red bean dessert with jelly. I can't wait to dine in person here again!

David Vibat

First time trying this place and they did not disappoint. I had the #42 vermicelli with bbq pork and spring rolls. Next time will have to try one of their Pho soups!

Sonia S.

My go to PHO spot in San Mateo!!! Pho-nominal flavors ! I rotate between getting the Saigon Style Rice Noodle Pho, Rare steak pho and the Chicken Noodle pho. Small family owned business been coming here over the past 10 years!

Lucy T.

I had a craving for a Vietnamese sandwich, saw this place and went in. I ordered right away then stood there waited 35 minutes for one, yes that's right, ONE Vietnamese sandwich. It wasn't even busy, there were one other customer who came in after me. The older guy who work there was chatting with this customer about a home he bought in San Jose and going on and on and on. I have a feeling my sandwich was sitting there ready the whole time but the old guy was so busy chatting with the other customer, he left me waiting longer than I should have. The sandwich was nothing special to brag about. In fact, it wasn't even cut in half! The only thing they had going for them was the price. Sure it was a couple of dollars cheaper than others but my time is worth more than a few dollars. It wasn't even the cheap price that drew me in here, I simply wanted a Vietnamese sandwich. Customer service is terrible! If you like being ignored and left waiting, by all means...come here!

myinzu wynnei

My favorite! Best restaurant ever for me!

Raymond Y.

They have a nice menu, with quality and quantity food. love their beef rice noodle soup, Saigon city clay pot ruce, and bun rieu crab noodle soup.

Julia M

Love this place, I always get the pho but the garlic noodles are very good too. I am glad we can still get takeout, thank you!!

Nicole R.

Quick weeknight service, even around "prime" dinnertime. We got two orders of rare steak beef noodle soup (pho). Delivered hot via DoorDash; everything was separated so it was easy to assemble and the meat didn't overcook and the toppings (sprouts, cilantro, basil, jalapeno, onion) stayed fresh. I don't eat pho too often (Thai is usually my go-to takeout choice) so am not much of an expert but this was delicious, flavorful, a good filling portion and will definitely order again.

Sami T.

Saigon City has to be my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in San Mateo (maybe even the peninsula). I've been coming here since I was a kid so coming here is really nostalgic for me. They're super quick and the food is delicious so please support them! I normally opt for either the imperial rolls or some kind of soup (rare beef pho or bun bo hue). Today, I had the imperial rolls (appetizer), which comes with vermicelli, pickled carrots and daikon, and HUGE lettuce leaves; wrap everything together in that lettuce and you're good to go. Don't forget the fish sauce (because it's delicious)! Part of me wishes they offered more different cuts of beef with their pho...but their broth is really the star of the dish!

Jade Blue

One of the Peninsula’s best Vietnamese restaurants. Saigon City passes the test for authenticity with their imperial rolls - flaky, crispy, deep fried but not greasy. The selection of other dishes reflect the chef’s passion for fresh, quality ingredients made with tradition in mind. My recommendation: imperial rolls, barbecue pork banh mi, and the pork chop with (broken) rice

Rodrigo E.

Had chicken over rice, girlfriend had beef over vermicelli. Although the wait was very long (15 minute pickup ended up taking 45 minutes) we did not mind as we enjoyed each other's company

Alejandra A.

The bahn mi is pretty good. I wish there was more meat in the sandwiches, but you can't beat the price for the size. Other reviews made the bahn mi seem on the smaller size, but these are long! It's also worth mentioning that the bread is very fluffy and fresh in texture. I prefer the marinated pork over the beef because it has a more savory marinate, but both have good flavor. You can't go wrong with the shrimp spring rolls, they're a great size and again not bad for the price. I would recommend this place to anyone craving a descent bahn mi on a budget!

Mark G.

I've been coming here since 2006. Moved away, then came back, and they are still here. The place is consistent, great, and always ready to provide hot soul filling soup. Absolutely love them as the best Pho in San Mateo area.

Josefina B.

So delicious!! Finally tried this place and I'm obsessed. Imperial rolls are some of the best I've ever tried, love love love the traditional pho!

Ching C.

Since it was raining, I was craving for some soupy comfort food~ Tried their pho and vermicelli pork with spring roll and they were both really good. They separated the soup, noodle and bean sprouts for the pho. Unfortunately the meat was left inside the soup so it was a bit overdone, but I heard from a friend that you can ask them to separate the raw meat, so will definitely do that next time!! The noodle was slightly but undone but it wasnt a big deal because this is what they gotta do for soup noodle during covid, you can always just microwave the noodle to make it softer~ The pho broth was amazing, it was thick as in you can tell that it's been boiled overtime that the soup is just loaded with flavors from all the ingredients. When I first got the vermicelli, I thought the amount of fish sauce wasn't enough but nah, It was perfect! The crunchiness from the spring roll, the sweetness from the pork and a bite of the vermicelli soaked in some fish sauce *chef kiss* craving satisfied!

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