Silver House

2224 S El Camino Real, San Mateo
(650) 571-1298

Recent Reviews

Gregory Collis

The host was rude, the potstickers were under cooked. I will not return.

Hank Y.

Good COVID practices. Set up table at entrance. Great food for take out. Bitter melon with chicken is good.

Justin C.

This is the best Chinese food in the whole Peninsula. Everyone with Cantonese parents that grew up here knows this place.Quick highlights below but basically everything here is great:- Salt & Pepper Eggplant / Spare Ribs- Garlic Spinach- Ying Yang Rice- Shrimp NoodlesI would have my last meal here (preferably inside the restaurant once we have a vaccine for COVID-19). But the takeout is delicious in the meantime.

JeffA21 Smule

Very friendly people and good food. I love the wet chow fan and there pick 4 and pick 4 specials. We always celebrating our birthdays or holidays here. 10 thumbs up

Amy C.

Decided to do take-out from here since both Oceanic House and Silver Lake Seafood are closed on Tuesdays. They are open for take-out only (no delivery). My call was answered promptly and they quoted that the food would be ready in 10 min, which was great. They have lunch specials 11am-3pm on the weekdays, so I ordered the Mongolian beef and lemon chicken lunch specials. Both were ready quickly. Both were pretty tasty, but I think the portion size was 70% rice. They give a LOT of rice. Enough that I could probably split it into 3 servings. I like that the put the sauce for the lemon chicken in a separate container to prevent the chicken from getting messy/soggy. Overall I thought the food was okay. Probably cheaper lunch specials in the area (total for the above two dishes was about $21).

Rene S.

In the San Mateo area, Silver House is our goto Chinese Restaurant. They serve delicious Chinese food and they serve it fast. The waiters are friendly and accommodating. Their lunch specials are priced reasonably and have a wide selection to choose from. Parking is available at the back although street parking is all around. I like their seafood, chow mein, and Peking duck.

James T.

I dont have to elaborate what happened. Server was like "okay ill cancel the order" after eating half of the dish. No apologies whatsoever, took the plate and gave us the check. I understand they were probably trying to minimized what they can say about it to minimized trouble. We did not even eat half of the entire food we ordered. Still paid the full entire meal. This is not to cause any trouble but a WARNING for ANYONE that are planning to eat here. Never again for sure! NOPE!

Gary K.

Their salted fish fried rice was yummy. Make sure you ask for less oil, they sometimes over do it. Tip: mix it with some regular Jasmine rice to get even more out of it!

Steve e.

What are the best Chinese restaurants in San Mateo. I've eaten there a lot and was never disappointed

Lorraine G.

Average Cantonese restaurant. Came here for dinner the night before Chinese New Year so the place was packed. Ordered: - Walnut prawns (good) - Salt and pepper prawns (good) - Clams in black bean sauce (good) - Chicken (half) with ginger, green onion, and red chili (average) - Queen clam (average) - Sea bass on iron platter (awful). The batter on the fish was extremely gooey and inedible. It was disgusting; Don't ever order it.

Stan J

Tasty good fish/seafood dishes, which is all I really get here (been coming for twenty years). Frankly it's best to order out, as this place can get crowded and the service suffers. But overall I have found staff friendly. I only wish I could order online as the person answering the phone does not always seem to have good english (though I will say they've never got my order wrong).

M N.

Reliable. The best? Used to be. Not as gooD as before, and not as consistent, but always reliable and the staff are alwaays great. Been coming here for years and they always greet with a straight faced smile lol

Bobby Wong

Very tasty basic Cantonese dishes. Decent portions. Nothing too fancy, just good ingredients

Felipe Rodriguez

Restaurant has been in the same location for over 40 years, food is amazing, very authentic

Alison W.

I was craving Cantonese food after landing at SFO from a recent trip. So I turned to my trusty yelp app to find this place. There's some parking in the back, I think. It's unmarked spaces near the back entrance. Not sure if these are for employees but we parked here. There's also street parking right in front. And the residential streets adjacent the little strip mall has some parking but it's also pretty busy. It wasn't super busy in the middle of the afternoon but there were some groups in there. And we saw quite a few take out orders also. They speak both Cantonese and Mandarin as well as English. We got some complimentary tea, Anyways I got the house special chow mein with the HK style fried noodles. And the bf got the BBQ pork fried rice. My chow mein dish was great. It totally hit the spot. The noodles partly crunchy and parts had gravy. It was topped with fish, shrimp, chicken, BBQ pork, squid and veggies. The fried rice was fine - average. Costs were a little on the pricey side but I think it's because it's San Mateo. I think the fried noodles are a little more also. But they serve solid Cantonese food.

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