2292 Bridgepointe Pkwy, San Mateo
(650) 357-1533

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Kristen Talley

This location gives that standard, friendly Starbucks service I've come to expect at every chain. The service is fast and friendly, they have yet to make a mistake that they didn't catch themselves on one of my orders, and they maintain adequate stock on all of the staples. The working spaces could use some work, not that many patrons work out of Starbucks since Covid. Overall, this is a dependable Starbucks, which is why I visit 1-2x per week.

Johnathan Nakai

Exactly what your expect going to a Starbucks

Kamesha Taylor

They’re always closed. Never open when it’s supposed be. Might as well shut down

Tanner Santo

Friendliest staffed Starbucks in the area.


Starbucks is Starbucks, what else can you expect.

Simone L.

Friendly staff and amazing drinks every time! I've been going to this Starbucks for years and it's perfect for studying or a quick stop. It's cozy, clean and the staff are always kind and helpful. They even give great recommendations for drinks when you don't know what to get.

Jaimee B.

The customer service is amazing here!!!! Thank you to Fadi for being the best :) You totally made my day. The violet drink was made very well also!

Lisa Del Fante

Starbucks is the best place to relax after a stressful day .

Eldor Togaymurotov

Great service and great people and great coffee as usual

Thomas Bennett

cosy.. good frendly service and fresh too..

Natalia Gómez Torres

I order a Tall late and a grande black coffee! They decided to charge me for a Grande black coffee and a Venti latte?! And when I say that it is wrong they just give me an extra Splenda so my coffee will be like I wanted from the beginning?I feel like this they where dishonest with me and somehow they stole my money and rewards! Instead of canceling the transaction, re-order again, and give me the exact order for what I thought I was paying and using my rewards for!! They thought that just by giving me an extra Splenda my problem will be solved??Terrible customer service I feel rob

Dr. Drea

Great service in the afternoon on the weekends!

Chanel Alexis

Honestly I usually don't care for coffee or Starbucks, but I walked in to this location and ordered a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino and asked if it'd be weird if I got it without the mocha. The girl answered with all of the ingredients inside of it which I really appreciated and decided to leave the mocha in. Upon paying she asked for my name and actually cared about how it was spelled! I dont know why but Im so used to my name being butchered at Starbucks that something like asking me how to properly spell it really made my day. So just for that (&how deliciously my drink was made) I'm writing 5 stars. Kudos for a caring team :)

John B.

So, First of all...I have a love/hate relationship w Starbucks. I loooove their coffee. I hate that I buy it so much and I hate that because of my over indulgence that I'm almost in Bankruptcy court. (Only kidding). All kidding aside, this particular Starbucks store (Bridgepointe in San Mateo) has employees/baristas that are TOTAL ROCK STARS!!! Always...yes I said ALWAYS FRIENDLY, HELPFUL, KIND-HEARTED and SWEET people!! Always!! What amazing souls they are!! This particular place sets a HIGH BAR for all other Starbucks. I appreciate & respect them. I hope they keep spreading the Love...we need so much more of that nowadays!!


This Starbucks is no better or worst than the one on the next corner. That's what some of us crave, count on and expect from a large company. Way to go Starbucks for making me feel all fuzzy inside, I'll see you in 10 minutes.... KDB

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