Vietnamese food and liquor store

517 S B St, San Mateo
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Yahaira M.

This is my favorite spot to visit on a rainy day. The Vietnamese coffee is delicious and is just what I need to get my day going. The spam musubi is also a quick snack on the go. The place is extremely welcoming and absolutely love the older woman that's always there sitting watching TV that treats you with the biggest smile when you walk through the door. This really is the perfect one stop shop:)

Lucy T.

I came here to buy a bag of Dandy's shrimp chips. When I opened the bag of chips and bit into one, it was soft and stale! I looked at the expiration date and it showed July 2020, today is March 2021. So disappointing...

Hotdog W.

I love the aunties here. So welcoming, always offering to cook even off menu items. When I wasn't on a (Covid) diet trying to work off my Rona19, I would get 6 pork buns and a heaping TRAY of spaghetti - then we would be so set and wouldn't need to leave the house for a few days Going to try some less carby options this week and see what else they got. Maybe Central Market Aunties can cook up something Keto friendly...

Emily Smith

Best rice vermicelli noodle dish I've ever had! Plus, great service! Will definitely return :)

Jeffrey P.

If you don't wanted to be treated like family by a family this is not the place for you. Always with a smile and a bit of light conversation it is like buying food from your sisters. Mama who sits at the front does not speak English well but she is so animated you can't help but to love her. I go there almost every other day, on the way home, to treat myself to a few egg rolls. These are not your regular Chinese restaurant egg rolls. Freshly made daily and usually still crisp in the afternoon. They are stuffed full of ingredients, including taro, too. You have to tell them not to give you sauce or you'll get a gang of it. The banh mi is not necessarily traditional but in its own right it is yummy. A large "Vietnamese sandwich" for $6.99 it is a great deal. As I said if you expect a traditional Banh Mi you might find yourself disappointed. If you want a tasty, albeit messy, sandwich then it is a fun take on a families recipe. They have so many pre-made options. There is spaghetti is a huge serving and it is good. I find myself having to toss some away or else I will eat it all and I will be overly full! They have burritos, tofu sandwiches and freshly sandwiches too. Oh, this is all in a small store front that also is more of a liquor store than it is a cafe. Friendly family. Yummy food. I feel like I am family there.

Brij Sehdave

The folks who own the store are nice and friendly, however, the Banh Mi was a different story (didn't taste anything like one). Great corner stone to grab stuff, but the food could be improved.

S Y.

I really wanted to like this place. I've been craving Vietnamese sandwiches. The ladies were nice and pictures of the sandwiches looked ok online. I waited for about 5 minutes while the woman cooked the meat on the grill and prepared my sandwiches. Now the taste of it, it was not for me. It tasted charred, not sure if it was the bread or the meat. Too much meat, and the meat was thick, like cut up pieces of pork chop, and it was healthy and lean, so it was a little dry. The bread was chewy and not crunchy and tasted a bit like sour dough. The pickled veggies might have helped with the dryness and balance out the sandwich but there were not enough veggies, and I couldn't really taste the pickled taste, plus the sandwich didn't have enough sauce. Totally opposite of what I was craving.

Rylan C.

I walked by this place almost everyday (at least pre-covid times) and finally I was so hungry enough that I couldn't all the way to the heart of downtown San Mateo. So I popped in and sat down. While I will admit that I've had better Vietnamese food (I had the vermicelli noodles with pork and imperial rolls) I will have to say that I LOVE the vibe of this place. The shop owners knew every single person who walked in. So generally, this would make me feel like an outsider but they were so quick to make me feel like a part of the family. I would say that a 3-star rating is not a bad rating for me. In fact, I will come back to this place just because I feel like I'm being fed by a couple of Vietnamese moms who want to make sure that I'm full before stepping out of their shop/restaurant. Just note that this place is mostly a convenience store with a food counter and a couple of tables. Don't expect fancy. But do expect hospitality.

seb a

Extremely disappointing and rude. No customer service skills whatsoever. i hope you shutdown by the SM health department for lack of hygiene. Customers should start treating you the way you treat them

seb a

Extremely disappointing and rude. No customer service skills whatsoever. i hope you shutdown by the SM health department for lack of hygiene. Customers should start treating you the way you treat them

David R.

Karen and another woman in the kitchen fixed us two of the most wonderful Bahn Mi chicken sandwiches today, on Christmas Day too‼ Chicken was NOT some ultra processed garbage that you find being served at other shops. This was right off the stove, not salty, and perfectly cooked. All the trimmings were included. We will be back very soon. And the San Mateo Health Department gives this place 96 out of 100 score. Not many restaurants get that high a rating today. Super clean!

Ganzorig Zorigt

Fried rice and chow mein was nice.

Jerry Hood

(Translated by Google) Mamasan always treats me like family love her Ganoongsaaa.

Larry P.

I gave this place three stars out of five. It's good but it's not great it's not authentic Vietnamese food it's more their style on Vietnamese food

Anthony Cordero

She is cool and a little cutie

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Vietnamese food and liquor store

517 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 375-8211