China Express Restaurant

1841 23rd St, San Pablo
(510) 235-4669

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daniel navarro

The lady was really rude, I asked for extra soup that is made for wonton soup she said no, after that I told her I would pay for the extra water all I needed is that because they don’t give enough she kept saying no in a rude way, they are not polite and don’t give a reason why, two old females I will not go again, such a bad treatment, not being able to sell extra water for the wonton soup, incredible!!!

Lui G

Chicken taste like fish. I don't like fish.

Kathryn H.

Not sure if one fraudulent worker or if this is an ongoing issue. I ordered via Grubhub. Grubhub called me due to fraud and stated they cancelled the order because the vendor was trying to charge me more on the order that I had placed. It was apparently so much more that I triggered their fraud alert and I was called even before the order was picked up (driver was still enroute to the restaurant). I had ordered a lot via Grubhub and they done nothing when an order falsely was listed as arrived but never did etc, so for them to have someone call me instantly with fraud has me never willing to order here again!

ANgeleS ObaNdO

Just delicious ?

Eloise R.

Meh it was Chinese food. I came here because my normal Chinese food place was closed and I didn't feel like driving all the way to Oakland for my other favorite Chinese food place. The food was served fresh and hot but it just lacked the flavor body that I was looking for. Maybe it's just me but it was nothing to rave about

Adriana G.

The ownership is not friendly at all and apparently their prices are old, quoting them, "3 years ago." I went and ordered meal "C" that was $45 but when I got there she said $60. I paid for that and my other items. I didn't think twice not to pay, I did pay. I just made a note to myself for next time. When I asked the worker about it she said $45 was the price three years ago and $60 was today's price. I expressed to her how frustrating it could be to come in expecting one price and get another. I suggested that they update their menu prices AFTER she handed me the menu and it STILL said $45. When the owner came I told her the same. Mind you, they had already swiped my card and I had signed. She started to get very confrontational. I stopped her said I wasn't trying to dispute my bill, just giving her a positive suggestion to make their prices current for what they actually are now. She kept interrupting me and raising her voice. I maintained calm and simply asked her to stop and listen to what I was saying. She kept telling me that the board showed current prices but that board is not visible because of their "Covid setup" and the menu they handed me had prices from "3 years ago." She finally listened before I left. The food was good, but the service not so much.

Ivan G.

Been going here for years and absolutely love them... couldn't give them 5 stars just because my Mongolian beef was more veggies that any kind of beef

Sean Wright

I just liked their dishes. I always get first-class customer service there. The place is always clean and the staff members are always kind. Will come visit again.

Fatima Canizalez

The food was amazing Definently coming back for more

Diana T.

Use to love this place 6/3/2020 been coming here for 4 years This is the last time we will be here, we use to love this place. Best chow main around but today I was treated so rudely by the lady up front. We came to pick up our order and pay. Just because I could not understand what you mean by "what you want" after I told you what my order was. I'm sorry that you said you order now and I told you I ordered and you ask again what you want. Maybe you meant how do you want to pay. Almost walked away without food and paying. We will not be back and will be finding another Chinese food place. Thanks for showing kindness.

Adriana P.

Always a busy spot, food its really good. Have been coming here since 2002 and totally recommend. Miss the previous owners, new owners need to be friendly. Wish they can improve having better food containers. They make everything fresh and straight from the stove. So when I get the food and get home the juice is leaking inside the bag because the plastic cracked from the bottom from the food being too hot.

Freddy D.

The new management really ruined this place. They take forever to take your order, they're rude, and the quality of the food has gone drastically. The other thing is their prices aren't the same as the menu so be careful and double check your bill.

Gabriel Tijerino

The front door was locked with a sign stating to use the side door. Upon entering the side door it seemed like an entrance only for employees so I asked the woman in the front whether it was the entrance and she was extremely rude and demonstrated a horrible attitude, we immediately walked out and went to eat elsewhere.

John Daniels

Exceptional and delicious food, I liked the character this place has, and the workers were helpful. Will surely visit here again.

Cedrick Rogers

I just liked their dishes. I always get excellent customer service there. The place is always clean and the staff members are always kind. Will come visit again.

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