Aqua Terra Grill Restaurant - Contra Costa College

2600 Mission Bell Dr, San Pablo
(510) 215-3846

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sirah mitchell

Omg I love this place.Great place to eat and try new thingsStudents are always so nice and friendly!!

Jennifer Lew

Good value and lots of selection for the buffet lunches. Students are very courteous and professional. Open only on select days during parts of the semester.

Jennifer L.

Mr. Jenbert and I make the drive out from the Walnut Creek area from time to time because you simply cannot beat the value for a buffet lunch! A steal at only $12 per person and there is no tax or tip, although the service certainly warrants a tip. The students were pretty professional and courteous; I didn't see a single person on their phones, even the ones whose job it was to stand there manning the decadent desserts. Quality of food was pretty good at the spring themed buffet, as was the selection, too. I would have expected this from a fine dining establishment, not from students. Roast beef, mixiote chicken, chicken biryani, rice primavera, several pastas (one was "starchy" according to Mr. Jenbert, but I had the chicken parmesan pasta that was stellar), several salads, there was more but I'd be writing forever. The students seem to put a lot of time and effort into their creations and it shows! Be warned, this is not open year-round; only select days (Tue-Thur?) for lunch during the school year. The buffet lunches happen only around holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Cinco de mayo) Most of the time the lunches are a la carte or prix fixe, but based on the reviews, looks like you can't go wrong for that either. My parents love this place and eat here several times a year, inviting me, Mr. Jenbert, and his parents if there is a buffet or other special event going on. If you are interested in going and aren't familiar with the campus, send me a PM or compliment and ask me where to park. *Cash or check only, no cards.

Ellen S.

When I visited Contra Costa College to take part in a transfer fair, I heard about the restaurant run by the culinary students. Oh my god! I would have been delighted to have such a delicious meal at a San Francisco restaurant and would have expected to pay three times as much. I ordered an heirloom tomato Napolean, salmon with greens, and a pot de crème for dessert (with whipped cream and a twirly cookie). I also enjoyed fast and professional service, bread and butter, and a lovely setting (wood tables with white tablecloths). The total bill: $13.50. I will make a point of returning to Contra Costa College so I can eat there again, although it was so amazing that I half expect it not to be there when I return, with nobody else remembering this magical place. One thing to know is that they do not accept credit or debit cards. They accept cash and checks.

Camilo A.

There was rumors, people spoke about it to me.. I didn't believe it. There's been a suburban legend for years now, a chef by the name of "milo". Rumor has it he graduated from this culinary program and proceeded to open a restaurant. While he was there, he reeked havoc on the bakers. Slaughtering every catering that came his way. Point is the shrimp with polenta was spectacular.

Ezmi A.

This place looks elegant and fancy. Their food is delicious! They recommend to order more if you have a big appetite but for people who don't eat a lot you will get full or feel like a heavy snack. All food is displayed nicely and prepared by (from what I heard) second semester students/chefs. Will love to be coming every day if they were open on Mondays too.

Laurel Adams Ferns

Amazing food, beautiful ambiance. Its run by the culinary students and their professors, and they are very talented and creative. Check out their special events such as their Gala on April 22, you will not be disappointed.

Vivienne L.

I took 5 others with me to the Grill this week and we were most impressed. I've been to the Loire in France and I would have to say my desert which was a chocolate Mousse came with a chocolate shell that reminded me of the 3 star Michelin reviewed restaurant we dined at there!! The meal was delicious, came at just the right temp. and didnt take long. The service was "a little green" by our main server...but she had lots of help. We were well taken care of. One person had to wait a while to get her dish after everyone else got theres for some reason, but it was worth the wait! Also my one complaint is that they didnt seem to understand what Gluten Free means! This is a big deal folks. I would have thought at a school for servers and chefs they would have known what Gluten Free means. Its also a huge deal when the customer is Gluten Intolerant as it can cause enourmous stomach pain...immediately! And worse! Which I wont go into here... bone up on that, my friends at the grill cause we will be coming back again soon! We were very happy! And the highest price we apid for the Adobo ribs and/orchicken grilled with a lovely fragrant sauce unlike any Ive ever had was a mere $6.50 ! YOU CANT BEAT THAT! The food was just as good as any in the Gourmet Ghetto. for real!

Elizabeth M.

I went there today for their Italian fest and it was awesome, service was a little green as it was their first serving but the food was great and it was very affordable to say the least. So nice to see folks learning about the restaurant biz.

Kevin Mathieu

Tonight's Dias de los Muertos menu is great. Really loved the Chicken Mole and rice dish. Sadly, they have already run out of the Chicken Tamales.

Loraine Manu

As an alumni of the Culinary Arts program at CCC, I'm very happy that this program is still growing and thriving more than ever. The new Aqua Terra Grill is beautiful and of course Chef Nader is the best teacher that the food is still amazing. The only thing I wish is that they were open longer!! But I will definitely come back when I'm in town.

Donna V.

Great food at insanely low prices. Located in the middle of Contra Costa College this is quite an unexpected find. They have moved from their previous location at AA building. Now in the new building of CC.

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Aqua Terra Grill Restaurant - Contra Costa College

2600 Mission Bell Dr, San Pablo, CA 94806
(510) 215-3846