Hometown Donuts

1811 23rd St H, San Pablo
(510) 215-1308

Recent Reviews

Ana Zazueta

Friendly and huge biggest bear claws and reasonable prices they just need to decorate by the entrance and gar age can looks ugly but they are putting their focus on making the best donuts ...that's why I'll turn into one soon lol

Vernon Miller

Lobe the donuts

victor azamar

Service is good and flavorful great

Carlos P, H.

Quick service, good quality.

Taliyah E.

Great service, and tasty donuts! They gave a few free since they were closing and didn't want to waste food. Great quality donuts in San Pablo!

Adam L.

donuts hella soft a fluffy .. you can taste how freshly baked donuts .. an the sandwiches taste so good can't wait till get on tomorrow morning

Tuan P.

These donuts are good and service is great to. Small and pop shop who care about how there product comes out. Best donut shop in Richmond . I always come here when I'm in town. They have the softest raise donuts!

Rachael D.

One of the best donut spots in the area!! I like big, fluffy donuts that aren't too sweet and these are such soft, pillowy donuts that don't give me cavities, lol. One of my besties took me here one AM before a work meeting and all our coworkers loved them! And the lady always tosses in an extra one in there sometimes, not mad at it!

Raul N.

This place is amazing all the employees are very nice and the coffee and doughnuts are great friendly clean place I strongly recommend this place

Anne C.

I will give them 3 stars for renting me to go in since the Papusa place next door was a disappointment and the Jamica drink excessive sugar ooo overdose, but donuts seem fair

Colin Fung

Always get the donuts holes.

Yaritza World

🍩🍩🍩🍩 love it!!!

Jennifer J.

The owners are so friendly and they always gives us extra donuts and thank you for that . I love the bagels with ham and cheese they are so good and the donuts are just perfectly yummy. I have been going their for year and they have never disappointed me so far.

Jonathan Leng

The donuts are awesome. Just the right amount of icing. A1. This deserves a five star.

Collin Guillarte

the Best!!! 10/10

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