Caffe Luxxe

1028 Coast Village Rd Ste. A, Santa Barbara
(310) 394-2222

Recent Reviews


Great coffee ☕️ and lovely decor.

Scott H.

Best coffee in the hood. Taste is really good! Espresso... great put some pep in your step! The lemon ginger scone is way out, FREAKING GREAT! The macchiato is by the book. First Class. Forget the rest this is the best! Chill comfortable place, super sweet coffee team. Nice coffee to go and cool gift ideas. Wake up, sniff the Cafe Luxxe Coffee. Excellent quality, take the high road. Lounge area is sweet. Enjoy. 8~[)*

James P.

Great Coffee. Grouchy employees. Not sure what's up with these people. Such a shame. I'll give it a go again...actually not sure that I will.

Eat'n O.

May I please have an extra shot of abuse in my cappuccino? Super rude customer service...and just poor quality of service. If you are a self-deprecator and like it when others treat you badly, then this is the place for you. The attitude of the workers here is one that seems to say, "Idiot customer, why are you here? You're bothering me" I'm not sure why these people hate their job, or life, so much. Perhaps the bigger question is, why were they hired in the first place?

Julian V.

One of the BEST cappuccinos I have ever tasted in my 28 blessed years of living on this planet. Trevor (I hope I got the name right) greeted me with a radiant smile and made me feel immediately welcome! I will be back!

Steve G.

Have it only "Their Way" I have now been there a few times and will not go back. My experience on Friday was sorta silly as they had one customer in front of me who had so many issues with what she wanted and how here latte should be that neither employee took the time to ask me anything so I left after 10 minutes. I went back today only to be told that I could not have a single shot latte....really...double shots only....well I prefer next door or Jeanines.... Coffee only the way the want to serve it‍

Susan J.

This is a very friendly, clean, and upbeat cafe. The staff is truly engaging, greeting visitors and going out of their way to describe their offerings and quickly fulfill them for you. They have a variety of exotic iced teas and serve great-tasting cappuccinos. The cafe has a long communal table with comfortable chairs. When I visited at 10:30am on a weekday, it wasn't very busy so finding a spot to sip my drink and watch the passersby from Vons across the way was easy. Recommended.

Nick D.

The coffee is good, nothing special as there are better local roasters in SB. What really blew my mind was the fact they charge a dollar for almond milk. As noted in previous reviews, Caffe Luxxe penalizes customers for choosing a more sustainable milk for their coffees. While the owner's response claims that they price their goods due to high cost of almond milk, every other coffee shop in SB somehow manages to not rip off the customer. Is the almond milk imported from Italy or something?

Pete S.

This coffee shop has nice waitstaff and a pleasant environment. But the coffee is not distinguishable from the coffee sold on the shelves of the Vons across the driveway. Also the pricing and serving sizes are silly. These owners are clearly trying to bring the west side LA hustle to SB, looking for the non discriminating tourists and Montecito matrons. And the waitstaff knows it. When my friend ordered her coffee with almond milk and questioned why she was charged $1 extra, the server apologized, and agreed that it was clearly an overcharge required by management. The owners should walk down coast village and visit Renauds and Honor Market where the coffee quality is much higher and the pricing and service precise and excellent.

Wendy S.

Finally, coffee that's tastes GOOD in montecito. Ok, REALLY GOOD. So it's about $1 more than my same drink at Starbucks, but the quality is far superior and VERY worth the extra dollar for my mid morning commute. All of the products they use are superior quality. I'm getting to know the staff, as this is now my regular coffee stop, and they are all super nice.the have gluten free pastries. Cuter little gift items and greeting cards. Really clean, nicely decorated, calm ambiance. An excellent addition to the montecito market place.

Kelsey F.

The gentleman that were working today were so friendly and helpful ! Sold for life on oat milk. This place is across from the entrance of the grocery store. Locate it. Love it.

Natasha Krell

Just to even out the reviews... It has a nice atmosphere for meetings, etc. and the coffee was good.

Aaron Kettl

Amazing cappuccino and ham and cheese croissant

Bab B.

The Baristas seem completely clueless. I ordered an espresso, instead I got a ristretto. The barista seems to just time the pour to 30 seconds without really paying attention to how fast the coffee is being extracted. At 4 dollars, if you order an espresso, you should get an espresso not "whatever comes out". Would not recommend. Edit: Updated the rating to 4 stars because of owner's very helpful response to my feedback. Will give it a second try!

Ali B.

A relaxing location to enjoy artisan coffee, tea and pastries. The staff were friendly and prompt and the shop was bright with a simple clean design. This shop has only been open a month or so, customer are spreading the news because they were pretty busy this morning. You can also purchase bags of coffee, t-shirts, birthday cards and more. Unfortunately I don't think they have Wi-Fi and the chairs make an awful sound when moved across the floor. Outside seating is available.

Gianna L.

Trevor is so sweet! My iced americano was out of this world! I would definitely recommend!! :)

Mary Panzer

This just opened in Montrcito/Santa Barbara. The coffee is always perfect. The baristas know their coffees and can make it to your exacting specifications. And such lively places to sit outside and enjoy the day, and your coffee!

Logan S.

No one brews a bean like Luxxe! Whether it's a rich, robust roast with cream-no-sugar, or a frothy macchiato, these cats will rock your socks. Cannot praise their excellent staff enough!


They got my order wrong and very rude staff😡😡

Camille J.

What an elegant and tasteful atmosphere Cafe Luxxe has brought to the montecito country mart. I adore the hints yellow they use to brighten the space and the incredible amount of natural light doesn't hurt either. Everything is very clean, but it doesn't feel sterile. You walk up to a delicious array of pastries and sandwiches made in store. I will say I wish there was a way for them to warm the pastries. The smiling faces behind the counter inform me on their great alternative milk selection. After asking bailey questions about their coffee and tea selection I ordered an oat milk latte with agave. I'm glad I got over the gorgeous latte art because the drink was phenomenal. I also got a chocolate croissant and, on another day, a sandwich. Both didn't last long enough for they were very tasty. As they don't offer Wifi (places around them do) it encourages collaboration with my colleagues.

Mike M.

This is by far the best coffee shop in town. Service is outstanding, staff is friendly and the coffee is top notch. The new Caffe Luxxe is a wonderful addition to the Montecito area. Will definitely come back again

Jeanna B.

This new spot is super cute and has GREAT coffee!! The service was quick and very friendly. Every coffee is served with a design! Would highly recommend if you're ever in Montecito

Danah W.

Cute Los Angeles based artisan coffee shop making its debut in Montecito. The shop boasts an open concept layout with plenty of seating at wood community table, window seats and bistro tables/chairs outside. Caffe Luxe roasts their own coffee, offering signature blends such as the Montecito Blend, a medium bodied roast with a smooth, dark fruit finish. They serve an array of fresh baked pastries, oatmeal and gourmet chocolate, along with coffee relevant gifts and cards. There are also gluten free pastries from local GF fave, Lilac Patisserie. It's a welcomed addition to the Montecito Country Mart. My cappuccino was hot, rich and delicious. A lovely start to the day!

Lindsay W.

What a nice addition to the Montecito Area. They have wonderful cappuccinos and friendly staff. Sitting outside in the sun on the patio and enjoying a Lilac Blueberry muffin that is gluten free was a bonus. This place is easy to find and there are definitely options for cold and hot days. Can't wait to come again and try another drink. Plus, they have a gorgeous dog mascot!

Rosie O.

New coffee shop in town. Grand opening today. Other location in LA. Not just a coffee, tea, pastry shop though; shop small specialty gifts, lotions, teas, etc. Everyone was welcoming, with a smile and service was fast even with a line for free coffee today. Choose Americano or Cappuccino free today. Nice place to take a break. Winner, service and coffee were great.

Google User

Not ready for prime-time yet. Baristas are not suitably trained and don’t communicate with customers (or each other) well, which results in orders being fulfilled slowly, and often times incorrectly.