Empty Bowl Gourmet Noodle Bar

38 W Victoria St #109, Santa Barbara
(805) 335-2426

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Chris C

We walked to this place for a quick dinner after a long day of business meetings. The food was great and it looked like everybody in the food court wanted to eat there as well.

Jeff A.

This is the first time i've reviewed a restaurant on Yelp Ordered the Hangover Noodle with Beef and ShrimpNoodles were subpar Beef was good I paid $4 to add shrimp and they literally gave me 3 PIECES of shrimp (That's $1.33 per shrimp!!)I paid $25 including tip for an average bowl of noodles and they only added 3 shrimps.Pretty disappointed and won't be coming again. Looks like other reviews were good so maybe i had bad luck


Pretty good Tom Yum bowl from this place, well spiced. I just did not care for all the uncooked vegetables in there too much crunch.

Tracey Logan

My preferred place for delicious Thai food. I will probably become a regular. Prices were reasonable. Food and atmosphere reminds me of Atlanta.

Helen K.

I ordered the Hangover Noodles (similar to drunken noodles) and I was not that impressed. I felt like it lacked flavor and there was an overwhelming basil taste to it (although I will admit that I am more sensitive to basil than the average person). Other than that, it was just average.

Sumi l.

Delicious pad Thai and a fun ambiance. I'll definitely be back many times. Highly recommend. May be easier to order in person as there was a little difficulty in understanding both ways...not a big deal. Very good!!

Stephanie S.

TOM TUM NOODLES AND PAPAYA SALAD. whew! if i lived in Santa Barbara, I would literally eat this meal once a week. This noodle dish is PERFECT. Lemongrass, coconut milk, various mushrooms, silky noodles. Also, if you're hungover, this is a perfect dish - in case anybody was wondering. The papaya salad is HELLA good, so make sure you order that, as well! Shoutout to Empty Bowl for these bomb dishes!

Daniel C.

Holey moley! That was so dang delicioso! I probably mentioned how good the food was a Milly times during the eating procedure - and trust me y'all I am so not the type to do that! Okay maybe I am but just let me have my moment this time okay. If you go here, go to the register and repeat after me: "Hi there! I'd love to have a green papaya salad extra crawnchy with charbroiled vegan tofu and a curry noodle soup please. Thanks for allowing me to be your customer LAWLZ!!!!!"

Lisa S.

OMG, so on my birthday trip back in september.... I was looking up some tasty spots to get my grub on in SB and I happen to come across this lil spot from my fellow yelp elite team & friends! Thank you!!So I bookmarked this place and made sure my gf and I got a chance to check it out when we were in SB. I also saw some Youtube Videos prior to visit. According to my yelp elite friends, they have all advised and wrote about their curry noodles! Man, that was the tastiest broth I've ever had in such a long time! You can taste all the spices and ingredients in the broth itself and it was so good! Now let me get into the crunchy noodles that go inside the broth. WOW, the crunchy is there but the moment they hit that broth, get ready for some tasty curry noodles that compliment the broth! so tasty including the juicy chicken in the soup! DEF a fan and will be returning back for more on my next visit to SB! Keep up that tasty noodz & broth!

Armando Zambrano

I had the Hangover noodles with shrimp, mushrooms, onions, snap green beans, and cherry tomatoes. Simply delicious! Try the pot stickers as well, they will melt in your mouth. Larb lettuce tacos are also good. I will go back.

Linda L.

This place hits the spot for Khao Soi which is a dish originating from Northern Thailand. Due to COVID-19, the establishment is only offering take out. There is outdoor seating with umbrellas if you prefer to eat it there versus bringing it home. It is a communal space as the restaurant is situated in the SB Public Market. Parking is relatively easy to find. Tons of street parking. Service was good. I can not eat spicy food for the life of me and they did their best to accommodate my needs. Wishing them the best of luck during this pandemic!

Kyle F.

Don't do it. No seasoning, no passion, no quality, no flavor. The beef salad was inedible--I think rancid rice was scorched for the rice powder. The dish tasted like kerosene. Pad Thai was devoid of flavor. Duck buns were gristly and gloppy.Lettuce cups totally bland. Really, truly awful food.

Shayna D.

In four words: I FELL IN LOVE! Super delicious salads and noodles! I took my mom and auntie for a road trip to SB and they are both vegan and super picky on the food quality. I was super worried that I can't impress them, but BOY the moment they said "we love it", was my happiest moment of the trip! :)) IF you like spicy go with the hangover! Highly recommend it!

Mahima D.

Love the Thai curry noodle soup here - highly recommend, so rich and creamy! They're doing takeout right now and there's outdoor seating shared with other restaurants in the public market, but it can get a bit busy for dinner on the weekend.

Liana C.

Such a great place to pick-up Chicken Pad Thai! The portions are very big and the flavor was incredible. I will be back for take-out and happy I found my Pad Thai spot I didn't stay inside to eat as there are very few tables around but enough room to social distance!

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