Goat Tree

36 State St, Santa Barbara
(805) 882-0137

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Bee M.

Cozy patisserie in Santa Barbara, big outdoor seating area with great music.We ordered the BLT+E and it's an open faced BLT, the thick slab of pork belly bacon was amazing and perfectly cooked. This was an awesome breakfast. I will comeback for this.I also ordered the Apple Tart and OMG that was soooo good! I love the ambiance and service was great.

Jacqueline R.

This spot was very cute, great service and perfect menu options. The price point was fair as well. The chicken and waffles was delightful, juicy chicken and thin waffle.


Great food, location and atmosphere. We had the New York steak and frites and the hamburger, yummy!! Service was great too. Would definitely eat their again


I ordered a Caesar salad and when I went to eat it later no dressing and called but never received a return call to remedy the situation

Eduardo Trujillo

Phenomenal food! Amazing presentation. Great customer service.HIGHLY recommended. I shall visit again!

Sparkly Spaceship

Such an amazing evening. Calm warm weather on the patio. Canopied by palm trees and amber lights. Food was fresh and drink was delicious. (Specialty strawberry drink). Good distancing between tables. Better than most establishments. Friendly wait staff. The only thing to improve on his retuning to the table within a timely matter. Realized that they were closing and stacking chairs around us... and that's why the delay... Please tell your guests that you are closing so they are aware, that they need to hurry up a little and bring the bill and then start stacking the chairs around them, lol.


The wait: checked ourselves in (2) and were told a 30min wait, I glanced down and saw 7 parties ahead of us. While waiting I noticed waiters sneaking in thier friends unbeknownst to the hostesses. After 50min of waiting and seeing approximately 7 parties seated before us I went to glance at the wait sheet and saw we still had 3 other parties ahead of us. After 50+ minutes wait, we were finally sat.Seating shenanigans 5 stars.Wait service: for the first half of the experience we went back and forth between two waiters, clearly they couldn't decide who's section it was.Double wait service: 8 stars! We got double the attention so the 4 stars is now 8!Food: I ordered the chicken and waffles, and being that I am a connoisseur of this dish I was horrified. I half jokingly asked if I could get a steak knife so I could cut the 1/4inch thick waffle. Also the chicken was tough, not "rubbery piece of tire off the freeway" tough like the waffle, but "I've been chewing this same piece of gum for 30min" tough.My GF (yes I have one, I'm surprised too) ordered the Shakasuka, and this was actually really good.Food/tire rubber: 2.5 stars.

William Cheng

Delicious brunch -- I had the BLT+E, which had perfectly cooked sunnyside up eggs and thick heavenly bacon. My wife had the fruit and chia seed parfait, which was tasty -- almost seemed like something you'd get at a boba tea place. Plenty of patio seating, well-spaced apart. Staff were all very friendly and attentive.

Anastasiya D.

Really great place!! Highly recommended this restaurant!!Nice atmosphere, amazing food, good and fast service! Love it! Avocado toast with smoked salmon is very tasty! One of the best place in Santa Barbara

Oksana P.

Amazing food ! Awesome service! Delicious smoked salmon toast ! I very liked this place!

Liz J.

Marlin, Alex, and Ingrid have been absolutely wonderful!! Best experience in Santa Barbara so far! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Amazing food and ambiance. Such a good vibe. We love the music, drinks and service.

Matthew G.

Great Sunday brunch!! The chicken and waffles were outstanding. Service from the hostess (Hanna) who gave us a great table to the waitress (Sophia) who was quick with our drinks and food to the manager who checked on us several times was top notch! Beautiful spot for brunch. Make sure you visit the next time you are in Santa Barbara.

Omer K.

Chilly/ghastly service, starting with hostess. Pas mal on the food. Ordered the salmon.

Ryan M.

We were very excited for a weekend get away in SY and decided to stop in SB for dinner on the way up. The menu looked great but there were a number of major issues with our visit.-the wine menu is very limited. This is okay but it was a bit surprising given the region. Having something in between a Cab and a Pinot would have been nice-our entrees took close to 45 minutes to come out, and when they did my steak frites was way over cooked (medium well vs medium rare) and my fries were cold. They re made the meal but this took another 20 minutes (vs the 6 minutes they promised)-the whole process of getting the check took another 45 minutes (from the time we asked for the check to when we got our card back...and that was just because we went to the host stand and asked what was taking so long)So all and all, the food was okay but the service was quite poor. The service staff was nice enough but every step in the dinning process was painfully slow. I'm also a bit surprised they didn't offer to comp the entree (or offer a free glass of wine or something) to make up for all the missteps. Once again, not the end of the world but another indication of poor customer service. Bad service is impossible to overcome no matter how good the food may be.

Kaylene R.

On our 7 hour drive up to Santa Cruz, we needed to make a pit stop and decided to grab breakfast, goat tree being the only spot open @ 9:30am we said screw it! For starters the setting was beautiful! So quiet and peaceful, super modern, we sat in a nice shaded area. I'm guessing they allow dogs in the outside seating because we were sitting next to the cutest pup! Setting was definitely a 10/10 Secondly, the food was a bit overpriced, it was delicious don't get me wrong! Super filling! But 16 bucks for a sandwich I can make at home ? the avocado turkey sandwich was a bit messy because how much avocado was in it but it was worth the mess! The BLT was delicious but they PACKED the Mayo forsure ! so make sure to ask for LIGHT mayo! The fries taste like Cajun fries but probably the best ones I've had. So for the food a 9/10 just because the prices. Lastly the service .... Lazy ... And I didn't expect that from the looks of the restaurant. brought our food out quickly. When attempting to have a conversation asking simple questions like how's your morning we didn't get a response. So it was a bit awkward and rude. Only person who gave us DECENT service was the host and we spoke to her for a second. For service 3/10. Overall I would give it a 3.5 ‍

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