JJ’s Diner

413 State St, Santa Barbara
(805) 770-8066

Recent Reviews

Ted Kelley

Food was good healthy and well presented..Service was adequate but no ump.. Whoever orders the coffee is not a coffee drinker , ten years in Santa Barbara and the worst cup of coffee I’ve had.. Will not eat breakfast there again for that reason.. Get it together guys you have a great location

Evan Carey

Great breakfast spot with a bunch of options. The thing that really stood out was the top notch customer service. Best in town!

Brianna Beltran

Juan J is a great server! He was fast and the kitchen crew was amazing! The whole staff here is very friendly. I highly recommend visiting.

Connie Boyer

Lil place on State St. In Towne. Outside seating, great food, (reminds me of home)and lots of it! Reasonable prices. Will definitely come back when in towne.

Matthew Phillips

Oh my God. How would you describe this place? Amazing! Incredible! Friendly! Food was great! Absolutely my blowing day and that was just the perfect way to spend my lunch with JJ's diner I highly highly recommend it to all family friends or by yourself bring your kids to great environment and the entire staff is willing to help everybody in anybody it doesn't have to be just your server The food was absolutely incredible The best food I have I've had since I've been in Santa Barbara.

* dnainsb

Nice little diner with classic menu. Breakfast and burgers served all day.

Polar Zeus

So I believe they have a bar back, a dishwasher, and cook and 1 server, now I understand things opening back up and trying to get workers, well Sergio did a terrible job. Takes about 20 mins to take our order, then just leaves about another 20 mins go by, but no one comes by to ask for refills, order comes and brings half the order and 5 mins later another half comes back he brings the other half and is forgetting the bacon we order, so that takes another 5 mins, and each time he is bolting away, with out even asking if we needed anything else or refills or even water. Seems they are too busy doing all the other tables, maybe my standards are high , but I came down from Palmdale so I can't expect much. Then they charge us for extra bacon as he is arguing with me about it he says he didn't hear that we ordered the bacon egg combo, then proceeds to argue and say he read our order back , no he didn't the second he got to the table he was waiting to bolt away with his tablet.

Omar Gonzalez

Great staff! Breakfast was excellent! Will be a repeating customer!

Adan Chavez

So, walking there I was intrigued by the placement of an "adult" store, not my cup of tea but hey, always nice to know where these stores are. Aside from that, I enjoyed this restaurant, I had the Chile Verde omelet and blueberry pancakes, my wife had the hamburger steak and eggs and it was pretty good, cooked well and good flavor. Prices were fair and the staff was quick. Good place for breakfast and perhaps a good stop on your way to the "adult" store.

Harry F

Very busy Tuesday Morning 10:30, Very good food, Fresh, Just need more waiters for rush time

Andrew Barber

A good simple diner which made for a fine breakfast. Quick service and good food.

Sebastian Heinz

Typical American diner food. Tastes yummy

Cynthia Crewdson

The food was good, fresh and the service was pleasant. Thanks for a filling experience ?


Delicious breakfast outside. Very busy place so understandably service was slow, but cheerful and attentive. Food is very good. Reasonable prices.

Niecy T

It took a while to order our food.service at first was not the best but it was friendly after. Food is good, I ordered the veggie omelette with hash brown. It was good not so greasy or over cooked omelette. Orange juice is fresh and good. Get a bite if you're close by.

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