1198 Coast Village Rd, Santa Barbara
(805) 969-0834

Recent Reviews

Jon C

The location is superb, and the stair entrance is something to admire at night. The drinks (adult) are generally mixed with kombucha, something to consider based on your tastes. The food is good, but lacks quality choices when it comes to entrées. Burgers burritos - options you can get at other less pricier locations. The ambiance in all fairness is what you pay for, the appetizers provide the most choices.

Fearghall Alldrich

Very well organised and accessible spot. They offer big meals and for affordable prices. I liked the menu a lot and the waiters were very amiable and explanatory. Will definitely recommend this spot.

Sherly S.

Wow, wow, wow! We found this restaurant through American Express. We are not vegan, but this restaurant is so good that we would become vegan if it was close to us! One dish on the menu after another was AMAZING! I don't think I've ever seen this many great options listed in one page. The shishito peppers were the best we've ever tasted with the splash of lemon. The pad thai was the most delicious from any Thai food restaurant we've tasted, the brussel sprouts were not bitter and were not oily, the crab cakes were addicting and the ambience and service was fantastic. We were too full to order their flat bread, truffle potatoes, and lentil soup, but I wish I could have tried those because they looked soooo good! 10 stars from me (and my husband!)

Azalea D.

So my sister and I stopped by the other day after we went to the hot springs and WOW! I think this is some of the best vegan food I have ever ate! Super tasty! The Pad Thai is the best I have ever ate. They use pistachios instead of peanuts amazing! The kung pow cauliflower amazing! They used cashews instead of peanuts yummy! You should definitely get the combination together. It will blow your mind! It's that good! We asked our waitress what was the wow factor dishes and she took care of us! I would eat here everyday if I didn't live in Santa Monica. I can't wait to make a trip back to your yummy delicious vegan restaurant!

Christina C.

We went here for Valentine's Day and it was by far the best Vegan restaurant. From the ambiance to the food to the service. Everything was on point! I definitely recommend people people going here, even if you are not vegan.

Amanda H.

Came here with my mom and my pup for a girl's weekend night out. Mom had the lentil bowl which tasted AMAZING and I had the fall flatbread which was equally amazing. She got a cosmo and I got the Billy Billy with regular blanco tequila instead of mezcal, just a personal preference. I didn't taste hers but my drink was so yummy, I had to have two! We also had the Brussels sprouts which were probably the best part of the meal! You've got to try this place! Service was attentive and polite. We were able to sit on the patio with heaters since we had Bonnie. Overall AWESOME experience!

adam krakowski

I wanted to love this place but it was just ... Meh.

Daniel B.

This place is incredible. Service, ambiance, food were all top-notch. Will definitely return.

Diesel H.

Had a great meal last night on the patio! It was a very chilly night, but all the heaters kept us warm to eat outside! There was fOur of us and we all decided to split a bunch of food: Truffle potato's, "crab" cakes, Oliver's salad, pear & "gorgonzola" flatbread, cauliflower, pad Thai, and two desserts. All of the food was awesome. I left overly stuffed by not feeling like garbage because itS all vegan! Delish. Wish we lived closer, but nextt time we visit we will be back!

Micky DeSilva

What a lovely dinner experience. Delicious plant based food in a beautiful setting. See you soon for a girl's night ?

Al L.

I'm not a Vegan but I was dining with some people who are vegans so I grudgingly went. I was shocked at how good every dish we shared was. I'm not going vegan anytime soon but I really recommend this place to Vegans and non Vegans alike

Micasha DeSilva

What a lovely dinner experience. Delicious plant based food in a beautiful setting. See you soon for a girl's night ?

ShantiFocus D.

Amazing flavors! We ate the artichoke crab cakes, jackfruit tacos, mediterranean salad, and potato fingerlings. Everything was delicious and full of amazing flavors! We will be back.

Christine Hannum

Fresh, creative and tasty vegetarian food in an absolutely gorgeous space. I eat here at least once a week, it's my go-to on Coast Village!

Ron K.

Actually this would be a 4 star place at least but I was a little disappointed in the menu options and the prices were really expensive. I came here during lunch so maybe dinner would be a different experience but overall the place was empty and it felt like you were the whole focus of the staff which was nice to get the attention but it felt like you were seated at a country club event waiting for the invited guests to arrive. Menu was all vegan but kind of ordinary. I was really surprised they don't even make their own burger in house as this is suppose to be a high end restaurant. Their Oliver burger is basically a Beyond Meat burger on a pretzel bun with a side of chips. We are talking $24 for such dish and I just didn't think no how gourmet they tried to make it I can't see how that blow away my vegan sensory taste buds that high. Saw they had 3 different salads but 2 of them had sweet stuff in them like dates and apples. I saw they had a Chinese chicken salad with jackfruit that sounded interesting and a Tuna Melt with chickpea Tuna that looked ok so asked the nice waitress which she recommended. She basically turned to the Bahn Mi and said that was her favorite dish so I went with her advice and got that. Again is crazy to spend $20 for such a sandwich but at least it looked like it came with a nice fancy side salad and the filling would be with not only tofu but also some freshly made papaya slaw that at least made it seem more upscale. I was going to get a guest tap beer they had but they ran out so I decided to get one of their cocktails without the alcohol at those were $15 drinks. Nice to sit out on the patio and people watch all the shoppers in fancy smancy Montecito while you wait for your drinks and meal. Got my Green Hornet drink which was probably just the Juice Ranch that is across the street poured into a fancy glass with ice:) Banh Mi came out and it looked really great. It was averaged size sandwich that came on a fresh bun that was not your typical crunchy light bread of Viet spots but more like a more denser french roll. Everything looked very fresh and the side salad looked really fresh too. Taste wise I did like everything. The sandwich was cut in two with toothpicks in the center so definitely more upscale presentation. The salad was very tasty and had some gourmet greens like frisee lettuce, some other micro greens and tomatoes. I made sure to eat slowly to savor every $3 bite my plate:) Overall I thought it was very good and if it was like a bit less money I could say it was definitely a 4-5 star sandwich. Overall I wanted to check this place out as there are not many upscale vegan restaurants out there that are still living and if I did it over again I would definitely come back during dinner time where there are more offerings and hopefully find something that is creative and upscale in taste worthy of the high price tags they have here. Overall a solid place to check out if you know you will be paying a premium and get smaller than average plates of food. I may up my rating after trying it again at Dinner time with hopefully more people to make for a more lively experience.

Diana Sewell

I love the feeling in this restaurant. It's so pleasant to sit outside under the stars! Staff is excellent and the butternut squash risotto was so tasty.

Laura LaPiana

Good fun. Nice atmosphere

larysa Fedosyuk

Great food: delicious and beautiful, that’s what I need! That was the most attractive hummus in my life. Beautiful sunset view, outside heaters make this place very cozy. Also had spinach artichoke flatbread and cauliflower for appetizer. We enjoyed everything. Service was nice and welcoming, gave recommendations and were watching our water, and cleaned table regularly. Loved it.

Mahika Mehta

We went to Oliver’s on a Sunday night for dinner, celebrating our anniversary. The vibe was great and food was delicious! I was looking for an upscale, vegan place for dinner and this was just that! Highly recommend and would certainly go again when we visit.

Lil F.

Took my 4 teenagers here for my birthday. We all agreed it was very good. Love that it's an upscale atmosphere and sophisticated decor. Too many vegan restaurants are "hippy" like, not bad but it's nice to have a fancy dinner place once in a while that is healthy food.

Tu Anh S.

Plant based restaurant. Banh mi was outstanding . Perfect balance of crunchy baguette, spicy jalapeños, basil, cilantro, tofu was well marinated and deliciously seasoned. Papaya slaw with beautiful red cabbage and special sauce that rounded out the perfect banh mi sandwich. Extra fresh salads, tomato soup was rich and decadent, and Oliver's burger was super fancy, dressed up to the nines with smoky coconut bacon, aged cheddar cheese, sweet poblano, on a soft pretzel bun. The Thai fizz drink ( you can get it non-alcoholic like we did) was delicious with the crushed Thai basil and ruby red grapefruit . Everything was absolutely delicious. Even my MIL who asked us if there was any meat at the restaurant was impressed with how delicious all the dishes were. My FIL, an avid cheese lover , didn't feel like he was missing out on with all the plant based cheeses. Sooo gooood! A must visit. #plantbased #glutenfreeoptions

Chrome Grille E.

We tried the pad Thai and arugula flat bed topped off with glass of red wine. Dessert was the apple crumb with ice cream. Yummy. We were going to sit inside but it was crowded and loud. We ended up on the patio which was quiet and beautiful. Heaters kept us warm. Our waitress was a delight.

Raquel Pacheco

Flavors didn't cut it for me. The garlic hummus didn't taste like garlic and the jack fruit "chicken" salad was unremarkable. I've heard others rave about this place, tho, so will try it again

Elizabeth T.

Such a cute spot, which is truly unassuming from the outside. Once you walk-in, the open spacious seating is wonderful and such a pleasant surprise. Seating and initial service was a little slow and sloppy, however our primary server was great. The menu and food, are really, just okay. Having Kung Pao Cauliflower on the same menu as tacos is just odd. Even though it's a vegan restaurant there can still be a theme. I could've made the Kung Pao myself and can not believe it was $15 for that. I'm from San Francisco and am used to over-paying, this just doesn't make sense. The jackfruit tacos were pretty good, well proportioned, and honestly would've paid $15 for those and $8 for cauliflower florets and cashews. The crab cakes were just okay. Maybe we ordered the wrong items? The mocktails aren't mocktails, they are juice blends, there's a difference. The overall air at the entire restaurant is a little snotty, not welcoming. We've eaten at several restaurants on the strip before, multiple times, and at much nicer restaurants than this. So that's disappointing. Since we're both vegan, we'll likely return but hopefully a better option pops-up soon.

Suz C.

Was pretty apprehensive about a vegan restaurant but this place is the real deal. Even my "meataterian" husband enjoyed his food. We will be back!

Nicole Ron

Amazing food but service was lacking.

Richard Seibert

Superb food, great service and delightful ambiance!

Iris M.

My absolute fave place to eat near Santa Barbara. Vegan and hip with great food and service. Cant wait to return

Roland Ascarrunz

Very friendly staff. Good service. Really good vegan menu.

Wayne Simpson

Fabulous menu. Loved it. Highly recommend. Staff very helpful and welcoming.

K. J.

Very underwhelming and not that creative. Most dishes were bland and boring, clearly developed by a nonvegan who doesn't seem to know what vegans eat. We ordered four things. One was inedible and permeated with a flavor of rancid oil. We sent that back. One was decent but the hair made it unappetizing. (Both were taken off our bill). The other two were average. I guess I'm very spoiled living in Los Angeles where we have about every kind of cuisine represented but this place is a disappointment. I like Matthew Kenney, his heart is in the right place, and 20+ restaurants is an empire, but this one needs a major revamp. I understand vegan options may be hard to find in the area but this isn't a great representation of how good vegan food can be.

Harriet E.

Oliver's has a wonderful patio that's very Carmel. It's opulent and upscale and feels like you're hanging out in the woods with Clint Eastwood on his patio. There's no evidence of the former Peabody's burger joint that used to inhabit the space. The menu is all vegan, so I took my vegan friend. We split the artichoke crab cakes, apple salad, and truffle potatoes. We also shared the chocolate dessert offering, and we each had a cocktail. In order, we liked the potatoes, followed by the apple salad and crab cakes last. I'm not vegan, so I really missed the crab! The chocolate dessert was fabulous. The drinks were solid, but nothing to rave about. The drink menu seemed heavy on tequila and I was in a bourbon mood, so I didn't try a special drink. The bill came to $87 without the tip for 3 small plates, a dessert and 2 cocktails. Too expensive for eating there often and I don't see it lasting too long. I'd give the food 3 stars, but the atmosphere is easily what you come here for and this the 4th star. For the best vegan food in town, I'll stick with Mesa Verde, but I'm sure I'll be back to Oliver's for an afternoon on that gorgeous patio again.

Savana R.

The food was to die for and the wine was amazing! The service was less than mediocre, however. We had the risotto and the pear flatbread both of which were phenomenal. It's a little pricey but that's to be expected being it's all vegan and we're in Southern California. I just wish our waiter had been a bit more enthusiastic and refilled our waters without asking. All in all Oliver's is a very good vegan restaurant. I would go back.

Jennifer M.

Vegan restaurant in Montecito. Parking in the street. Nice atmosphere, friendly service. I ordered the "crab" cakes. They were pretty good, small around the size of a scallop. I loved the spicy aioli sauce, that was the best part for me! Pros Clean food Extra flavor Interesting menu Cons Small operations Charge for plain soda water ($4) Pricey Only a few gluten free options

Elektra Cohen

Great atmosphere, delicious food. We will be back!

Asia C.

I got the Vegan Burger with a lettuce substitute. It was excellent- full of flavor, loved my side salad as well. Eventually it started falling apart so I ate the burger with a folk and knife on top of the salad. Would recommend!! Thank you to my waitress Ana. You were great!

linda w.

OMG! My tastebuds were dancing the Charleston the entire meal! We did small plates to sample more variety. Wow! Clean, fresh and complex flavors. We had a flatbread, crab cakes ( vegan) kung pao cauliflower, a zucchini, cashew cheese, heirloom tomato form of a Caprice salad. Amazing dessert. The chef is a genius! Can't wait to eat there again. It is a little bit pricey, but is a vegan treat that anyone can enjoy!

Monica Cong

Delicious organic menu, everything is well executed the artistry of each plate brings a sense of been in tune with the elements!

Jerry C.

This was the best vegan food we ever ate, and their dog friendly. We ordered truffle potato, kung pau cauliflower, Thai noodles, Oliver burger with beyond meat patty which is incredibly delicious.

Ronny Shields

Great atmosphere and bites.