Rusty's Pizza Parlor

111 State St, Santa Barbara
(805) 564-1111

Recent Reviews

eliashsh martinez

Good pizza compare to little Ceasars

Tania Rodas

Following all the proper Covid protocols. Very clean , safe and overall Best Pizza in Santa Barbara. I dont mind the drive from L.A

Adrian Buca, DDS

Good pizza, reasonable prices, and reasonable waiting time. Unfortunately, the dinning inside or outside were not allowed, so we didn't get to experience a true pizza parlor atmosphere.

Mili Rodriguez

Employees were so patient and helpful with us. Pizza was good. And the restaurant has history of Santa Barabara posted all over, it was interesting. I do recommend.

Ethan Boyle

I had about 20 friends and myself go there all at the same time and they were able to seat us and serve us to where we all got food at relatively the same time. The service was courteous and polite while also being quite able.I see they sell glasses of beer, pictures of beer, and I saw wine bottles served as well . The last time I was there the restrooms were open. I was happy about everything about this place.

Martin G.

Terrible customer service. Cauliflower Pizza wasn't cut properly (and it was thin and not impressive) and after being told to wait for 45 minutes to get it delivered, I waited for 1 hr and 15 mins without any notice. Had to call them twice after I made the order. Do yourself a favor and pick somewhere else to eat. Not to mention, the "supervisor" said there was nothing he could do for my inconveniences and hung up mid-call after I called him out on the poor customer service.

Ted Singley

Huge fan but extremely disappointed in delivery service tonight. Ordered, 30min later, delivery driver was in the wrong place and Rusty’s decision was to either pick up from a closed location or trash the pizza instead of delivering to me .5 mile away. Thought I knew you Rusty’s. Just a sad, hungry man.

Vahe K.

I have to say how disappointing I am with my experienced at this Location. I've been in and around the Restaurant business for over 30 years and Clearly the Sanitation and Customer service procedures are Very Subpar! You would think during this Pandemic that there would be some better protocols in place. So I'l make it brief, once you make it to the counter your greeted with attitude. The employees were short with me and Super inpatient. They preferred to sell me a can beer vs just pouring one from the draft as if they were just too Lazy to do so, Due to Covid there obviously is no interior seating and everyone is waiting to get a seat outside. NOT Once did I see anyone that represents the company come out to Clean and Sanitize a Table let alone clear the dirty dishes? The Trash cans were overflowing and once I got a table I knew that Clearly I would have to clean it myself. I proceeded to the counter to ask for a wet towel w/sanitizer and the girl just Gave me a Dry Towel? I personally had to use my Sanitizer Hand Spray to clean the table! The people next to us had to move the previous customers dishes aside while they ate? So to make matters worst I Contacted the company through their website to let them know there is a Serious Lack of performance from this location and they never responded. I will say this, the pizza was pretty good but there's no excuse for this lack of Service to ensure everyone's safety. Management its time to show your presence.

Jeff G

Awesome Pizza and garlic cheese bread! Reasonable price and Delivery was fast also, will definatley hit up again when we are back in town.

Jake J.

This pizza is amazing. If you're reading this review, just order. You won't regret it!

Gabriella F.

The pizza was delicious! They're open late and their pizza is made right there in front of you.

Kara M

A favorite location for delicious Pizza. i had a cousin come into town and asked me to take him back here. this place has a good atmosphere. feels like a cafe in phoenix that i enjoyed visiting.


Still the best. All the skateboarders on the patio are amnoying, but the pizza is great.

Gary Ashburn

DYNO-MITETaste great and good service.

Casey L.

solid pizza joint in SB . there are a few of them and i'm speaking of the one off state st. can't go wrong here for some solid pizza in SB . covid takeout only affect when we were there so we took it back to room . looks like they have some outdoor seating but you have to order inside and take it out there to the tables . definite recommend .

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