Zen Yai Thai Cuisine

425 State St, Santa Barbara
(805) 957-1102

Recent Reviews

Andriod Galaxy

Best TomKha soup but everything else was ok.

Muhammad I.

Nice place. I loved shrimp fried rice and Tum kho. Service was fine requested a heater that was pulled next to me

Lindsay Peterson

I love this place. I’ve been going there for years and I always can’t wait to go back!

Alex Frolikov

Eh, we can do better!The food was nothing to write home about. Both Masaman and Yellow curries were flat. Tased like they needed to be cooked longer. Pretty bland. Meat portions in the dishes were frugal. Beef Masaman curry came out to $20 w/ brown rice, so pricy for a regular Thai dishAtmosphere was just average. Would not come back here. Better Thai places all over

Maria W.

This is my new go-to Thai food restaurant in the SB area!! SO SO SO good; every plate is absolutely delicious. The pad thai was the perfect texture and amount of peanut sauce, the yellow chicken curry (my favorite food) was flavorful and satisfying, the panang curry was hearty and a beautiful creamy orange color, the coconut drink that I ordered with the meal was fresh and delicious, the mango sticky rice was a perfectly sweet finish to the meal... Definitely coming here again soon! I'd say the only thing I wouldn't reorder would be the pineapple fried rice; it was super tasty, but felt more like something I could whip up at home, so I'd put my money towards more yellow chicken curry or mango sticky rice. Plus, the service was pretty quick, they've got a spacious outdoor seating area, and the decorations and paintings are beautiful. Thank you Zen Yai! Can't wait to be back.

Anna M.

Great food, polite and helpful staff, easy parking in a public lot less than half a block away and great food (did I mention great food??)

Tawna R.

Friendly staff, fresh ingredients, charming vibe. I got the pad Thai and loved it, wasn't oily but was full of flavor. My daughter got the gyoza (potstickers) and LOVED them. We will be back!

Katya M.

Got the fried calamari, fried tofu, pad thai, and fried rice. All were pretty good and the fried foods weren't greasy or felt heavy. The service was exemplary -- honestly I'd recommend them just from our experience with the waitress who seemed to be the only one working at the front.

Kenan Sterna

I had a wonderful experience eating here the other evening. They serve delicious, healthy thai food in a beautiful, calm setting. I felt very well after my experience here, and would reccomend it to anyone looking for a calmer restaurant in the busy Santa Barbara night life.

Somya J.

First off, their tom yum soup and Panang curry were top notch! I'm not exaggerating when I say that this tom yum soup is the best I have ever had -- it was fragrantly soothing with the right amount of tang. They also don't hold back on the spice, which I definitely appreciated! Our Panang curry was very spicy, but the spice didn't compromise the pleasantly mellow and creamy taste in any way (and if you don't want your food to be that spicy, you can always ask them to adjust the spice level and they will gladly do so). Other highlights were the Thai curry noodles, the pineapple fried rice, and the pad Thai. Secondly, the service was amazing! We came at a really busy hour, and even then, they were so sweet and gracious throughout. In fact, the waiter and waitress serving us that day actually stopped by our table and had great conversations with us once the chaos died down a little. I loved how personable and friendly they were! Overall, I had a fantastic experience at Zen Yai and will definitely come here again the next time I'm in town.

Soya H.

This is not an authentic Thai restaurant.Nothing special foods except flavor is not greasy. Really disappointed with the Mango sticky rice. The real sticky rice should be soft and glutinous,and the coconut milk is not different from those in market. A white lady's service was nice.

Becca M.

Honestly some of the worst Thai food I've had. Dumplings are potstickers that taste no different than frozen grocery-store-bought potstickers. Pad see yew was oily and noodles stuck together. Flavor was bland. Spicy fried rice was ok, but not worth going back for. Your Place remains my favorite Thai restaurant in SB.

P S.

Excellent food. All dishes were good. Just make sure to ask if the curries you are ordering(if you are ordering more than one) have a different enough flavor profile. Our two curries were quite similar. The eggplant basil + spring rolls were great. The service from the lady and gentleman were absolutely top notch. My mom accidentally left her purse in the restaurant and they came chasing us across the street in order to return it. Was just stopping thru town but will hopefully come back next time we are in Santa Barbara

Andrea W.

I like this place. It's fresh and not too heavy/ greasy and it's really flavorful. My go-to Thai restaurant in town. Their outdoor dining parklet is perfectly adequate despite not being entirely in the car-free footprint of State St. My kiddos love their fried tofu and chicken sate. I like their pad Thai, vegan summer rolls, and egg rolls (the vinegar sauce is addictive). They are fast with takeout if you call ahead. For my eco-nut takeout "packaging police" report: I give them a grade of B-. They don't use plastic clamshells in their takeout food which I really appreciate, they instead use lined paper boxes and place a small piece of foil in the bottom. They ask before providing plastic cups of condiments, they don't include plastic utensils unless requested, if you have multiple items they may be placed in a single use plastic bag. Overall, one of the least wasteful takeout options in town.

Sarah F.

This is an awesome Thai spot on state! The pineapple curry was fantastic and the vegan summer rolls were impressive. I definitely plan to return. Customer service was also 5/5

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