Boba Bistro(ryans bistro and boba house)

18344 Soledad Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita
(661) 367-4340

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Hal Suttle

This place is awesome. It's so unique and cozy, and you can tell they take so much care to decorate the little shop. The food is okay, but the coffee is delicioso!! It smells amazing, and there are comfy chairs, etc to sit on. =D The owner is really nice and they make sure you are taken care of.

A J.

Their Halo Halo is the best I've tried here in the U.S.!! Support this business! Customer service is soooo friendly!! Thank you Velexia for your kindness!

Kimari Carter

Very friendly, great service! Great Thai bubble tea! & they Let me use the restroom!!!!

Joan Hammond

The price is incredibly reasonable. The Boba Bistro(ryans bistro and boba house) tastes amazing. Although the wait might be long at times, it's because of the great effort they put into making each cone. Definitely worth coming back.

Kaila Crawford

The Thai iced boba tea here was not very good. The boba was too soft, not the right texture of boba. The tea itself want very good either. Not very flavorful or sweet. Not at all worth it.

Michelle L.

I personally wouldn't come here for their boba. I thought it was pretty mediocre, BUT their Halo Halo is TOP NOTCH!! For $6.50, you can get a huge bowl of Halo Halo with ALL the toppings! I did kind of wish they had a smaller size because I initially got this as an add-on to my lunch. This ended up just being my whole lunch. Regardless, highly recommend it! It's fresh and super flavorful. The ube ice cream is really good and not too icy. The rest of the ingredients are all fresh and perfect compliments to each other. Highly recommend!

Ruth Say

Tasty halo halo and big serving! Love the ube ice cream on top!

Jeison Silver

Solid! Dbest yung Halfn Taro Half Nutella <3

Susan Beltran

Prompt service; friendly staff; Filipino dessert/snack halo-halo is great!

Jerome Hernandez

They have a great menu. The halo-halo is really good! I do wish that they paid close attention to inventory.

Minerva B.

We get our halo-halo, bob a and taco from Boba Bistro. They are all pretty good especially now that the weather is really hot. Prices are reasonable.

Michael A.

Wow! This is like an 8oz. Poke serving but for desserts!If you want a halo-halo, this is the best place to get it. I haven't had a halo-halo of this size and quality as long as I have lived on this planet. The pricing is great for what you get as well. The bowls are huge! Service was great, the woman inside was fast and was very nice, even though she had a mask on. WiFi is included and although the bathroom was available, it was for employees because of the coronavirus. Parking is big. Unfortunately for me it was a 22 minute drive from my house to get here. It is located in canyon country in the Santa Clarita valley. Just be careful not to get shot. The menu included Taho pudding which is also served in a massive container. Go ahead and come on by and give it a shot, you won't be disappointed. I highly recommend this place as this is my favorite Filipino dessert place ever!

Melanie B.

First time coming to this place. This location is pretty hidden, so if it's your first time visiting please note it shares a space with a restaurant.I ordered a brown sugar milk icee with custard and boba.The brown sugar milk icee drink and the custard were great. The actual boba was not so much. Maybe it was just this batch, but the bubble tea pearls were tasteless and had a rough texture. I'd come back for another drink or possibly try their halo halo.

Christian O.

All employees are wearing face coverings. Super clean Great delicious fast Boba. My favorite Taro...

Cariann L.

Best halo-halo I've had so far since I moved here in LA. Big serving. The price is reasonable. The bobas are woth the try too.

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Boba Bistro(ryans bistro and boba house)

18344 Soledad Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91387
(661) 367-4340