27568 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita


Reviews for Boba Master

I would highly suggest avoiding this place. Not for its boba, but rather for its practices. From employee stand point, you should not be supporting a company that denies their employees their rights to overtime, lunch breaks, or any time off. In fact they negatively impact your work life for attempting to enforce their rights. From a customer standpoint you should be wary of their sanitary standards. Your boba may have fallen on the floor before it was served to you or full review

This piece of fucking shit boba place pretty much invented AIDS. This disgusting, horrible, OSHAA ridden fuckhole of a place is ran by the worst goddamn management a company with that little capacity could store. There are few and select good employees. The pina colada is aight tho. Fuck this place.

Walked in, got the usual teen minded employee working behind the counter. Stood mindlessly in the front since i got no greeting and their body language showed it. Shouldn't have, but ordered a milk tea. Nothing special at all, light flavored tea. Wont be back

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