Cigar Clientelle

23140 Valencia Blvd, Santa Clarita
(661) 505-7252

Recent Reviews

Jesse Mena

I visited about 3 weeks ago and didn't have a very pleasant visit. I gave 3 stars because they have a pretty large humidor and a nice looking shop. I went in with my 2 other brothers. The first thing was they were out of a lot of cigars so the selecting was a bit limited but that happens so I didn't think much of it. The part that got me was the hovering by the tobacconist. The I'm pretending to do work by glancing at boxes that happen to be right next to us almost the whole time. When we walked in he was behind the counter. Now all of a sudden he has all this work to do in the humidor. We were out just running errands and wasn't in our Sunday clothes. So maybe he thought we were gonna steal something. The next thing I asked him for was a box of opus x any kind. He said he didn't have any. As I kept looking I found a full box of lost city if I remember correctly. At this point I wasn't going to give him any money. I'm just getting into the hobby and spending a bunch of money on all kinds of cigars. So when I found this 5 star lounge that was fairly close I was pretty excited. I won't go to a shop that I feel like they profile customers. Maybe if I was in a polo and khakis I might have been treated better. So I'm going to stick to a lounge farther away that treated me with the upmost respect even when I was dressed down.

Brad W.

One of the best places in town to relax, work, or connect with good people. I love this place!

Mike C.

Super cool place to chill and have a smoke. Great selection from al the major manufactures Liga Privada, Drew Estates, Tatuaje, Illusione, and probably the largest selection of Opus X I have ever seen. Super cool staff and very knowledgeable. This is my home away from home and the finest lounge in the SCV.

R B.

I love this spot! Great selection of cigars, at all price ranges, in a perfectly maintained walk in humidor. They also have a lounge with comfortable chairs and lounger style chairs. Real hard wood tables to read or study. Three flat screen televisions played at respectable volumes. And even a private meeting room that can be reserved for meetings, gatherings, etc. The staff is exceptional, especially Brian. He's always available to offer a recommendation and extremely knowledgeable. He knows how to make newbies, like myself, feel comfortable and confident with my selection. This is a real cigar retailer, not a vape store masquerading as a cigar store. Best cigar store/lounge around.

Nathan M.

ONLY cigar shop/lounge worth going to in all of the Valencia/ Santa Clarita area great selection, the humidor is kept up perfectly. The owner and staff are kind and welcoming. Comfortable smoking area with TVs not too loud I live in Palmdale and it's always worth the trip there. Wish I could give it 6 stars!

Armando Sandoval

Great company with great friends!

Mike Carrasco

Perfect place to chill and have a great cigar. Staff is awesome and very knowledgeable. Just let them know your palate and they have a cigar for you. Great selection such as drew estate, illusione, tatuaje, Fuente, Espinosa and much more. Open late and very relaxing vibe. Best lounge in scv.

Samuel S.

Stopped by the cigar clientele lounge after work the other day, and was Very pleased with their selection of cigars, their comfortable chairs and their great (joe) hospitality. I would highly recommend this place if you like to sit relax, and have a good time.

Greg Kaplan

It's my home away from home. Great friends. Javier and the crew are awesome!

Jim A.

This is one of the best lounges I have ever been in. You are treated so well. They have the best selection of cigars in the the county . Javier and his staff always go out of their way to make you feel like it is your second home. He also sponsors fantastic events. Had a great time!

Shea Gipti

This place has an amazing atmosphere and great members. Very knowledgeable staff and great customer service !

NoNeck H.

My lounge of choice. Great service and cool atmosphere. Thursday is taco night and brings out a great group of guys to enjoy a stick with. Come check it out.

John B.

I attended tonight's cigar tasting event and I have to say.. well organized with a very casual, welcoming atmosphere! Impressive closing remarks regarding political affiliations, religion, military service, and public service. Thank you Javier and John for your community support and for putting on this outstanding event. I look forward to many more.

Glenn Pawlik

Great atmosphere and knowledgeable staff.

Emil B.

Absolutely this best. Love everything about this beautiful place, and it's always a pleasure to have Brian share some of his expertise.

Nestor G.

Out of the few cigar lounges I've visited this is my favorite place to go. I was afraid at first to go in to a cigar lounge because I had little experience smoking. The staff welcomed me and walked me through trying new cigars every time I came in until I found cigars I really enjoyed. Don't let the small retail footprint fool you because the whole store looks like it's just a humidor (with a plethora of choices). Behind a normal looking door, it opens into a spacious lounge with comfortable chairs, and desk to work. Everyone who goes on a regular basis is very welcoming. I also enjoy the quiet atmosphere that lets you unwind after being out in a busy world.

Matthew R.

An Upscale lounge with an inviting atmosphere. A business Casual setting that has something to offer everyone. Work stations and a meeting room are available for professionals. And a comfortable seating area for those looking to be social, listen to music, watch sports, read a book, or just wind down. The shop offers quality accessories with a nice humidor full of great cigars.

Armando Boiles

Good prices, good selection, great attentive service. Lounge is very comfortable. All around best place to smoke, other than home.

Brian McCoy

Great cigars, great conversations. Thank you Joe for such a welcoming experience.

Brian Jackson

It's an amazing shop with great guys, make you seem like you are home w friends over.

Darwin Cook

Great people, great atmosphere, nice humidor and great staff and owner!! A must visit!!

Gary S.

Genuinely gracious management, fun crowd in back, comfortable and clean. The back room is big, well laid out, and welcoming. Well stocked humidor. Really love this place.

Isaac Guadalupe

Always a good time. A great selection of cigars. Clean and friendly environment. The staff is super knowledgeable and always recommend a good smoke

Deanna Harkink

Very knowledgeable staff and a warm, quaint environment

Danny G.

Great staff. Great service. Real knowledgeable when it comes to cigars. Don't just try to sell you on the higher end cigars.nice selection wether you a beginner or a cigar aficionado!!!

Wyatt S.

Hands down the best selection of cigars, always fresh, and the nicest lounge in SCV. The Atmosphere in this place is amazing. The air ventilation system is state of the art. Javier has done an amazing job with this place. No one else has created anything in Santa Clarita like Javier has done. It is designed for the Business man and the Blue Collar man; from having a meeting room to several big screens of your favorite sports. Also, every Thursday is an event night with the Taco Lady. Therefore, come and enjoy; Tacos, a fine cigar and the Dodger Game. Also, the great thing about going here is the owner Javier. He makes everyone feel welcomed and part of the family. Everyone that goes there treats you like part of the team as well. If you go somewhere else, you are going to be dissapointed; guaranteed!

Tony T.

One of the best cigar lounges in Santa Clarita relaxing big screen TVs great humidor nice selection of cigars friendly owners and staff and The clientele very friendly

Sargon Hamamjy

Excellent lounge! Great selection and even better staff. Everyone that works there is very knowledgeable and extremely friendly and helpful. The lounge is beautiful and the atmosphere is amazing.

Josh Buck

Best cigar lounge I've been to and extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Gregory N.

Great cigar Inventory and knowledgeable staff. The lounge was a a great place to relax and watch the game or take care of some "work". Great prices for membership locker and membership only cigar selection and discounts too. A great gem in the Santa Clarita valley.

Mike DeVille

The best cigar lounge in Santa Clarita. Beautiful decor and plenty of seating. The best Fuente collection I’ve seen. This place has 4 work tables and a conference room for business. Quality people to enjoy a smoke is a bonus. Everyone will feel welcomed. Javier is one of the best Cigar aficionado in Los Angeles County. Ask a question and get a real answer!

Paul C.

What a find! Great humidor, loads of selections, helpful staff and a huge cigar lounge. Very comfortable environment.

Bob B.

I have purchased my cigars online, but have switched my ways. The people at Cigar Clientelle know their products and have a great selection and at comparable prices to the online retailed. Joe, Brian, Javier and John all are fantastic people go see them sometime. And best of all there the cigar lounge is fantastic with a great group of people that frequent the establishment. Comfortable chairs, big screen TV's phone, rechargers and facilities where you can conduct business in a friendly atmosphere while enjoying one of your favorite cigars. Can't see the Dodger game at home, they feature Dodger games also. Hope to see you there sometime. Bob B.

Max Bautista

This place was immaculate along with having a nice selection of cigars. The lounge was very comfortable to relax in with a stog in hand. The staff was friendly and very personable to engage in conversation. I highly recommend this cigar lounge for anyone who enjoys a great smoke and a great lounge to enjoy it in!!!

Derek K.

Great service. The owner spent lots of time with us walking through everything and was very knowledgeable. Thanks! Looking forward to our next visit.

Michael D.

This is one of the better cigar lounges. It's big, it's clean and they have a very nice humidor with great brands. in there. The lounge is big and they do have work stations with power outlets so you could bring a laptop or tablet and get stuff done while enjoying a stogie. The owner and employees are very nice and so are the patrons. I felt very comfortable sparking up a conversation with people here. I'm happy that there is another cigar lounge in the SCV.

Jose G.

Been here about a week great service great sticks reasonable price friendly staff will recommend to all my friends

D D.

This cigar lounge is a great place to both buy premium cigars and relax! Right now if you buy a stick here you can use the lounge to enjoy your selection. The owner (Javier) is one of the most pleasant gentlemen to deal with never trying to oversell you on anything. The guys who frequent this place are friendly and welcoming. I find this place to be unpretentious and very relaxing!

Lucky S.

I think this place is going to do really well. It's owned by the same people that own Valencia Cigars and Newsstand in the same center, but the goal is to make this new location a cigar shop/social club for members, with lockers, a lounge and conference area that can be rented out. In addition to their huge humidor with a great selection of cigars to purchase, they also sell cigar accessories. The lounge is through the store, behind a huge wooden door. It has tables to work on, leather chairs and monitors everywhere. The center tables have cutters and lighters available along with nice ashtrays. I came for the grand opening and the place was very busy and quite a few lockers have already been rented out (meaning they already have members). The employees are very nice and helpful too.

Dean P.

Brand new Cigar lounge in town. This place is owned by the same guy who owns Valencia Cigars and Newsstand a couple doors down. The place is doing a soft opening for now and the Grand opening is on November 30th. The place is pretty damn cool. Huge humidor with everything you need, gadgets to buy in the front and best of all is the lounge. The lounge is through a nice wood door and it's huge. It has tables to work on, leather chairs and monitors everywhere. The center tables have cutters and lighters available along with nice ashtrays. There are lockers available to rent for your prized cigars. There is a separate conference room available to rent for meetings as you enjoy cigars. The staff is very knowledgeable and the place looks great inside. I was very impressed and look forward to stopping in for the Grand opening.