1636 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz
(831) 425-8550

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Obi Singh

Not the best bagel to chew on, plus the place was dirty or unhygienic to eat at

Emily Boland

The one downtown is better but they're food is always yummy ?

Tyler Burke

Wait in a long line, get asked if I want to add a tip to my credit card, wait forever for my order. Stop asking for tips for counter service, just pay your employees.

Jake Bonney

Best bagels around by far!! A Santa Cruz staple!!

Juliana N

The best bagel shop. A true Santa Cruz staple!

Azula Blue H.

Come here every week, never fails, I'm a huge fan of their tomato herb spread! Chai is also really good!

David Wolins

Cool bagel shop. Standard and unusual varieties of bagels and bagel sandwiches. Pesto bagel was a pleasant surprise. Seeded bagels were exceptional.No hole, firm exterior and chewy interior.When I'm in Santa Cruz I'll be back.

Karla C.

Bagels were so thick and hard. It honestly felt like I was chewing into cardboard. I got the pesto bagel w plain cream cheese, and my brother got an everything bagel w plain cream cheese. I thought I got a bad batch, but his was also carboardy. Wouldn't recommend. Other items on the menu might be good, but not the bagels

Jason Green

If you want and unjustified, over-inflated heaping dose of fear and paranoia to go with your bagel, this might be the place for you! Every other single business in town has recognized that there’s no more masks required NATIONWIDE, public restrooms are allowed, as is indoor seating. But for some reason, the Bagelry can’t seem to get the memo on this. Customers are not allowed to sit down or use the restroom. When I asked when they were going to allow inside seating again? Three terrified employees replied in unison “never!” ?REALLY? How is it that every single other business in town has reopened indoor seating, opened their restrooms… and yet it’s just “too risky” here? I asked why this was, and the mask-free employee said lines go out the door, and people are not wearing masks… ? #irony You mean like 95% of everyone now? Yeah…This is my favorite restaurant in town and I’ve been coming here 30 years. And I’m sad to say, correction: I’m very sad to say! I will never be back until these policies change. Yes, these last 2 years were hard on everyone. But NO, we don’t have to keep living in fear. I never ever thought that I would see the Bagelry in Santa Cruz of all places behaving in this manner.NOTE TO BAGELRY OWNER: please stop being afraid. It’s ok to take the masks off now and resume business the same way you’ve done for nearly 50 years. If all the other businesses in town can do it, I’m sure you can too. Viruses have existed forever, and will continue to exist. Not allowing paying customers to sit down in your restaurant or use your restroom isn’t gonna keep anyone safer, it’s just going to make people angry and drive away business.

Tanya Sorin

House of Bagels is superior. The Bagelry on the other hand is outrageously overpriced and basically a scam. I typically get a Lox sandwich at my local bagelry called House Of Bagels where a Lox sandwich is $7 bagel that comes with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, capers, and lettuce, and is a hunk of a bagel sandwich . Today I the same order but at the bagelry- it was $13 and about half the size of the House of Bagels Lox Sandwich . Moreover, it had noticeably less capers, lox and tomatoes and didn’t even come with cucumbers or lettuce. I had to pay extra for capers and tomato. ???There is no doubt that at the Bagelry the staff are good and hardworking people, although they rarely show enthusiasm for working their job (specifically calling out the cashier) however in my humble opinion it’s just not the best bang for your buck. Will post comparison photos soon.

Monica Y.

Delicious bagels! They have gluten free and vegan options. My daughter had allergy friendly option with gluten free bagel tofu cream cheese and sun dried tomato which was delicious. I have eg sandwich with turkey,green chilli and cheese. Absolutely delicious as well. Service was quick with beautiful garden patio outside to enjoy the food. Highly recommend!

Christopher S.

Bagels! I go the Bagelry off seabright and in Soquel, they are consistent in both. I think parking here is a little better, but overall experience and food is the same. I would choose extra cream cheese every time if I could but I don't think my heart would last very long..

Alana H.

Thank the bagel gods! My boyfriend and I come here religiously and it can't be beat. He always gets the everything bagel with "hum and eggs" (half egg salad and half hummus) and I mix it up but I love a poppyseed bagel. The chai is delicious and made in house I believe. The employees are friendly and helpful and have my order memorized which is so thoughtful. I love that they recently started accepting credit card tips too (I'm the worst at remembering cash).

S M.

Something here for everyone! Delicious bagels and plenty of toppings and spreads to choose from. For vegan options, tofutti and hummus are my favorite. My omni husband likes their Pink Flamingo, which has salmon blended into the cream cheese and topped with green onions. Day old bagels are a great deal (half off), and you can get extra spreads to go. This is a favorite breakfast treat for us!

Benjamin Waxler

Best place to get bagels in Santa Cruz.

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