Beckmann's Old World Bakery

1053 17th Ave, Santa Cruz
(831) 423-9242

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Anastasia D.

Best PUMPKIN pie EVER!!!
I usually make my own but tried something different
SO glad I did  I will never make it again!

Q. T.

We were at the Pleasanton Farmer's Market (we haven't been here in years) and passed by the bakery's booth on our way back to the car. We knew Thanksgiving was around the corner so we ordered purchased a small pumpkin pie. We were also handed a flyer to advance purchase some pies if we should be interested. Of course one night we were snacky and we busted open the pie and nuked it in the microwave (yes we know it tastes better heated from the oven, but we were snacky and wanted to eat it ASAP). Oh my pie goodness! It was delicious! We're not pumpkin pie type of people and we don't do the whole PSL that several folks do every year, but boy, this pie was just so good! We knew right then and there that we had to try the strawberry rhubarb next. We placed an order online for pick up at today's Farmer's Market and took it to a backyard socially distanced gathering. The pie was reheated in the oven and it did not disappoint. What to have next? Boysenberry perhaps? Rum laced pecan? We're bot sure yet, but we can't wait to try others. The crust was so yummy and flaky and the pie stuffing itself was oh to die for! Thank you for the yum yum in our tum tum!!!

Jaymes Peddie

*this this is purely a cookie cookie review review* i did not visit the location, Only the farmers market. I didn't try the bread only the cookies.I'm a huge cookie guy. I've been looking for a good soft cookie in my area and the farmers market was here. So I thought I would give it a shot. Amazing young lady in a UC Davis shirt. I asked for whatever was the softest cookie. She recommended the peanut chcocolate dipped cookies. Two flavors Im very fond of. I got them. 7$ for 7 cookies. Fair price for bakery quality cookies. The issue is, these are the most bitter peanut butter chocolate dipped cookies I've ever had. Maybe the dipped chocolate is a dark chocolate. But that's also not listed anywhere on the packaging. Even the peanut butter only side of the cookies were not Sweet. They were soft. If you like bitter things like black coffee, or good and plenty candy. You will probably like the cookies. If you don't, I would steer clear.

Jill B.

The rum laced pecan pie is honestly the best pecan pie I have ever had. Definitely recommend!

Michelle M.

We look forward to buying our pastries (along with our fruits and vegies) every week at the Farmer's Market in San Jose Sunday mornings. We have done it every Sunday for YEARS (stopped only by Covid). While I know Covid has made things tough, for the past 2 weeks the prices have been raised and the quality has gone VERY DOWNHILL! I returned last week to find the scones were HARD AS ROCKS. This week I bought the chocolate croissants and cinammon rolls. They were rubbery and my young son explained, "These are gross and stale! Why can't they go back to the way they used to be?!" Won't be buying pastries from this company anymore. Suggest you support other companies who are working hard(er) to keep their customers!

Mercedes Gray

the german artisan bread is everything ♡ since I'm from Germany, this is absolutely perfect! I'm always looking forward to buy it on our Farmers Market in Brentwood ♡

Erich L.

This is one of the best bakeries for bread in the Bay Area to the central coast. They bake with more natural ingredients and less preservatives than most bakeries. I really like the sour dough and the German farm bread. I know a lot of people from Europe who like the German farm bread as the closest thing they can get here. They are at many farmers markets and sold in grocery stores throughout the Bay Area.

Elaine D.

I love pie! Ever since I first tasted the glorious Oregon blackberry over a decade ago while in Washington State, I've had Marionberry mania --- pie, ice cream, jam, in whatever form. You won't find Marionberry anything beyond the Pacific Northwest, so when I found a Beckmann's pie, I had to have it. While strawberries costarred with the divine berry, it was enough to satisfy my craving. This local Northern California artisan bakery dedicates itself to baking with natural ingredients and created a taste sensation hugged by a flakey, buttery crust. I haven't tried Beckmann's breads, but can only assume they're quality as well. Next time.

Sierra N.

your delivery driver that was on the 71 at 11:35 today just almost ran me off the road by not looking before he made a lane change . we honked and he couldn't even hear it . please look into this

Jessica G.

I'm not a pie fanatic... I typically even pass on "pies" when I see them on dessert tables. But this Rum-laced Pecan pie is the best I've had! My husband bought it for Christmas after falling in love from trying a sample at his job. Follow the instructions, if frozen, keep it frozen until you bake it. I have some left over, there's no instructions on how to save it but our friends bought the same pie and they froze the pie again, and baked it once they wanted to eat it again and apparently it tasted even better. Who knows? I'll give that a try. Storing left over instructions would be a nice addition to their label. Otherwise, this pie is honestly delicious, and this is coming from a non-pie-lover. :)

Mike K.

Stopped in to Nob Hill to grab some last minute items for Thanksgiving and made a last minute decision to just buy a pie for thanksgiving instead of making one from scratch. We grabbed the rum laced pecan, and I have to say that is probably THE single best pecan pie I have ever had! If you love pecan pie, you have to get one! If you don't love pecan pie (like me), you will soon be a convert! The crust is perfect and the pecan filling is heavenly!

Laura Perry

Slice of heaven! Came here before a flight and went through the line THREE TIMES to bring back deliciousness. When I am craving a scone, I'll have to catch a flight back to CA.

Jessie G.

Berkeley native who ran away to Las Vegas. This is a Bay Area Only brand. Went online to order stuffing mix. Website wouldn't work. CRISIS! Beckmann's stuffing is a must. Don't be discouraged. Call the bakery and they will take care of you. Whoever was answering the phone around 2 p.m. on Monday, 11/11: thanks so much. 5 stars, in advance, for A+ service.

Marie Roberts

Best place to fulfill your donut cravings late night! Always fresh and ready but the place can get crowded after the clubs nearby close.

Robin Ortega

Asiago sourdough bread is awesome.

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