Dunlap's Donuts

3791 Portola Dr, Santa Cruz
(831) 475-6447

Recent Reviews

El Ver

Old school donut shop with quality donuts that are enormous.

thaddeus m.

One of my guilty pleasures. As with most donut shops the selection is best when you come early in the morning. They usually have all the classics and a number of special donuts such as peanut butter cup, Oreo etc. The only knock I have is that the selection sometimes seems to be lacking unless you come exactly at the perfect time. If you're too early then they haven't put the special ones out yet, if you're too late they're all gone. Other than that the staff is always friendly and polite. My experience has always been swell.

Calin B.

Bomb dot com! This place is great!! Get the breakfast sandwich, you won't regret it! Great for a post surfing breakfast before heading to work.

Nicholas Kalscheuer

Best donuts in town. Amazing cronuts and they got good specialty donuts. I like their cookies n cream or their smores donut.

Katelyn Patrick

A preferred evening place. Quick, helpful, and friendly service. Bring your appetite because portions are large.

Domenic Sciarra

Amazing! What better way to start off the day!!!!

Ashley J.

Obsessed with the cronuts! The team is so sweet and friendly. If you call ahead they can hold your order aside so it's ready for you after you go for a hike! Or you can do what we did and take your treats to eat by the ocean

Cathy Allec

Best donuts ever!

Helene Katzakian

Amazing donuts!! The people there were so nice and super helpful! We got there as soon as it opened because we wanted to get their specialty donuts before they were all gone, but they were making them fresh, so they reserved some for us and we came back to pick them up! I would highly recommend going here and definitely try their cronut holes!!

John Lewis

This place has awesome donuts, it actually seems like they care about the quality of their product. It's pretty great.

Dale Whyte

Love the cronuts

Marcos R.

Some of the best donuts around Santa Cruz. I came here twice and both times the donuts were soft, fluffy, and addicting leaving you wanting another. And I did have another I always order two because you just have to do it. You have to get there early before all the good ones are gone. The locals know when to come so they are the ones you have to beat. The creme brûlée was good outside but inside lacked custard. There was like a shot with inside on one end of the donut I wish it was in the center and filled up more. You can't enter without a mask here and the staff was friendly and helpful.

Hayley B.

Best donuts in Santa Cruz because they're the only specialty donut shop I know of in the area. They have the specialty donuts on weekends only

John C.

By far One of the best donuts I've ever had in my life the maple bar was amazing! Luckily we found this place while on vacation And lucky for me there is no place around me that compares or I would be in trouble LOL

Ari F.

Great donuts but the lady put my glazed on top of my chocolate donuts and effectively ruined the glazed donuts for my friend who doesn't like chocolate. Normally one of my favorite places but that was especially disappointing. Little things like that make the difference between a good shop and a bad one.

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