L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

460 7th Ave, Santa Cruz
(831) 475-8898

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Davisu Echo

The amount of salmon I got in my dish was wonderful great amount for the price ? always delicious here! Combo plate is also very good and super popular! Also the sea food combo is also excellent as well! Definitely try it out if you haven't yet they got lots of options even hamburgers!

K Lew

Still the great plate lunches I remember. BBQ mix is still tops with enough meat for two. Mac salad still a favorite. Getting kind of expensive for take out, but once in a while its a treat.

Shine On Personal channel

What can I say, they have some of the best Hawaiian food in the area. Especially loved the lua lua

Veronica Zaleha

We missed Hawaii and thought we'd give this chain a try as we'd seen it on the islands. The building is run down and dingy. The posters inside are all faded. The appearance isn't very inviting, but I wouldn't care if the food were great. Unfortunately it was mediocre at best. Skip L&L and head to Hulas or Pono Grill!

Minstrel Ugo

Their food is so good. I had the peppered chicken, rice and pasta salad and it was off the hookand my girlfriend had ribs, shrimps and some rice . You should try them

Alexandra P.

Love the BBQ Chicken plate it's simple, good, and satisfying. I like that you can just call and order over the phone and it's ready for pickup in 10 minutes! Yesterday we picked up some good plates and headed to the beach for a chill relaxing evening!

Siena T.

great service and quick pickup process. and the food is amazing!! i went in the store in the middle of the afternoon and it wasn't busy at all, which was nice because i got individual service.

Justin Y.

Your typical L&L...However, when asked for a fork recently, the guy touched it with his fingers and at the tip, not the handle. I had to call him out on that one and ask him to not touch it the tip and only touch the handle. Gross!

Claire Chun

Yea! Lau lau on the mainland! The kalua pig was a tad dry like it was sitting in a warming tray but the cooked taro leaves were luscious and soft, so good. Just like I the islands, the meals are huge enough to share

Isabel A.

We love L&L and as tourists we knew we could trust the food here! The man at the front was so nice and very patient with us making up our minds to order. We ordered spam musubis, Katsu musubi & short rib plate! Everything was so good. We also had 1 flavor of each Hawaiian drink and could recommend the Lychee flavor was the best one for us! My only negative would be they only had outside seating! Would be 6 stars for me if they had inside seating

Alex G.

Guy at the front is very rude and impatient. Food is okay but go to Aloha Island Grill if you want good Hawaiian food and friendlier service.

Daniel Lopez

Food not as good as it used to be , bbq mix plate was super bland no marinade or seasoning. Macaroni salad was bland as well. Prices went way up too. where did the old cooks go this was not good ?

Grace S.

I didn't expect spectacular food at this place, it's a typical L&L afterall. However, the attitude of the middle-aged, Asian man that took the order was super rude to say the least. He has no interest in explaining questions I had about the menu, the man has no interest in his customers. Come here if you want to deal with this type of attitude, otherwise, you should take your business elsewhere.

Peter T.

Had a very bad experience last Sunday. Won't go into details. The food is still good.

Arthur Wron

Spam musubi is a must, absolutely gas.If you don't know what to get, get the mixed BBQ plate and you'll have your taste buds blessed sith flavor.

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