L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

460 7th Ave, Santa Cruz
(831) 475-8898

Recent Reviews

Siouxsie Mendoza

Great service great good!

Kate Nicholson

Quick and delicious! $3-something for an awesome katsu or spam or grilled chicken musubi, which for me is a solid lunch. Kind staff, easy ordering process, not crowded during this COVID time. Sadly no shave ice right now though.

Justin M

Really good good. Kinda $ tho

Joe Magallon

Great tasting food! The price is a bit high but they give you large portions. The dining room is nice and clean. The staff was very friendly. My food was ready in less than 5 minutes. Well worth it!

Josh Swinton

First-rate ambience and super personal service. The meals were crisp and delightful. Will clearly recommend this spot to friends. Reasonable prices and large meals. Keep it up.

Zaiden Brady

I celebrated my nomination earlier this evening in this great restaurant. Well we passed a enjoyable evening and the venue was absolutely one of the reasons for this successful evening. The team contributed in a graceful way, the meals were tasty and my guests were very joyful. We shall definitely visit again for more celebrations. Thank you very much.

Brian Wallingford

Good food, causal atmosphere and friendly staff. We were on our way somewhere else for dinner and spotted L&L. We flipped a u-turn and had a great meal.

Mia D.

This place is a little far from the Boardwalk so if you're looking for something closer, this isn't it. We were surprised that this place didn't have more people in it but it then we realized that it isn't really located in a very populous place. It is located on a corner but not a very busy corner and there are a lot of homes around it. Most people would probably just blink and miss it. We happened to look for this place so we knew what we were looking for. There's a private parking lot but it's also not very big. Anyway, when we arrived inside, there was a lot of seating as there were only 2 other customers there plus someone waiting for their to go order at the counter. We ordered our food, our normal BBQ mix plate, katsu plate, khalua (sp?) and cabbage, and the BBQ chicken plate. The platters were huge and filling. The Katsu was crispy on the outside and juicy on this inside. The BBQ mix plate was enough for me and one of my other sons. I don't eat rice (trying to cut it out) but if I did, the scoops of rice that came with our platters definitely wasn't enough. It was like they used the small scooper to scoop the rice. More rice for those of us that eat a lot of rice with our meals (not me but my kids). The khalua platter was indeed salty but that's the way my hubby likes it. The cabbage actually helps with the saltiness and again the rice is a good accompaniment but there wasn't much in his platter either. Doh! Other than the limit on the rice, the food was good and flavorful and hot off the BBQ/fryer?!! The workers were super nice and helpful when I couldn't decide if I wanted one entree or the other. They asked me some questions to narrow down my choice and I finally chose what I wanted and I was happy with it. There aren't any TVs around so there's not much to keep you occupied other than small talk among yourselves and of course whatever technology you brought with you.

Jody G

After fishing all day, this is a common stop. With wonderful customer service, this is a great place to grab a bite. A variety of food options on the menu so everyone gets what they want and you can't forget the shaved ice!! Its like a grown up snow cone or juice slushy if you don't eat it fast enough!!

Paige F.

I always love L&L. They make chicken katsu as it should be, CRUNCHY unlike Pono in downtown. Mix katsu and sauce with rice and Mac and cabbage and I'm a happy girl. The building is dingy, it's a chain with florescent lighting. But go for the food and acceptable prices. The masubi is good too, as is the Loco Moco.

Brandy Bryan

Atmosphere when first walking in was great and very welcoming. The man behind the counter was extremely helpful and told us better ways to order to get the most bang out of our buck. He even offered us samples when we had trouble deciding on which sausage to get. My boyfriend and I aren't big on sausage but opted to order it since it's so highly reviewed. It was good but didn't blow our minds or anything. Perhaps we just don't understand how to appreciate sausage.

Daisy G.

I went in yesterday 9-22-2019 and order a BBQ chicken plate it was done fast and didn't think nothing of it came home ate my plate and by midnight I started feeling ill I hade vomiting and diarrhea this was the only meal I ate I went to the ER and was told I got food poisoning from eating L&L. I won't ever go there again I went from paying $8.00 dollar plate to stuck with a $3,000 dollar bill.

Joe M.

I happen to come by this place when ready to eat lunch. After I ordered my food at the counter and sat down, I read reviews. The place was not busy. I saw a review about a grungy looking place, but food was delicious. It was very plain inside, but the food was terrific at reasonable cost for a large quantity. It was a nice find and the person behind the counter was helpful explaining the various choices. Remember, noting fancy here.

Scott L.

Their Kailua pork with cabbage is excessively salty. Their mac salad is rich and creamy Their fries and gravy are nothing Dream about or write home about. Their decor could use a little refreshing. I love Hawaiian food but I will find it elsewhere.

Natalie M.

Generous musubi! I needed a quick snack before going to the beach adn this hit the spot. I loved the flavor of the bbq chicken and the rice/nori. Perfect size for a musubi. It's $3 bucks or so! Perfect! The place is relatively clean. There is parking nearby and also it's convenient to walk from here to the beach (permit parking everywhere!). Not too far. Staff were friendly.

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