Little Caesars Pizza

233 Ocean St, Santa Cruz
(831) 469-9100

Recent Reviews

Jason Horner

Its little ceases it tastes like it should, heap, fast a quick.

mat burnette

They deleted my online order and acted like they never received it. I verified this with little cesears corporate help desk... who did absolutely nothing to help me get a pizza either. The worst experience I have ever had trying to get food anywhere. Lied to me and then corporate just said I would eat somewhere else. Complete joke!

Chris Madeuplastname

It's just a standard Little Caesars, but I've gone for years and the staff is always polite, quick, and the store is always clean.

jinx katzero

little ceasars is little ceasars but they keep it fresh and made right when it's busy at this location which isn't always the case at other ones. at least i can speak for 5 - 6pm on a saturday.

Kellan Sheely

Its great to have an excellent pizza store, that is easy on the budget

Tim Jones

This spot is worth visiting. They serve big portions for fair prices. Regularly clean and with great character. I highly recommend this place.

Kenneth Collins

Their pizza was one of best pizzas I have ever had!

Randolph Tolly

I eat there quite a bit it's got good pizza.

tyler d.

It's pizza! It's cheap and good!

Faye Green

The new thin crust is amazing

Valarie Kelleher

Inexpensive and friendly

dalton carlson

Pizza and the atmosphere at this place is super good. The food was amazing. The service was very kind and attentive.

Pablo C.

It's cheap, but with this place you get what you pay for. Luckily they have pizza ready for take out. They also have deals on the app which makes it more appealing. Sometimes I can get a free 2 liter or a free set of breadsticks. Pizza is alright, but for the price it's reasonable.

Sharie Breihan Groot

Garlic parmesan chicken wings and cheesy Italian bread soooo yummy, pizzas good too but LOVE those wings and bread, dip the bread in the wing sauce and instant nirvana

April Cruz

Very sad with the quality. They may be fast, but the pizza was not cooked. I had to cook an additional 15 minutes when I returned home. Not what I wanted to do. I paid for a cooked pizza and that is not what I received.

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