Mission St. BBQ

1618 Mission St, Santa Cruz
(831) 458-2222

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We ordered takeout (because that's all there is at this point in the Covid crisis) from Mission St BBQ and, first off, our order was prepared VERY promptly. We were happy to see that our order would be ready about 10-mins after placing the order. My wife ordered the Berry Bleu salad and I ordered the ribs/brisket combo. My wife loved everything about the Berry Bleu Salad; from the composition of the ingredients to the outstanding basalmic vinegar that she requested on the side. As for my combo; the meats were prepared to perfection and I would recommend them to anyone! However, the sides left a great deal to be desired. The mac n' cheese reminded me of Kraft out-of-the-box white cheddar recipe and the cornbread was oddly dense and devoid of flavor. It reminded me of cornbread made by someone who had never made it before who had a recipe dictated to them over a phone call with a weak connection and, therefore, ingredients were missed. There is a lot of creativiity that I personally am aware of for both of these side dishes that could be implemented and I would rate the sides at Mission Street BBQ as far below the standard of their meat preparation. That is my assessment of their peaks and valleys and I hope they decide to commit to bringing the non-headliner menu items up to the par of their bread-and-butter.

Ben Hommerding

As far as BBQ goes so far in California, Mission St has been one of the best. It has great outdoor seating, the pulled pork and brisket were awesome, and there’s a good selection of beverages too. I highly recommend it if you want BBQ in Santa Cruz.

Bruce Liu

Went there on my way back from the beach. Nicely marked waiting line to cope with the pandemic. I had the BBQ Beef sandwich with the side of cole slaw. High quality stuff.

Melanie Mingo

Good food.. The sides weren't what I was looking for... But the meat is delicious

Carolyn Mathis

We ordered sandwiches which were good, but as an after Thought we ordered a half rack of ribs and they were the best ribs I've ever had!

Tracy Brewer

Plenty of parking. The BBQ is on par with Buckhorn Grill which is pretty good! I took the meat off of the bread and ate it separately for maximum flavor. Otherwise, the bread and BBQ cancel each other out and the flavor is below average. I gave the cashier a 15% tip at the time of ordering. Then the cashier went to setup a table and another person arriving much later grabbed it. For the 15%, she could have mentioned that that she was going to setup the table (separate two tables were 2 people were sitting). Had to eat off a group of chairs/ground where they could easily setup another table (maybe they're not allowed but there's space for 3 more tables). It's kind of bad when you pay that much and then have no place to eat. They should manage the seating so you don't get stung like we did.

María B.

OMG! The food here is amazing. The portions were generous and the quality was good. I love local BBQs and this ones is definitely one of my favorites. It's a must it you visit Santa Cruz!

Chris Cain

Got the Pork Ribs, full rack. Very nice, meaty, tender. Wife had the chicken BBQ Plate with slaw and potato salad. Chicken was good. I didn’t have sides but the report was that the slaw was good and the potatoes, don’t write home about them. They have an outdoor area to wait/eat and pickup was easy.

Jon Tapping

Awesome brisket burnt ends sandwich and brew! I will be back!

Jeremy Guy

Decent BBQ place serving big portions* Would only stop there if craving BBQTried the ribs, brisket and tri-tip and the last two arrived barely warm. The ribs were good but the rest not to much. I was not impressed. I might be giving it another shot but there's better place around.

K.C. S.

This place is amazing! They have an amazing selection of craft beers from local breweries. The Gaucho Special is bomb. The brisket was cooked to perfection. My girlfriend had the Tri Tip sandwich and couldn't stop talking about how good it was as she ate it! They have outside seating available and the staff is super friendly and helpful. We had a mistake in our order and they immediately fixed it at no additional cost. Superb customer service.All the packaging was COVID safe too. Everything was in containers and inside the containers the food is wrapped in foil and the sides in small plastic containers. Will for sure be back!


The pulled pork and the brisket was very,very flavorful and the sauce the barbecue sauce is really good. The side dishes that they offer the potato salad, the coleslaw, and cornbread ....give me a break those things were awful awful awful. The coleslaw was just cut up cabbage no flavor to it whatsoever. I don’t know what the heck was going on with the potato salad and the cornbread was dry as a darn brick. I can’t believe the traffic coming in and out of this place to get food I don’t think I can come back.

Erys M.

The best customer service we could ever ask for. We had a COVID wedding and with that there are challenges, but Mission St BBQ was not one of them. We provided a list for individual plates and the table they were at. Mission St BBQ made sure to write each persons name on the box and bagged them based on tables. We separated people at tables to be able to safely eat and socialize with their families and having those labeled individual boxes and bags really made it very easy to social distance. Also, we asked them to be there by 6 and sure enough the delivery guy made it on time and was quick to bring all the bags in. And damn the food was good! Thank you!

Michael S.

Excellent BBQ place to try when in Santa Cruz, they BBQ on- site and have a great selection. This place has some very fine craft beers and to go growlers. Outdoor seating and easy parking. Staff is super friendly and helpful when you have questions. This is a must stop. Enjoy

Clarissa S.

This restaurant is very nice, your welcomed with the warm smell of bbq. My bf and I were just driving around and found this place open and looked up the reviews which were 4 star. We went in, and had to take a few minutes to review the menu but a very nice young girl, maricarmen went over the menu with us. We were about to get a 4 meat combo with two sides and corn bread, and ordered an extra corn bread. The food was good, the portion sizes of the sides were too small for sharing for two people. We had got beans and potatoe salad. The potato salad was very good. Ultimately I mostly enjoyed the pulled pork and potatoe salad. They were very clean, and had clean tables and restrooms. Make sure to wear your mask, dont forget to wear it when you go inside to ask for more napkins, they will tell you something. But overall it's a nice place, pulled pork with sweet sauce is A1.

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