Mumbai Delights

810 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz
(831) 316-7486

Recent Reviews

claude waledisch

Diversity of the menu. Very tasty. Good for vegetarians and meat lovers. My Nalli Nihari, lamb shank with light spices was delicious and copious ( another meal). All other 4 dishes on the table were very flavorful and distinctive.

Murli KN

Average Indian style restaurants in Monterey bay area. Food is ok.

Brian DiGiorgio

The food is really good. There is no better Indian food in town that we have found, and they have a wide variety of options. However, if you are going to get food from here, you should probably get takeout/get it delivered because this place has essentially gotten taken over by takeout now. The table service is embarrassingly slow. The servers seemed to forget about us several times while they were dealing with takeout orders. Prices aren't super cheap, but they give you a ton of food so you should get at least a couple of meals out of your order. Overall, you should get food from here, but make it takeout


We went for dinner and overall food was good but prices seemed high, and service was okay. We had Malabar Prawn for appetizer which we liked but wanted to naan or rice to go with. I wanted to order Seafood Biryani but it seems too pricey so we got Vegetarian Biryani which was huge. Chicken Tikka Masala was okay.Garlic Naan was good but small. I tried Indian wine and my boyfriend had Indian beer. We may try their lunch buffet next time.

Natalie M.

Wow this place has gone downhill. My spouse ordered takeout and the order was 45 minutes late and cold. The portions seemed smaller, less flavorful, and just weird. The chicken tikka was really tough and hard like it was microwaved. Our vegetables on the side were raw. Who wants huge raw onion chunks, jalapeño, and limes on the side?? Naan was burnt. Disappointed and costed $44

Cedar G.

This has been a favorite until last week. Terrible lounge music playing, new menu with so many items doubled in price. Salmon served on cold plate and had to send it back as it was only lukewarm. New ownership or???

Steve H.

I've eaten Indian food all over the world - including the UK and India. Mumbai Delights offers a world class dining experience in terms of the authenticity of their food and wonderful service. Also check out their other restaurants in Monterey and Newly opened Namaste in Las Gatos.

Sanaa H.

Walked from our hotel over the bridge to a quiet and quaint downtown area. The street had restaurants and shops lining a nicely treed area with twinkle lights. Really cute. We are of Indian descent so we like to think we've got discerning palates when it comes to heritage cuisine. We walked in and it ha d cheesy writings on the wall and the decor was kitschy. It smelled good but everything does when you're hungry. We were seated in an awkward two person table that was in the way. We sifted through the menu and decided to try a couple apps, share and entree. Omg! The goat cheese filled lamb kabobs! Too. Did. For. Seriously why hasn't anyone done this before? So delicious!!! Then we got the meat sampler...another delicious surprise. 11 out of 10 would most definitely go back! You guys should go it's an experience you don't want to miss.

Ian Garrick-Bethell

Best Indian restaurant in the area. I think maybe they changed their recipes though. The old ones were really good and I miss them!

Eric Moraire

Astonishing Lunch Buffet for 10.95! The Naan is also very delicious. :) Ok now two days later we paid 12.95 for the buffet ???

Jared Cordon

Soo soo good the buffet lunch is a steal for such tasty food and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Keep this place open and successful

Andy N.

What do you do when PG&E inherently turns off the power at your employer's office but you decide to work from home? Take advantage of an Indian weekday buffet, of course! Mumbai Delights was the greatest suggestion ever from my colleague on our WFH day during this recent state-wide power outage. Fortunately they had power to run the hot $13 AYCE lunch buffet and it did not disappoint whatsoever. The price includes appetizers, salad, veggie samosas, all kinds of curries and different presentations of chicken to tickle your taste buds. Everything is self-served and there is no limit to the amount of food you can get all at once. After you're seated, the wait staff will offer to bring our fresh naan bread to your table which was absolutely perfect. It was a great compliment to the delicious curries and tender chicken that we had with our buffet selections. I have not had very much Indian or Nepali food here in Santa Cruz but it's safe to say that it was well worth the outage to get a chance to come and try Mumbai. I only wish they had more dessert options but for the price you pay, you receive some great Indian food so I'll take it.

Tony M.

Food was only okay - but very pricy for you get. The curries don't include any naan or rice for $17+. Photos show sides, menu doesn't say much about what's included. Ordered delivery and only curry arrived - no sides. The Tikka Masala was also bland and meat seemed dry/over-cooked. Tried that before too, it was also dry that time too. It's not horrible but if your hoping for high quality and flavor...I'd recommend choosing another Indian place in Santa Cruz.

David G.

the buffet and atmosphere is top notch. the staff is nice too. there was good naan , very nice crispy naan. and good sag paneer. the music is good too.

Richard B.

This is a very nice restaurant. They have a good selection on the buffet.its all fresh food They bring you naan fresh too.Staff is friendly.Price is within the normal range of other restaurant buffets

Neha Agarwal

We were visitor and after seeing the ratings, were feeling hesitated in trying the restaurant. The food was good but not sure about the price. Would recommend this restaurant if you want home style cooked Indian food.

Rani Ferreira

Surprising find! Good food, enough of a selection, very modest price. Nice service. Kheer was exceptional!

J R.

I've been here a few times now and it's always been fantastic. The buffet has really nice meat and vegetarian dishes and I've always really enjoyed the a la carte as well. The staff is friendly and very professional, and the price is competitive given the quality. I grew up eating Indian food in the Bay Area and at Indian expats' homes, and the food here is spiced to an American palate, so if you're after heavy heat this ain't it. But for a wuss like me just after some lovely butter chicken when I'm feeling a bit blue, it can't be beat.

Ani J.

I didn't actually dine at the restaurant but ordered food via Uber Eats. I ordered the following: - Avocado Chaat: This was decent. But I wish they had mixed in the Avocado better with the other spices and condiments. The Avocado was just sitting at the bottom of the plate with the chaat stuff at the top. - Malai Kofta: This was delicious. Loved the flavor and spice level of this dish. Very well made. - Roti: Big size portion. Went well with the entree. Overall, loved the food and can't wait to try other dishes when I'm in the Santa Cruz area again.

Jimmy F.

UPDATE: Oh No! NOT vegan or even vegetarian friendly today. We had to walk away hungry. Multiple chicken dishes, okra which we don't like, so it would have been just dal and spring mix for $18 each after tax and tip on the weekend, just not worth it. We went elsewhere. Super bummer, especially after you drive all the way across town and pay for an hour of parking! Grrr. Previously: Nice lunch buffet. Fresh tasty naan. Great rice and ample vegetarian options (some days anyways). I'm told the meat is good too. Everything I tried was fabu. The salad stuff and melon were extra fresh. The place has a nice vibe too. This is one of the better Indian buffets. Just look at the other reviews. They know what they are doing, they do it well, and it shows! Don't pass it by!


We were looking for a good quality restaurant in Santa Cruz. Most of the restaurants along the beach did not seem. too appealing.. Mumbai Delights was different. We were welcomed warmly and enjoyed an excellent dinner at a reasonable price. The service was excellent! We would love to come back one day!

Cathy Baker

Had dinner, good wine. The fig arugula salad was excellent. Had the chicken masala and chicken korma. Small portions for dinner but great dishes otherwise, vegetable biryani was good and sizable portion but spicy. Overall great place, only thing I would say is bigger portions for the chicken dishes and the pappadams weren't very authentic. Would definitely go back though.

seetha ramani

Pretty good buffet!! For the price and location I was delighted!

P I.

Weekday lunch buffet!! Woohoo!! Eat the Saag which was light and not too spicy but still creamy.. Salmon Tikka Masala, yesss! Kheer for dessert that was not overly sweet!! Come & eat here!! Only problem is Chai is not included in the lunch buffet on weekdays.

Linda K.

Yum! Yum, Yum! Attentive service Wednesday night and delicious food. Wildly looking forward to going again. The menu is broad and deep with flavors and options. We started with the cheese bread and complementary papadam. We were both in the mood for lamb so we chose two dishes, the korma and kebah (ground slices grilled with onions) So good!!

Bibiana F.

SO YUMMY I like the fact that naan bread is included and anytime your basket is out of bread they replace it right away. The food was awesome as well and they made sure you were never out of water. 10/10 recommend

Athena R.

Delicious! The flavors in all of the dishes on the buffet were on point. The Chicken Tikka Masala and Dal Makhani in particular were outstanding. My favorite Indian restaurant in the Bay Area is Darbar in Palo Alto, and I have had a hard time finding anything that comes close. This does! Only complaint is the buffet should have another vegetable dish. Not a huge selection if you are vegetarian.

Nia Hill

Mumbai Delights has wonderful customer service, delicious food, creative plating, wonderful selections, beautiful decor. My daughter and I enjoyed our dishes. We highly recommend this restaurant!

Aadi Pendse

Great service and great food. I had the buffet. I got chicken tikka masala ð??, naan, rice ð?? and veggie samosas . They were all really good.

Noelle C

LOVE this place for dine-in. The food is really good and the service is excellent. However, our take-out delivery was not accepted because there was $100 minimum. Unfortunately, they didnâ??t tell us until well after we had made the order. Thatâ??s why they didnâ??t get a 5.

Raul Martinez

good Indian food. lots of options. butter chicken is delicious.

Chef M.

Authentic dishes with subtle upgrades in various flavors. Finest brunch in a long time. Very clean, from kitchen to buffet to table. Excellent greeter.

Eric Bagai

Fine Northern Indian food, all you can eat, low price, moderate sound level. Self-service.

Gina H.

If you are a picky eater this review is for you! I do not like spices, I'm not a big meat eater and hate variety... if your still with me here's the plus! Mumbai Delights has the best fig and arugula salad with goat cheese, cucumbers and radishes. The dressing is divine! I also recommend their coconut rice, it is so cream and delish. Plus you can never go wrong with cheese naan! mmmmm!

Rosi S.

One of the best Indian/ Nepali food . If you have ever tasted momos( dumpling) and wanted to eat some - this is the place . Sauce is too good ! Biryani was on point . Goat curry was so delicious. If you are in Santa Cruz - you must try this place

Gino Scarim

Absolutely amazing! Great atmosphere and very clean. Service was great, fast and friendly. I highly recommend this place for good Indian in Santa Cruz,CA.

arnab bera

Good food. The lime ginger chicken was really nice. Most of the cuisine is non spicy but they can make spicy for you.

Nicole V.

It was a Mumbai DELIGHT to come here! My friend and I came on a weekday afternoon for their lunch buffet. They have a decent selection of main entrees with both meat and vegetarian options. My favorites were the Tandoori Chicken and Saag Aloo. I also tried the Tikka Masala and Veggie Samosas, which were good, but didn't impress me as much. For dessert, they had kheer (rice pudding). I personally enjoyed the taste but not so much the texture. Aside from that, I loved having the option to try multiple things. I wish I came on a day where they served butter chicken or saag paneer in the buffet. I believe that the buffet menu changes and items are swapped out frequently, so there are different options on a daily or weekly basis. Service was great - servers were super attentive and gave us naan and water refills frequently. I'd love to see more protein options instead of just chicken, such as lamb or paneer.. but for an $11 buffet of delicious Indian food, this is well worth the visit. Not much to complain about. I'll definitely be back soon as I'd like to try more of their menu items.

Stanley Ingerman

Love this place. I usually get the buffet and it's always good. Decor is pleasent and clean. Staff is polite and helpful. Food is great.

donna lohrmann

Excellent food. Try the avocado chat appetizer for an unusual, delicious treat that is very flavorful with a wonderful texture. Vegetable biryani is delicious, a little spicy with loads of flavor. Chicken curry is a spicy, tasty dish. Didn't have any boring food.