Mumbai Delights

810 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz
(831) 316-7486

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Nia Hill

Mumbai Delights has wonderful customer service, delicious food, creative plating, wonderful selections, beautiful decor. My daughter and I enjoyed our dishes. We highly recommend this restaurant!

Aadi Pendse

Great service and great food. I had the buffet. I got chicken tikka masala 🍗, naan, rice 🍚 and veggie samosas . They were all really good.

Raul Martinez

good Indian food. lots of options. butter chicken is delicious.

Eric Bagai

Fine Northern Indian food, all you can eat, low price, moderate sound level. Self-service.

Gino Scarim

Absolutely amazing! Great atmosphere and very clean. Service was great, fast and friendly. I highly recommend this place for good Indian in Santa Cruz,CA.

arnab bera

Good food. The lime ginger chicken was really nice. Most of the cuisine is non spicy but they can make spicy for you.

Stanley Ingerman

Love this place. I usually get the buffet and it's always good. Decor is pleasent and clean. Staff is polite and helpful. Food is great.

donna lohrmann

Excellent food. Try the avocado chat appetizer for an unusual, delicious treat that is very flavorful with a wonderful texture. Vegetable biryani is delicious, a little spicy with loads of flavor. Chicken curry is a spicy, tasty dish. Didn't have any boring food.

Sheena Schier

The champagne brunch this morning was delightful. It's well priced and the champagne is decent. The food is excellent and the chai tea is the best. You can't go wrong here really.

Animesh D.

We stopped by around 5 pm to have some tea and a light snack, and were not disappointed. Avocado chat was something new that we got to try and it was refreshing especially with one of their mango based chutneys! 5 stars for a could-not-have-asked-for-more experience :-)

Jane J.

We were missing Maharajah and decided to get this to-go. The restaurant was really warm and welcoming so we will definitely eat it there next time. The dishes were delicious and they have the best salad of any Indian restaurant in Santa Cruz so far, great combo of flavors.

james sharp

I really like the buffet here. Everything is fresh and delicious. Even the goat curry, which I've only seen on the buffet once was delicious. Bear in mind that I had a bad experience eating goat as a child, so this stuff was so good it actually changed my mind.

Sarah Morgan

The best Indian food in the county. Their naan bread is heaven. their buffet, though smaller than some of the other Indian buffets in the county, has high quality tasty food

Ron McIntire

Ok...2nd time there. Its nit very good. The food is not even hot and really lacks taste for Indian food. The fact is barely warm has a lot to do with the poor flavors. I wish they would do something about that. Not sure I will ever go again. It was one of only a few places open on new years.

Kyle Falconer

This is our go-to place for biryani (lamb/chicken/veg--order it spicy!!). The rogan josh and everything else here is all very good! We do takeout from here maybe once a week.

Sumanth Sridhar

Excellent food. The butter naan was particularly very soft. Highly recommended.

Justin A.

The food here was excellent. I had both the Butter Chicken and the Chicken Tiki Masala. I highly recommend both of them. I also had the Garlic Naan, which was very good. The only reason Mumbai Delights doesn't get 5 stars is because of the service. It took at least 10 minutes for the waiter to come and take my drink order. I could tell the restaurant was very busy with take out orders, which seemed to be the priority.

Anya Aliza R.

Rogan Josh very good, could use a touch more spice, they must be spicing things mild for the American audience. Portion was good and the lamb was good too. Naan, rice, lassi, all standard and good. I found the entree to be overpriced, likely the new ambient and location overhead? Setting is very lovely. Good place to bring a date!


Mumbai served excellent meals and have a large vegetarian/vegan selection, as well as lamb, shrimp, etc. Delicious food with lots of flavor. Enjoyed it and will return!

Esra Mescioglu

I eat here pretty much once a week. The food is consistently good, and the staff is very friendly. Their yogurt is homemade so they have definitely won me over. The food is far better than most places in SC so try it if you like Indian food. I would share a picture of the dish except it’s all gone

Mumbai Delights

810 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060