Salsas Taco Bar

1710 Brommer St, Santa Cruz
(831) 465-1105

Recent Reviews

Ryan Ervin

This taco bar has something for everyone. My wife and son enjoy the food from the massive vegan menu. I enjoy the vegetarian and fish food. They also serve meat (which I assume is real good). Its nice to have a mexican food place have options for everyone.

Keith Street

One of our items was cold, service was curt. Food was pretty good overall, not the best but good. We were from out of town and looking for anything good, and they seemed annoyed to assist us with our questions (wanted a horchata - but wasn't available online, so we were asking to purchase one) instead of just grabbing the food and leaving.

jason t.

This place is amazing. I lost my drivers lic this week and Jonathan at Salsa's taco bar took the time to find me and return my ID They found! He even mailed it out to me so I didn't have to drive out to Santa Cruz since I'm in San Jose! Much respect to the employees at Salsa'S Taco Bar!!!

Priscilla Rose

Hands down the BEST MEXICAN FOOD in all of Santa Cruz!! I will take the drive over the hill from San Jose just to have the best quality Mexican food and fresh variety of salsas, Just minuets from the beach this place is Completely worth it!! Highly recommend Salsas Taco bar!!!!

David Czarnecki

Great burritos. The California 5 lb burrito is fun. Since covid the line can get long and placing an order can take a while. Check the hours, they close early sundays

patrick mcnett

I got the Chimichanga it was excellent.

Amanda R.

This is hands down my favorite Mexican food in santa cruz! The quality is tasted throughout every bite you take, not to mention all the variety of freshly made salsas they have to offer!! I highly reccomend this place to anybody local or just visiting Santa cruz and looking for good Mexican food!! And it's only a few minutes from the beach!!

Ashley M.

Long over due review for salsas! My favorite spot in town hands down! The staff is SO friendly, and the food in incredible!!!!! They actually have HOT hot sauce!!!!!! I never knew about this spot until I moved into the neighborhood but if I knew about it before I would have been coming here a lot longer. Shrimp burrito is so bomb, Baja taco is hella good, and my vegan friends who come to town love their vegan menu! Hands down my go to spot in Santa Cruz!

jon doe

The grilled chicken chimichanga was outstanding! The meat was cooked perfectly and the guac was refreshing. The friendly service was also top notch. I'll be back soon!

Destiny S.

We love love love salsas! We eat here very often and it's always delicious. The takeout is perfect during Covid!

Brad Angell

100% amazing. It is hard not to eat here every freakin' day.

Donna M.

Unfortunately a very bad experience with this spot. I first tried to call and place an order. I was on hold fir 10 minutes, when I tried to call back they didn't answer. I showed up and they answered the phone and took a call before serving me!

Placed an order, the guy confirmed we wanted red sauce, not green sauce for shrimp enchiladas. They guy said red was normal so I agreed. Got home, saw was missing a burrito (never made it on the order in the first place) and the enchiladas had green sauce. I called to let them know, and another guy answers the phone and I hear him say to the manager "we got her order wrong, I don't know what she wants. I don't know what even to say to her." I would think what good customer service would be is "so sorry we messed up your order, come back and pick it up and it will be on the house for the inconvenience."

So I come back and the manager tries to charge me for both things. I told her I would pay for the burrito (although some sort of compensation would have been nice), but I couldn't beeline she tried to charge me for the enchiladas that they messed up. Then she said "they usually come with green sauce is the thing". It doesn't matter if someone orders it differently then that's how you make it! Then I had to wait in the cold another 15 minutes because she said it wasn't going to come with rice and beans. Super cheap and terrible service.

Oh and about the food. I'm from Southern California and if you want real Mexican food this isn't the place. Beans and rice are tasteless and their guacamole takes like the frozen kind that is an unnatural shade of green. So disappointed. lol

Bryn DeVine

I really love Salsas. They have tasty vegan options. The servings are generous,means lunch the next day?The window service has been terrific. The servers are always pleasant and helpful if you're not sure what you're getting or want to change something. Bring a healthy appetite and I think its good value for the dinero.

May Y.

Sorry. Portion isn't everything.   We picked up the order on time and within 15 mins closing.  It was a big disappointment.  

1) If you have to microwave because it is barely warm, that is a problem.

2) If you shared a burrito w another person and he asked if you got all the meat, That is another another problem.  It ended up with high carb stuffed w bean, rice burrito. We barely got any meat.

Lori A.

I really appreciate the vegan menu and everything is delicious. I've literally tried it all. Even the simple burrito far outdoes what passes for the same in other restaurants. The food is consistent and the staff are all friendly and helpful. The prices are reasonable too. Coming from TX I know my Mexican food and while it's not easy to find in these parts, Salsas does not disappoint. I'm happy to see them thriving even during the virus.They used to have a sister restaurant in Scotts Valley. The restaurant is still there and the menu very similar but the food is terrible! I would rather drive to Salsa's any day of the week. And do! I'm hoping to see their vegan menu expand now that there are so many new items available on the market to cook with. In the meantime, I'll still count on them for the good food and pricing.

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