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2 - 1245 E Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz
(831) 479-4307

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Jordan M

argentinian food... very tasty. It was so appetizing. Looking forward to going back again. The bill was good for what you get.

Lance Koch

This place is great! Fair rates, large dishes and the employees are always very friendly.


We really enjoyed the food here, steaks and pasta for a fair price. Empinadas are so good.

Robin G.

The food was AMAZING - we had the Churrasco Argentino and the spaghetti carbonara. We ordered for pickup, and the chef waited to cook the steak until we arrived so it wouldn't sit out for too long. Will absolutely be back and recommend to anyone!

Victoria Hanna

We picked out this place after seeing it on a walk &decided to go for dinner there. No clue how the food was though because we ended up leaving early when we received unwashed silverware that was covered in food.

Shannon G.

I love the neighborhood charm of this cozy restaurant. It's a warm and welcoming space and the food is delicious! I especially love the Argentine specialities and the vibrant Italian dishes. Make sure you save room for dessert!

Katy B.

We ordered a fettuccine diavola for takeout, which is listed on the menu as having oyster mushrooms, tiger prawns, and baby shrimp. When we opened it to eat it we found grocery store shrimp, button mushrooms, and a sad tomato sauce. My partner called back to discuss the ingredients with the chef and to see if there was a mistake, and the chef cussed at him and told him to "show some compassion bro" countless times because they didn't have the regular ingredients. We then called back to speak to the manager and she said that we could order any other pasta from the menu and come on down. Then, when we went back to pick it up, she said "I'm sorry, the chef doesn't want to cook for you," and said there was no food for us. We asked to speak to an owner or manager, but she said no one was there and would not give us a way to contact them. Needless to say, we will not be back, nor recommend this place to anyone else unless they want to pay $20 for half-ass pasta and even worse customer service.

Renee R.

I chose this spot to celebrate my birthday and they were so very accommodating and lovely. The food is delicious and the wines are fantastic and it's super cute inside. A definite must!!

N el

Great service , small and friendly . Had a empanada starter and lobster ravioli main which was awesome

Mariel W.

We've been meaning to check this place out for a while and when we finally did- we were not disappointed! I had the penne pasta with the vodka cream sauce and salmon, and it was so delicious. You can tell the sauce is authentic and homemade. The place is super quaint and welcoming with a hole-in-the-wall feel that still has an air of feeling nice. I will definitely be coming back!

Dorothy M.

We were a party of five. Everyone loved their food choices, even my gourmet-cook sister. We could actually all hear each other without raising our voices, a rarity these days. The waitress was friendly but not unctuous or buddy-buddy. She checked in periodically but was not intrusive. The meal was more reasonably priced than at our other favorite places. We will be going back soon!

Art Baudo

This place is awesome. Walking by we met the owner, Serge, and he offered to cook lunch for us even though normally they're not open. We were given great service, great food and drink. I'd recommend you drop in to see him!!!

Sarah C.

Decent food, but there is something about the ambiance which is a little off.... It's hard to explain what's off here - but it's something like they are trying to be fancy, but don't support that with the service, presentation, etc. perhaps a lack of professionalism? Having said that, the food was better than I expected off my first Impression. My seafood rissotto had a Lot of seafood in it and although the rice itself wasn't terribly flavorful, the seasfood was all really tasty and well cooked. The empanadas were tasty - I will say I make a flakier dough myself, but now I'm really just bragging. I liked the empanadas. My husband's Argentinian steak was tasty. The potato and broccoli sides were underwhelming. They were out af a few things on the menu. Just another slight thing which gave me an unprofessional feeling. Portion sizes were good. Definitely kid friendly. Yay for children's books.

Michele Giulvezan

The food has large portions but nothing to write about. I suppose it would be a good family restaurant for parents with kids or less adventurous adults. Pasta and sauce. TV was playing a basketball game at the bar. Friendly Italian Server.

Dmitrii Kravchuk

This place is amazing! Awesome food, awesome service, the restaurant has its unique charm. Plenty of parking. If I could rate it with 6 stars i would, but for now it's a 100% 5 stars. It's a must visit spot if you're after an authentic dining experience.

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