Taqueria Michoacan

21401 E Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz
(831) 465-8290

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MJ Stearns - Your Local Real Estate Expert

Taqueria Michoacan is a taqueria on Eastcliff and 15th. Great place to grab some food before heading down to the beach, dining in or takeout.My favorite thing to get here is the carne asada plate or a shrimp burrito.Check them out if you haven’t already.

Amber Bendana

Good food BAD VIBES every single time!I'm a repeated customer come here at least 3 times a more a month and continue to be treated with bad customer service. It's making the food taste bad. Don't ever think customer service goes out of style because it doesn't. Plus there's about 40 more Taquria's in Santa Cruz county. I can't give these people my business anymore. If you don't want to be somewhere then don't.

Matthew Klope

The Greek philosopher Plato popularized and defended the Theory of Forms. This philosophical framework contends that the physical world we interact with is a mere imitation of the non-phyiscal, perfect essences of all things, which exist in an abstract plane outside of our understanding. What we see around us is a cloudy reflection of the perfect forms, like a man watching shadows on a cave wall, and while we may approach complete understanding of the forms that serve as the foundation of reality, we will never truly perceive them.This was only partially correct. The Perfect Form of a Carne Asada Super Burrito exists, and it is served on a daily basis at Taqueria Michoacan.I have existed on this planet for the better part of 3 decades. Over that time, and over a number of visits and extended residences in the greater California Bay Area, San Diego, Central Texas, Northern Mexico, and even an ill-advised excursion to Canada, I have eaten a number of Carne Asada Super Burritos that amounts to the thousands. "May I have an Asada Super Burrito?" I have asked. "¿Podría tener un super burrito con asada?" I have asked in Spanish. "Can you make me one that won't give me diarrhea?" I have asked at Chipotle.The vast majority of these burrito experiences have been remarkably positive. Not a single one has even begun to approach the quality of Taqueria Michoacan. Scholars of the New Testament are divided on whether Jesus ever made a burrito, but there is little debate that if he had, it would have tasted like the Asada Super Burrito at Taqueria Michoacan.Eating this burrito is a spiritual experience, a true communion with the divine. The delicately folded homemade tortilla is artfully crafted to serve as both a reliable structural matrix for the burrito's delicious filling while contributing to the flavor in ways that transcend what a tortilla is expected to be. The juicy, tender Carne Asada is both firm and yielding in all the right ways, and challenges the taste buds with a delightfully balanced spice, reminding one of a strong yet sensual lover. The cabbage provides a satisfying crunch, perfectly complementing the smoothly softened beans that mix with just the right amount of rice to fill out the flavor profile of this rare treasure. The sour cream and avocado will make you yearn for the shores of Lake Pátzcuaro, where the winds sweeping over the fertile plains from the great blue Pacific create a peace that escapes words.I have ordered roughly 300 Carne Asada Super Burritos from Taqueria Michoacan. Every time, it has been the best burrito I have ever eaten. I have been told there are other items on the menu. I have no idea if this is true.The price is beyond reasonable for sole possession of a piece of culinary art on par with Beethoven's 9th symphony. I would give my firstborn child for the Carne Asada Super Burrito at Taqueria Michoacan, without hesitation. I would kill a man for this Burrito, 11 bucks is an absolute bargain.For years, I have eaten the Carne Asada Super Burrito at Taqueria Michoacan. For years, I will continue to eat the Carne Asada Super Burrito at Taqueria Michoacan. When I die, my only regret will be that I did not eat more of the Carne Asada Super Burrito from Taqueria Michoacan.I cannot recommend the Carne Asada Super Burrito from Taqueria Michoacan more strongly, and I can only hope you try it and learn what it means to become more than human.

logan stribling

Incredible! They've captured what the perfect pescado burrito should be and consistently deliver the absolute tastiest, every time. My favorite taqueria in the whole world, right here!

Sierra Anderson

They only do take out here!There are outdoor benches, but everything is covered in plastic ? Otherwise the food is pretty good, but they charge you extra to have basic fajita veggies (onions and bell peppers) in a dish in place of meat which doesn’t make sense.

Sam Cassidy

I LOVE this place! The food is fantastic, the best Mexican food in the bay, fight me on it!Parking is in back. Be respectful, love is made into the food and you can taste it!

Nolan Smyth

Best veggie burrito in Santa Cruz (and I’ve tried almost all of them )


I've lived in Santa Cruz for a while now, and no matter where I go, or what I try, I always end up coming back here. Taqueria Michoacan is without a doubt, the best place in Santa Cruz for authentic Mexican food. They are family-owned and operated, and you can taste the history, love, and dedication in every bite. Fresh ingredients, very reasonable prices, and probably some of the best fresh hot sauces.

Bryan C

Great flavors, huge portions and nice people. Fish tacos are amazing.

Gf Bf

This restaurant serves food like none other. Absolutely amazing. In fact best I have ever had. Service is good if you get to know the owners. Amazing.

Justine Iadiano

Love this little gem!! It's family owned and authentic Mexican food!! My family an I have been eating at this little spot for years. Totally worth the try!!

Tracy Cotten

One of the best Taquerias in town with the town that has a lot of them!!!

Issiah Davis

Asada burrito was delicious ! Beans were super gassy, beware ! Other then that, a pleasant dining experience

Farid Hamidieh

Excellent food, delicious salsa, friendly service , very reasonable prices. Best Chile Relleno burrito in town. You should try it.

Elizabeth Tam

Great local taco restaurant. I love the al pastor taco salad! The prices are also very reasonable

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