Taqueria Michoacan

21401 E Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz
(831) 465-8290

Recent Reviews

Stanley Ramsey

I went there as a group and was surprised at how reasonable the prices were and the food tasted pretty good. I had fish tacos and they tasted pretty fresh. I will go again next time I'm in the area.

Warren Frush

Great tacaria. Especially like their tamales.

Maxwell Guenther

My go-to taqueria in Santa Cruz county! Even after I moved away, it’s worth the drive and very close to the beach. Their burritos are off the hook!

Dennis Scrimo

Always the best ... fresh and fast.. and being nice and friendly helps a lot..

Susanna Barnes

I have only eaten here twice. Food is so-so. The last plate I ordered was not good at all. But others like it as there is always a line out front. Nice people work there.

Wendy McMullen

The best Mexican food I’ve ever had! I drive miles out of my way just for their bean, rice & cheese burrito. It satisfies the soul.

Sharon Park

Very good burritos and chicken quesadillas!!! We typically get the vegetarian burrito??so good.

Henry M

This spot always delivers. They have excellent food for affordable rates, there are no long waits even when the place is busy.

Malakai Ward-Hager

It would have been a 5 star rating but my burrito was wayyy too spicy yesterday and I didn't ask for salsa...

Joseph Carrillo

AMAZING ... coming from a Texan who was raised on Tex-Mex. This place is LEGIT. Got two carbs asada tacos and some horchata, did not disappoint. So tasty. (Their salsa has a bit of a kick a heads up.)

Michael Welch

Killer shrimp burritos! Nice people and good service

Phuzzi B.

Ordered two burritos, one with Asada, one with chile verde. The fillings were good and moist, a nice switch from the joint over on 41st ave which tends to be kind of dry and dense, but there was NOT ENOUGH MEAT. The burritos are large. You would think there'd be nice chunks of meat in there. Not so. I was quite disappointed, as everything else about the burrito was very flavorful and quite promising WITH MORE MEAT! :-) haha.

Sylvia Mccarthy

Burrito was excellent and lived my IBC Root Beer.

Mars Jackson

Taqueria Michoacan is the best mexican food I've had outside of Mexico itself bar none. My only complaint is they're a little stingy on the salsa, but at that point I'm cherry picking. These guys rock, and if you like Mexican food they're a must visit location.

Bodi Z.

My go-to spot for burritos! I like the al pastor and my lady likes the shredded chicken. We add fries inside sometimes. We haven't tried much else there but the burritos are great!Pro-tip: it can be hard to get them on the phone to order ahead and when you do they generally start cooking it when you arrive anyway. Skip calling in and just show up, it's actually faster...

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