Taqueria Michoacan

21401 E Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz
(831) 465-8290

Recent Reviews

Mute M.

No flavor at all and it's straight sour creme with nearly no meat I feel cheated after this purchase. No respect for there customers dollar.

Jono S.

Chicken Mole burrito is fire!! Great taqueria with great prices. Lunch menu is solid, generally one person taking orders and one cooking but food comes out quick. Love their Jamaica too. Some petty reviews on here but i've always had a good experience and I always stop in when i'm in town!

Ellie G.

Food is gross, customer service is terrible as well. The lady that I'm assuming is the owner was rude. Just because it is your business does not mean you can treat people badly. Will not be eating here again, I would have expected the food to be amazing to put up with attitude but not even that. Stay away!

Barbra I.

We have started a mission to try all chile rellenos in SC and this is in the top 3! Gravy! It has GRAVY! We have had it several times and only now realized I never left a review. Like probably have spent hundreds on their Chile relleno haha. Muchos gracias!!! Thank you for your consistently good food, we love you. Also have tried the taco salad and love that as well! Cabbage is used instead of lettuce which I appreciate. I feel like it holds its own with spicy hot food. Stays crisp.

Elizabeth Tam

Great local taco restaurant. I love the al pastor taco salad! The prices are also very reasonable

Cylina Machado

LOL the older women working here is rude and so is the older man that occasionally takes orders, however the beans are VERY good and I like the tortilla so I come back ..but every time they’re rude. I don’t take it personal Especially after reading other reviews.FOOD>SERVICE

Love Mimi

I live around the corner and have been coming here forever…. But recently had the Weirdest experience with the owner—first time I’ve ever been gaslighted by a restaurant!!! Got the same order I’ve been buying for 3 years…this time they made it completely differently (blatantly lacking key ingredients). When I came back to explain, she looked at me with a straight face and said they’ve always made it that way. I was speechless—I had literally ordered the same thing a week before with no issues.The silver lining is that this bizarre rude encounter led me to discover nearby Salsa’s over by Peoples coffee. A happy ending! Salsas has a bigger menu (including many vegan options for you vegans out there). Better service and all around fresher ingredients. I will never look back.

Eva S.

The shrimp burrito is SO GOOD. I don't know what's up with the negative reviews but I've only had great experiences here.

P. K.

You guys are so freaking cheap. You've always been stingy with your salsa, but it's gotten out of control. Go in and order FIVE burritos for my coworkers. Made sure to ask for extra salsa, owing to how ridiculously miserly you are with salsa. Get back to the office and you were so generous you provided TWO salsas for five burritos. Give me a break.


This place has the best food and the best service in Santa Cruz! Monica and the other workers are always friendly! You can’t leave Santa Cruz without going to this spot! It’s is my ideal must go and I love to get the fish burrito! They great choices as well! ??

Kyle Hurford

Best fish tacos in town. It's simple, offers few frills, and is easy on the wallet.

Marisa G.

I wouldn't eat here again. The food was edible but it wasn't very tasty. I ordered the fish taco plate and I'm sad to say the rice was the best part of the dish. My husband had a carne asada burrito and that was better than what I had but wouldn't order it again.

Jacob A.

Literally the best burrito in Santa Cruz. Perfect spot, friendly service, and veggie/vegan options. Amazing breakfast burritos too!!

Jason Everingham

They were very accommodating and made my order to my liking.

Mario Funes

Some of the best shrimp burritos ever. Whenever I'm in Santa Cruz I make it a point to stop here

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