TOGO'S Sandwiches

902 Ocean St, Santa Cruz
(831) 471-2488

Recent Reviews

Anastasia Liikala

Great sandwiches, staff are friendly, all around good experience.Food: 5/5

Janine Enzweiler

Had to go back for a nother chichen,bacon,chicken,, rap, and there brownie yum yum

Elvia Luna

In my opinion, this Togo's has had the best sandwiches I've ever had for the past month and is worth the money than those at Subway. I always get a #24 Turkey and Avocado Sandwich 6". The employees always put plenty of each ingredient and balances each one out correctly. They also have great service towards their customers and are very understanding and patient with them. Overall, this place is a five stars for me even though I wish they had better management in terms of hiring more workers to attend to their customers in a timely fashion.

Ashley B

Their were 2 Awesome employees working on 8-12-2022 and they BOTH treated us with kindness, respect, and laughter. All 3 of our sandwiches were delicious and made at a reasonable speed. We will definitely come back!


Hot pastrami sandwiches on EBT. Thank you very much.

Amanda Sims

This Togo's is aweful! They skimp on the meat compared to any other store I've ever eaten at. I had to have my order redone three times and they still couldn't get it right! Instead of telling me they didn't have certain ingredients for my sandwich they kept making their own was frustrating! When you spend 15$ + on one sandwich you expect to get what you want right? ( Within reason of course) but my experience's there have been awful!

Kenneth Westphal

Hot with no AC, cramped, grumpy staff that ignore you, and an online order that was wrong.I love Togos, but you should skip this one.


I had the pastrami Reuben. I had the large sandwich, enough for 2 meals. The pastrami was tasty, the entire sandwich was good

Crystal B.

Horrible service! Rating -0 I placed an online order the night before for a an event. I ordered the Create your own (8) sandwiches with all the fixing on the side ($70) arrives and waited 10 min for someone to help me although I walked to the order pick up area. When I got my order it's only 4 sandwiches, I showed her my order and told her I was missing 4 more. I waited another 25 minutes for them to make the rest because it was only 2 workers and the orders were wrong!! All sandwiches include all condiments and vegetables very disappointed. On top of my order being wrong.. while I waited.. witnessed an employee using gloves to make a customers sandwich but pointless when he pull his pants up and fixes his hat with the same gloves on. Very Dirty!

Elizabeth I.

Came here for lunch the other day and got a regular ham, turkey and cheese sandwich with just extra mayo,red onion.I got a bag of chips and a diet coke.Food was good.Service was excellent.

Rahim Khoja

Just enough parking spaces and seating available both indoors and outdoors

Jon W.

The service was great but the portions were very short of acceptable. I'm posting a picture of the broccoli cheese soup I ordered and paid $5 for. It wasn't even 1/2 full!! The roast beef sandwich was great though.

David R.

This is by far the worst Togo's I've ever been to. Lots of sketchy homeless kids all around doing who knows what right outside the store. Employees very rude. Not wanting to even answer a simple question about what type of meat they're using. Don't really like the idea of being talked down to buy a smug gay Mexican guy making my sandwich

Sean W.

While the sandwich was fine, getting to that point to eat it took a while. It started with the woman that works there. The employee asked her if she gets a lunch break since she worked 7hrs, the owner said, yes, 10 minutes? The employee stood up to her and said, under California law, she gets 30 minutes. Lol. The owner didn't look happy! The whole vibe of this place is sketchy at best. Just not a friendly place. They had no chips to speak of. This is not the first time I've been here, there was no chips then?

Stephen Rendon

joint is good from what i remember. slow ubereats delivery tho.

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