Central Coast Coffee Co

116 Palisade Dr #114, Santa Maria
(805) 928-3230

Recent Reviews

Sandhya Y.

this place is in a medical office building so the atmosphere is very poor I expected a regular coffee shop with tables and chairs not an ultrasound waiting room! The styrofoam cups also did not give me a nice vibe. I would choose a different place to get coffee

Ron Y.

I've been going into this building for doctor visits for years and always seen this shop here. I'm on a diet avoiding sugars and love the smell of coffee and the thought of heated muffins drives me crazy. I decided to at least get a cup of coffee so as I sat in the doctor's office I looked in Yelp and saw that someone wrote sugar free Chai tea. So, I ordered one and it took her a little while preparing it, its not like Starbucks where they have a machine. But overall, she was great and the drink was great!

Pacific Rootz Collective

Love their ham and cheese sandwich!

Sebastian Walton

do not leave if it's busy, it is worth it. the staff was very friendly and attentive.

Julia Galvez

Great food. Great service

Adam Arcadipane

The coffee here is excellent and the customer service is amazing.My favorites are the garlic chicken panini and the sugar-free frozen blended mocha.

Adam A.

The staff here always take really good care of their customers and provide excellent service..Espresso is delicious and goes well in all sorts of drinks. One of my favorites is a mocha sugar-free with whip.The garlic chicken panini is also my favorite. You simply must try it!

Gibson Rules

Its a hospital lobby... hours were wrong about closing at 5 as well

SteveandKim Nodal

Always delicious, always on time!

Albert Perez

Nice place to get a quick snack.

samuel brock

Service is awesome even when they are busy. Had a friend come into town and she asked me to take her here again. It has a nice atmosphere.

weston perry

I give this place two thumbs up. This place has a great atmosphere.

Felicia Heath

Nice place to meet and catch up with family. Reminds me of a cafe in Chicago I liked to visit.

Charles Sutton

The entire meal was perfect. Great flavors. Perfectly cooked fish. The crispy crunchy pave potatoes...amazing. I highly recommend not sharing the potatoes. Chicken and mushroom terrine was delicious.The food was out of this world! Amazing! I had the Orkney scallop with pork belly to start followed by the Welsh loin of lamb. Both dishes were outstanding. Cooked to perfection with a joyful mix of flavours and textures

Andrew V.

If you care at all about espresso don't come here. They have no clue what they are doing. Sadly Starbucks down the street is far better. I would love to give my business to the local mom and pop but I just can't in this case.

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