Blossom Vietnamese

2821 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica
(424) 268-4425

Recent Reviews

Raven T.

I saw on their website their fried egg rolls were only $2.95 so I called and placed a pick up order. When I went to pick them up, I was a little surprised by the $9.65 total. I mentioned what their website had them priced at and was told "it must not be updated". They were good, nothing spectacular. Wasn't very satisfied with this experience, I won't be going back.

Tony Nguyen

Very good, authentic. Cool seating layout with just one long table for all.

Mackenzi Farsheed

My husband and I have not gone for pho anywhere else since we discovered this place last year.

Rad Rod

I bought a $12 bowl of soup and was charged $24? How does that math work? 50% tip? That?s a big tip for someone who does nothing. The server does not even show human expression or communicate and took my food away while I was still eating it. If anything I should be getting $12 bucks for tolerating it.

Ati N.

LOVE THIS PLACE!! The pho is so delicious and the service was amazing. I love the vibe here, it's so cute! If I could eat here everyday, I would :) thank you!!!

Rachel P.

I'm normally not a huge fan of pho but Blossom changed my mind! Blossom is a small little restaurant on Ocean Park and they have the most bomb pho! The broth is sooo flavorful you don't even need hoisin or sriracha. Honestly the best pho EVER. The eggrolls are perfectly crispy and the sauce is to die for! The wait can be a while but it is extremely worthwhile!

Steve C.

Cute pho spot on the West Side, fresh ingredients but the flavors didn't hit the mark for me. Banh Xeo: My favorite of the night, the shrimp and pork inside was really fresh and good quality. Pho Dac Biet: Good quality beef, but the broth was oily and salty. 18% Gratuity Charge for only 2 people with sub par service. The hostess didn't seat us, instead pointed to the long table to grab a seat. Our waitress was not helpful about the menu, and our wines came out after our food. No thanks!

Natasha G.

Great spot for lunch - good service and the food was fresh and delicious. The newly added Ban Xeo was very tasty! I've had a lot of authentic Vietnamese food and this comes pretty close.

Dennis L.

What to expect? Absolutely hidden gem, was passing by many times, did try Silver Lake and Down Town locations! Blossom is one of the places I can only compare with Quentin Tarantino movie-you absolutely know, anything you order will be absolutely the best! Not too mention amazing play list so get you Shazam ready! Wish they have more natural wines from Georgia but what they have to offer pair food perfectly! Blossom you hit my spot!

Allison Y.

Not understanding how a party of 3, would be charged an automatic 18% tip on top of the bill. Maybe it was the westside, but I've eaten places in the area before and this was the first. Portion of the vermicelli bowls were tiny, the soup for the pho was not hot enough like standard vietnamese restaurants. Waitress and owner were rushing us to leave just because there were parties waiting for table. I get it, but be a little more discreet about it. Portion, quality and lack of service does not justify the price. I won't be back to this location.

J R.

This place is goood. I ordered the spring rolls and veggie pho. Flavor, texture, and service were all on point.

Rachel W.

I came here on a whim during my lunch break this past week since I was craving a good bowl of pho. This is a cute little place and the pho is tasty (a little to salty for my taste). The service is pretty good. I really appreciate how genuine the wait staff was. There are small picnic tables for two outside and it is community seating inside, which is also interesting. It's not the best tasting pho I've ever had but the portions are decent and it has a good amount of flavor. I wish they would give more noodles considering how big the bowls are. The broth to noodle ratio could improve.

Tobey F.

I give 5 stars for the pho. The tip is auto-added to the bill here. Don't freak out. Its no worries. I'll be returning here again and again. Awesome broth. Lots of meatballs and beef all up in my bowl. Long table style but doesn't feel crowded. Feels like family. Too bad I ate alone here. Anyone wanna be my fwiend?

Cosette L.

I wish I got a photo of my pho, this place was so delicious I couldn't even wait to take a picture. I just inhaled the deliciousness. I got a veggie pho and their broth is right on point. The prices are decent and the broth is absolutely delicious. Definitely a place to try.

Sandie Bach

A cute, cozy place, with good pho and reasonable prices. The service was really lovely, and our server let us try several of the wines before we chose ours. Parking can be a little challenging over here depending on what time you go, so definitely leave extra time for that if you're meeting someone.

Natalie L.

Good casual Vietnamese food. Great wine! They have a few outdoor picnic style tables outside an one very long, very nice, community style table inside. You are sort of packed in close inside. The wait staff is courteous and responsive. The wine list is unusually good. I enjoyed a French Chenin Blanc in a huge gorgeous wine glass. My pork belly in egg noodles with poached egg and bol choi was tasty though the red pepper flakes were overpowering. If that's not your thing be sure to ask them to hold off or serve that on the side. The poached egg was over cooked but the egg noodles were perfect. The egg rolls were not great. All in all I will be back and ask them to hold the red pepper flakes;).

Judy T.

It was decent pho. It's ok price wise for Santa Monica, not huge portions and it was light and not oily. The spring roll was fine. Overall somewhat bland. Pleasant enough place for lunch. Nice tables outside. One long shared communal table inside not really my style, but it's all fine. I just can't remember what it tasted like and I had lunch not long ago. Ok then.

Ange D.

Blossom is an Eastside institution :) So glad they now have location on the Westside I can go to! Always delicious and fresh food and great service.

Paul G.

Great food & fantastic service! The imperial rolls are delicious and add great texture to any dish!

Julie L.

This place has the best pho I've had. I always end up getting the chicken pho because the broth is just so good.

Sandie B.

A cute, cozy place, with good pho and reasonable prices. The service was really lovely, and our server let us try several of the wines before we chose ours. Parking can be a little challenging over here depending on what time you go, so definitely leave extra time for that if you're meeting someone.

Cecille N.

One of the best summerrolls I've ever tried. Thumbs up!

Genevieve Y.

Um, um, um, I'm sorry, but this place is AMAAAAAAZING!!! From the top notch service, amazing ambiance and FANTASTIC food, not to mention the super cool music, and location. I've stumbled upon a gem and can't wait to return. Today we had iced Vietnamese coffee , Imperial Rolls (very traditional take on the preparation. YUM and FRESH!) the noodle bowl with lemongrass steak , all were incredible. Thrilled to have discovered this new little place. Thanks, Yelp reviewers, except the 4*'s and below. This gets 5+ 's from me.

Diana C.

What a great find! There's one long table in the middle of the restaurant; it's a pretty small space, but it was not crowded when I went. The vermicelli was very good and there was a good ratio of noodle and bean sprouts. Some restaurants put a lot of fillers and not that much meat/ noodles, but this one did not. Egg rolls were yummy and extra crispy!

Molly T.

This place is all around the Food is great, service is great, ambiance is great. I, a random stranger who you have no reason to believe, highly recommend this place.

Luke Chen

Loved the interior design and the service was spot on! The meat for the noodle soup was great and the meal was an amazing experience. The little details in the utensils was fulfilling.


Bad Blossom! First off, let me say that the food is very good. And itâ??s not about bad service either, or the fact that they include gratuity (ok, I mind a little). My problem is that they add the 18% gratuity AFTER TAX!!!

Lo Amelia

Tasty pho soup noodle in a huge bowl and the price is reasonable!

Cee Dupree

Little pho spot with great options and communal seating.

Adam B.

Literally no flavor at all. I've never walked into a restaurant that smelled so good and been presented with food that was so bland.... I mean it would be impossible to try this feat on your own haha. I was so excited to receive my meal and then womp womp womp... and it was expensive lol

Myung Jin K.

Yes - this is a well run restaurant - from their music selection to their food and choice of noodles to their staff and service, even their name, logo, tables and seats are welcoming. A lot of attention to detail has been put into establishing and maintaining this place and it shows as soon as one walks in. They serve their yummy pho in beautiful ceramic bowls. While Blossom is not a fancy place, it is also not a hole in the wall. We enjoyed spending some time inside this place because of it's simple yet eye pleasing interior. They have a large table in the middle and many picnic tables outside to enjoy their food. They have a heat lamp for those who chose to sit outside when the weather is on the cold side. For those who imbibe, they have a good selection of wines and champagne to compliment their meals. My daughter, who ordered their pho ga loved their pleasing broth and even commented on their choice of noodles. She said they were special noodles. Their bone broth helped ward off my daughter's impending cold. A healthy portion of chicken was served in their pho ga and the perfect amount of bean sprouts, herbs, etc. We plan on returning many times over the summer to sample many more items on their menu. We found plenty of street parking on the side streets and they have metered parking in front on Ocean Park.

Yong Hoon Choi

Nice and quick food! Great service

Robert Siniscalchi II

Love it so much! Veggie pho is the best in town so check it out if you're in the area. There's another location downtown but this one is perfect for a lunch break close to campus.

tara shima

Tasty and affordable. Just know that it is community seating, so you need to be comfortable making cozy with strangers.

Barbara G.

Outstanding, just a wonderful experience. Fresh ingredients. Really healthy. Fast, friendly service.

Lisa Sweeney

Tasty, fresh pho with quick friendly service in communal atmosphere.

Tony T.

Food X Ambiance X Wine/Beer X Service = Best in Breed

Оксана Шевченко

I wouldnâ??t say the food was great. Just ok. I was ok to eat it, but I expected more taste.

Jo A.

I'm Vietnamese so I know authentic Vietnamese food. The ambiance is super cute but this place does not serve authentic Vietnamese food. Portions were small and expensive. We were cold and hungry for some comfort food and saw the great reviews so we thought we'd give it a try. Not worth it. In addition to the mediocre food, it was mediocre service. To top it off, they added gratuity to the bill! There were only 5 of us!! WTH

Jon G.

The King! This remains the best deal on town. Delicious as reasonably priced. We always get Pho -- veggie, chicken, and beef are all excellent. Ask for the spicy fish sauce to at add in. The ginger tea drink is great, as are the shrimp veggie rolls -- they are rice noodles, not fried.