Blossom Vietnamese

2821 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica
(424) 268-4425

Recent Reviews

Susan G.

Love this restaurant. Best food - really fresh. We love the staff. Professional - clean and safe. Thanks you guys :)

Lauren Kay

Big thanks to Blossom for satisfying my quarantine craving! I was a bit of an entitled jerk and called to place an order 5 minutes before they closed. The person I spoke with was super nice and agreed to stay an extra 15 minutes so I could get there. The food was delicious and I am sinking into a happy food coma as I type this...?

karin mahle

I love this place! Finally a menu full of yummy vegan options! The tofu spring rolls are the best I've ever had.

Ashley P.

One of our favorite dinner spots! We come here at least 2-3x a month and have been ordering take away during the shelter-in-place. Our go-to's are the #32 beef pho, vegetarian spring rolls (that come with an amazing peanut sauce), and their ginger tea. Portions are the perfect size, and come with all the freshest toppings -- basil, mint, bean sprouts, etc. We will continue supporting and can't wait until we can dine-in again soon. The ambiance they've created is casual, relaxed, and well designed (great ceramics, candles, and the most phenomenal communal table sitch); it just doesn't feel the same at home.

E C.

Blossom has a lot of takeout business during COVID-19! Super fresh ingredients and vegetables. We ordered the noodles with imperial rolls and shrimp. The fried bun seo is special, don't skip it! We have also had their pho on other occasions, which is delicious. My mother likes the crab pho. I think this review covers the entire menu !

P Marshall

Great pho on this side of town. Love. the communal table, small menu, excellent wine choices, and the flavours!!! Staff is super sweet and nice. Support local!

Nika Kostyantynivna

Best pho I’ve had in LA?love this family-owned, local spot. Hope to enjoy it for many years to come

Navz F.

This place never disappoints, the pho and vegetables are always fresh and the service is good. Even the chopsticks they give for takeout are good quality, would highly recommend


Great pho on this side of town. Love. the communal table, small menu, excellent wine choices, and the flavours!!! Staff is super sweet and nice. Support local!

Brooke B.

I loved the pho - ordered #32, the meatballs were really tasty. Portion was pretty large, I couldn't finish it all. Broth tasted nice and clean. Imperial rolls were awesome- really fresh tasting and not to greasy! ginger Limeade - I want to drink this every day was so good. Decor- they have the most beautiful table made from a single piece of a fallen redwood tree! I do wish it was a little less expensive overall, but the tip is built in to the price so it evens it out a little. We will definitely come back!

Daisuke O.

When I want pho, this is my place to go. This is my most favorite and it always give me satisfaction! Healthy and yummy. Can't wait to come back

Janet H.

Probably my new favorite pho place on the west side! I'm a pho ga (chicken pho) kind of gal and thought the broth was amazing!! The pho was flavorful and generous in chicken. I don't think it's traditional but I'm fine with that. I did notice the noodle portion is smaller than most places, but I never usually able to finish a big bowl anyway. I can't wait to come back and bring my husband. It's such a cute place. Also seems to have a good variety of alcohol.

J.C. C

Food is pretty good but pricey. Something really wrong with the service Everytime I come here. Servers seem confused and service is untimely.

Steven H.

I enjoy the Banh Xeo but you shouldn't serve customers dripping wet lettuce. Ugghhh. Oily mung bean crepe is not very nice to eat. Try using a cold batter and less oil to get a nice crisp finish. Glad you guys are around.

Monte Hartman

Food is very good but very pricey. The prices have gone up even more recently. Service is so so, they seem to have new servers everytime I go that need help and you'll automatically be charged 18% for it on your bill. There is one large common table which is fine until someone sits across from you with an obvious cold or flu, coughing and sneezing. I've found myself leaving mid-meal because of this. I do go back for the food quality only because it's a block from my house and try not to go when it's busy and more likely to have someone sitting uncomfortably close.There are outside busy sidewalk tables without heaters so not good when it's cold out.

Alexander A.

Some of the best broth I have ever had in a bowl of pho. Fresh ingredients. Beautiful presentation. Great service.

Michael P.

Let me start off by saying I frequent the other Blossom locations in DTLA and Silverlake. This location is so oddly strange compared to the other locations... Food 5/5 as usual. Authentic Vietnamese cuisine for the modern American taste and presentation. Interior Seating a 2/5. When your staff seems even confused about the seating and who is serving who in that oddly German long table environment; something is definitely off and bad feng shui Duc!! If your coming here, just opt to sit outside! If I worked nearby or across the street from here, I would probably frequent it. Don't go out of the way to eat here since the parking situation is terrible on the west side!

Alice Zhou

Lovely ambience and delicious pho. Also the bowls here are beautiful.

Ls G

Overcooked Chicken in the Pho dish. The soup itself was under seasoned, bland, and lacked any added vegetables. The spring roll was good, and we enjoyed their dipping sauces.

Megan R.

The best things about this place are the ambiance and that dang good pho broth. I checked Blossom out with a friend this past Saturday night and loved the vibe as soon as I walked in. While it's a Vietnamese restaurant, it has nods to Scandinavian style with a Danish hutch, a long communal table, and cozy candles. We arrived right when they opened and were the second party there. I wouldn't say this place is particularly good for groups as it's pretty small. You're also up close and personal with the people around you since it's one long shared table, so maybe not the best place for an intimate date night, plotting a murder, etc. When decided what my friend and I wanted to do on Saturday, I told her I didn't really care as long as a really good glass of red wine was involved. Blossom has an okay wine list--there's a way larger selection if you're down to purchase a bottle rather than a glass or two. I just wanted one glass and I think they had five total red options, three of which were very Merlot-forward. I was looking for something a little more jammy and ordered the Pinot, but was super disappointed when our server came back and told us they were entirely out of red wine by the glass. What was also weird about it is they have a whole wall of red wines at the end of the table, but apparently those are only to purchase by the bottle (even if they're entirely out of red wine otherwise)? For a Saturday night, this was surprising and kind of spoiled my experience from the jump. Per my friend's suggestion I ordered the rare steak pho and I can definitely say it's a good choice. The broth is absolutely lovely and the portion is enormous. For the price (around $13), this is totally a steal (in Santa Monica, no less!). I was over half way through my meal when another server popped with a glass of wine. I mean, I was definitely happy it was there, but I didn't get to finish it and found it odd they just brought it and charged full price rather than seeing if I still wanted it. When it was time to go we asked if we could split our check to which they said no. Be sure to read your bill as they add an 18% tip automatically, no matter your party size. I know this bothers some people and I kind of understand why, but I mostly think the issue is communication. I usually tip more than that (even if it was a just okay experience, as you never know what's going on behind the scenes), but I think they should make a point to explain the surcharge as most restaurants don't operate that way. All in all, service could've been better and pulling a bottle off the "bottle only" shelf would've gone a long way. Would come back for a huge bowl of soup though, especially as the days are getting shorter and chillier. Glad I t

Travis L.

I've been to the Silverlake location many times which was a fantastic dining experience every time, but this location seems to be poorly managed and serving staff very complacent. I dined with one other person and we were taken to a long table in middle of restaurant. There was a tall large vase that was directly in between my date and me, and when I asked the hostess if we can move it somewhere else so we could be able to converse while eating, first she said no and then she asked another server if that was possible who did say yes- which they just moved to in between where we would be sitting and the couple dining next to us. The hostess then tells us that there was a party of 2 in front of us who was waiting for a table to open up because they had the same issue with the spot we were being seated in. So we just ended up taking a table outside. Next complaint was that both of our pho portions were super small in comparison to all of my dining experiences at Silverlake location, and was very bland and mediocre at best. I was showing a friend here who was visiting, and we were both sadly disappointed. Lastly, after having to flag a server down to close our check because apparently they forget about the guests outside, we learned that an automatic 18% gratuity is added to the check, which was never discussed or explained to us, but makes sense after experiencing the poor service and complete complacency of the serving staff. Maybe just an off night for them but in Santa Monica/LA there are so many amazing restaurants to choose from, I wouldn't waste my time going here again. I eat out at places all the time between work and personal life, and I am a very patient and understanding person, my Hope is that the owner/manager reads this and can addresss these issues going forward.

K. Young

Cozy little pho restaurant tucked away from a non-touristy area of Santa Monica. Broth was yummy and noodles were as expected. I wasn't blown away, but it was good. I would dine here again.

Annie Mitchell

Blossom is my go-to place for my weekly pho habit. The broth is rich, fragrant and's made properly. The rolls are great too and they have a new crepe on the menu that is messy to eat, but totally worth it! I'm also a celiac sufferer and they have always been very accommodating. I've never had a reaction from eating here. It's usually pretty easy to find a seat even during the busiest times. I love this place!!

Alan V.

PROS: Broth is thick and tasty Spring rolls are well made and the peanut sauce is zesty (could be a bit thicker though) Overall quality of food is pretty good Presentation is also pretty good CONS: Not enough meat and noodles especially given that they're bowls of pho start at $13. They automatically charge 18% gratuity when dining in and their overall service doesn't live up to it. Most of the servers/hosts are aloof and/or distracted. If dining inside you have to sit at a giant long table, no personal space. This place has a lot of potential, if they were to first do away with the 18% gratuity to make sure the servers are more solicitous as they would make an effort to actually earn the tip. The food is already pricey for what it is to begin with so forcing people to pay an 18% tip on top of that is just a sneaky business tactic. Ironically I usually tip more than that, but when it's being forced upon me it's a major turn off and I won't tip a penny more. I'm willing to give it another shot. I just started working in the area and was hoping to make this my go-to pho place but I don't see that happening.

Sachié H.

This place is legit!! My husband took me here after coming here twice on his own in one week - yes it's that good. The depth and complexity of the pho broth is unmatched. We ordered the oxtail pho, the combo pho, banh xeo appetizer, an iced ginger limeade and a Vietnamese coffee - all were on point. The waitresses were friendly and helpful, the ambience is relaxed and inviting. I love the elevated, heavy, gorgeous bowls they serve pho in, and the Aesop soap in the bathrooms. Also, the chef came out to say hello, which is always a nice touch. My husband and I traveled to Vietnam last year and have been a little reluctant to dive back into Vietnamese food in the states since most food here is Americanized. Blossom does not disappoint.

Efrain Chavez

Food has taste and enough to fill you up, price it’s fine but that tip adds up to the bill with no percentage options unlike other places but what made my night is that after waiter seeing my wife putting cash on bill tray didn’t say a thing and then just refuse to take any cash only accepted credit card.

Cher A.

Oh boy this place has good food and great service! My SO came here first and got the oxtail pho and I came along the next day and we both got our own oxtail pho... And if it isn't obvious what's our fave here it's the oxtail pho! I've never come across a place that just dumps a ton of oxtail into my soup - but here I am in blossom just knee deep in oxtail - haha jk but not really...There's tons of meat and not just noodles. We also ordered the fried shrimp and chicken spring roll - it was crispy and delish! Also the chef is SUCH a nice guy, and the waitresses and service are A - grade! Will return for oxtail pho and spring rolls and good service.

Karen Gunn

Very good food. Pretty fast turn around from ordering to table. Fresh ingredients.

Jeremy S.

Wow a good pho place in socal. The pho broth is delicious and I really enjoyed the crepe. The service was good too which is expected when there is a 18% service charge. However the reason for the low rating is that we saw the workers touching raw meat and with the same fingers serving up veggies that came with the dishes. To me, that is extremely unsanitary!

Ngan Sax

The foods was delicious! I ordered banh xeo and cant wait to be back for more tasty Vietnamese food so. Highly recommended!

Anna L.

Blossom is my new favorite restaurant! The pho is amazing, the wine selection is diverse, and the service is excellent! This place serves authentic food with fresh ingredients and this will definitely be my new local spot. Also the corkage is only $15 and the owner (Duc) will decant it for you.

Jayzee B.

The lady server does not have courtesy AT ALL! She keep clearing our table even though we are still eating and enjoying our food and conversation. We will understand if she is suffering OCD . Another scene, we order another food and she told us that the check are already closed and she will issue a separate check for the additional food. She even keep reasoning . Please note that we are still eating and she closed our check! Why she's in a hurry? Any doctor appointment (after 5pm) that she does not want to miss? She need some training! Oh yeah, don't forget the automatic 18% Service Charge in your check!

Chad G.

We were tired from work and wanted to de stress and have good soup. We decided to try this place. Food was 5 stars. We had Combination Pho, which had great depth of flavor and their spring rolls. We were excited to find a new place to dine in, and we were already planning to come back with our families..... I was just annoyed when the server gave us the check, while we were still eating. I even told her that we were still trying to finish our food, and in fact was going to order more. She said that it was their policy. So, I had to express my disappointment and told her that it was rude to hand the check when we are not done eating, but decided to order Pho to go anyway. When the check came back, it charged automatic 18% service charge for a group of 4. I don't mind tipping, but it threw me back to see the automatic service charge, especially when I was not satisfied with the service...

Joe Edmonds

They just added banh xeo to the menu! The crab noodle soup is my other favorite. Great ambiance. A little busy on weekend nights unless you arrive early.

Winston E R Baker

Wow. Was not expecting good pho and wine on the west side. What a great experience. The service was kind of off tempo but they were friendly and I bet it was just a fluke.

Johnny Koester

This place is great, the food is fantastic, the service is fast and the shared table is fun.

Talia Lake

Amazing wine menu; considerate service despite being crazy busy; the crepe is a MUST HAVE

Krysten M.

Cute little Vietnamese restaurant. It's a semi-modern Vietnamese restaurant with traditional dishes and fun takes on traditional dishes. They had a new item on the menu that was a spring roll with fried tilapia. I wanted to try it but opted for the traditional version with shrimp and pork instead. It was average. The pho was pretty good. The broth was flavorful and the noodles were tender and not sticky. They have a waygu pho that's $25 if you fancy. I would give it 5 stars but the service is average. If you come at a busy time you might be waiting a while. It's just one big table community style inside so don't even try coming here with more than 2 people. We came around 8 on a Saturday and it was super busy. The staff were moving around very hectic so I want to think it was an unusually busy night. But it is very small so come at an off time or try ordering for pick up.

Sam W.

Not a fan. It's a glorified pho joint. $11.00 for a bowl of pho? Lawl! Not only that, but they add a 18% tip into your bill, no matter how many people you have in your party. This makes the waiters/waitresses not care about service. Jug of water on the table. Help yourself.

Dean Rosenwald

Really really good but pricey. A bit over priced to be honest... Plus the 18% included gratuity makes it look more expensive and it just leaves a bad taste. Food is bomb tho, still need to try the wagyu