Fia Restaurant

2454 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica
(424) 280-4196

Recent Reviews

Megan Mets

BEST RESTAURANT IN LA!!!!! This place is actually to die for. The ambiance is so beautiful and the food is delicious. We went to the bar in the back before dinner to grab some drinks. The wine and cocktails are amazing. For starters we had the focaccia bread, cheese plate, and heirloom greens salad with black truffle vinaigrette. All delicious. For our mains we had the house-made cavatelli with shaved black truffle, hand-cut capellini with lobster bolognese, and the patatas bravas. Everything was so delicious. We are already planning our next time back!

Brian Lane

The food is unique and delicious, and the atmosphere is fantastic. Highly recommended this place for brunch or dinner. For brunch, the service was a little slow. We had a great server, but it seemed like additional staff is needed.

Michael Kovac

I feel like we've been hearing about Fia for quite some time, so we finally headed crosstown to check out this delicious innovative restaurant. From a beautiful, warm, welcome open air dining room that feels like you're in a forest (which is somewhat accurate as trees pierce the tented canopy) to the well thought out cocktail menu to their absolutely excellent food, Fia deserves more attention. The impossible good Cod, with spring peas and a crust that contains cocoa butter, to the epic grilled corn with truffles (pricey for corn, but worth the price and the commute), perfectly roasted white and purple cauliflower with a salty bagna cauda - everything hits and satisfies the taste buds. The dark chocolate semifreddo is an overall sweet ending. My only regret? That we hadn't stopped in sooner.

Nancy S.

I really wish I could say I loved it here, I really do. Maybe it's because I went in with such high expectations, or maybe it's because the menu just looks so amazing at first glance, but I left quite disappointed- and I wasn't alone. My entire party of 8 people had the same feeling. We tried almost all the items on the menu, and to say that not a single one was noteworthy, wouldn't be a lie. We started with the raw- Hamachi, Tuna, scallops, beef tartare, spicy chili tuna- these were decent. Not bad, but not extraordinary. Presentation was cute- nice plating and some foods served on a bed of rocks- very cool- but unfortunately, unlike many others, I taste with my mouth -not my eyes. And my eyes and tastebuds weren't aligned. Then we moved onto the salads- the tabeside Italian was Gross, for lack of a better word. Tastes like it came straight out of a bag, if I hadn't seen them toss it with my own eyes, I would have assumed it was a from the refrigerated section of a supermarket. Veggies- the Brussels had no flavor. Steamed with some sort of dressing on top. Not a crowd favorite- and it's almost impossible so or to mess up Brussels sprouts ((in my opinion). The corn- simple. On the Cobb. Nothing special about it. The Pastas- HOW CAN YOU SCREW THIS ONE UP!!!?? Bland, flavorless, not fully coated with sauce. I mean, just not done well. The lobster Bolognese tasted liked tomato sauce atop a bed of noodles. The truffle cavatelli was decentt- probably the best out of the bunch, the bucatini was also a fail. Sorry to be so radical, but I find it hard to mess up a classic pasta dish. Finally- the main entree!! The Tomahok- came out extremely rare. Completely rare. Disgrace that the chef would recommend this. We had two orders of this. And guess who got to enjoy it??? Our dog! Yes, he loved it. We however, could not even chew it. My dentist would not be pleased. By the time we got the black cod, everyone was so over it we barely tried it. As for desserts- we got the big chocolate ball and some donuts dipped in different sauces- both medicore! Overall, if you've taken the time to read through my long tenacious review, I hope I've convinced you to take your tastebuds elsewhere. If I didn't, I should add that all 8 of us went to sleep and woke up feeling sick today. One of us even missed work- Not a great feeling after leaving a restaurant with a bill that left such a dent in the wallet. I must admit though that the ambiance and service was very nice- hence the two stars. Very pretty and big space. Very professional and quick service. So to that I will say cheers.

Christina K.

Wow wow wow! This has to be in the top 5 of the prettiest restaurant patios in LA. My husband and I visited on a Saturday around 12:30 for brunch. We were seated promptly, the waiter brought menus and took our order quickly. The attention to detail in the service is wonderful. They brought us little biscotti and warm milk for our coffees. We ordered the pecan sticky bun, croissant with blackberry compote, huevos rancheros, and corned beef hash cake. Everything came out at the right time and it was delicious and unique. We can't wait to go back to try the toasts and everything else on the menu.

Danny Y.

I only have good things to say about this place. The staff is some of the friendliest. The ambience is cool, hip and romantic. The decor is dope. It feels like you are outdoors which you kind of are. The food is amazing and the pricing is reasonable. Some of the best truffle heavy dishes I have had done right (I am normally skeptical that truffle heavy dishes are not good/done right). I recommend their truffle heavy corn and their cavatelli pasta (not just flavorful but the texture is great). I enjoyed their patatas and cod (complimented the heaviness of the other dishes). The one thing that was good but I wouldn't order again is their seasonal vegetable salad. I highly recommend this place. Parking shouldn't be an issue.

David Caltrider

It is not often that new place offers such a great vibe that is outdone buy such tremendous food. Fun and delicious cocktails, outstanding wine list, and a menu that impresses from beginning to end. The service was attentive but never intrusive. Did I mention the food was great ?!?! I have a new favorite restaurant in the LA area.

Karina Z.

I made reservations about 2 weeks prior for my mother's birthday brunch for a party of 10, i requested the balcony area and they informed me they can't promise because if they have a bigger party they have to put them there which is totally understandably. Well we come and there is no party up there and we aren't sitting there either. We sat next to another large party, it was cold, we had no heaters but the other party did and once they left they gave us one of the heaters. Thanks! As for food, waited forever for our appetizers, nothing special. The waffle was good and French toast was also flavorful. As for our entrees wow. We had to send back all of our steak and egg dishes because they weren't cooked correctly. When we revcieved our meals i tasted the meat and one of the worst meats I've ever tasted. How do they even serve this kind of meat? Service sucked too. They can't seem to handle a party of 10 with 4 being kids and a table next to us a party of 14 or so. Don't recommend this place at all!!

Robert D.

Very cool and yummy spot. We went for a birthday and seemed like they were fully booked and busy. Server was overwhelmed but rocked it. Food was pretty yummy. Just about everything we got was pretty good. They have valet parking, $8, and if you lucky street parking is available also.

Courtney U.

Went to Fia for the first time last night. We were extremely impressed! We sat in the back patio and it was beautiful. Our waiter was informative and had a positive, upbeat demeanor. The food was really outstanding- we ordered several dishes including the cavatelli, cod, lobster Bolognese. Everything was seasoned well and delicious. Will definitely recommending this restaurant

Vivian L.

My husband and I just had an excellent meal at Fia. We honestly haven't eaten out much lately since we started eating healthy and exercising more. It was such a treat to finally go out to eat again. We ordered from the dineLA menu plus an extra starter item. We loved everything we got except for the 2 desserts which were kinda off. Beef tartare on toast, chicken liver mousse and tuna carpaccio were excellent - great way to start the meal. The highlight was truly the chicken liver mousse - the toast was thin, slightly toasted, and buttery. The fig jam and chicken liver mousse went really well together. I highly recommend getting the cavetelli - perfectly soft and buttery. I could eat this everyday. I was not a fan of the desserts - lemon mousse was too sour, the chocolate bar dessert was too sweet.

Sarah B.

We had a fantastic dinner at Fia on Saturday to celebrate my mom's 65th birthday. It is the perfect spot for a special occasion meal! Definitely on the pricier side, especially if you bring your own alcohol. $45 per bottle corkage fee -- yikes!! The ambiance is just lovely on their covered patio with trees and string lights all around. The service was impeccable. Everyone who serviced our table from pouring our water, to taking our order, to bringing our food, was quick, attentive, and professional. I even commented that I loved the music playlist, and our waiter brought the Manager of Operations to our table so that I could meet him and compliment him in person! The music, for reference, was modern alternative electronic, which everyone at the table including my mom enjoyed. MUST-ORDER items: * Rock shrimp cakes * Cavatelli with fresh shaved truffle * Brussel sprouts * Braised short rib * Lemon mousse * Ricotta bombolino I would definitely recommend Fia to anyone looking for a special dining experience!

Kraig Dooman

Food was just ok and the service was worse! The attitude of the employees was very nonchalant. Going through the motions instead of actually showing that they were there to provide a customer experience. 2 dish was excellent, 3 were average and one was terrible. I just dont like cold pasta!

Erin B.

When my friend wanted to celebrate her birthday we Decided to give this iconic location a chance. So happy that we did it. The new entrance drops you straight into the patio instead of walking through the bar. Since we were a coed group the feeling of romance was not missed on us. We opted to share plates (my fav). We had the Spicy Chili Tuna (a table favorite) and Rock Shrimp Cakes with Horseradish, which I loved but got mixed table reviews, to start....but this girl a little horseradish!! Our Main Dish choices were Cavatelli with Truffles Grilled Octopus...definitely a table favorite. We were fighting over the last bites We loved the cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. The waiter was so gracious in wine suggestions and even brought us a tasting before we purchased a bottle. The whole experience was so amazing we already have made plans to go back.

Eli Geschwind

The restaurant patio is really pretty and the staff is friendly. However, the food here is average. The sticky bun was good, but my goat cheese frittata was over salted.

Michael Birochak

I was part of a group of nine energetic, fun loving, and new Californians. The menu offerings are meant to be shared so we ordered three each of nine different kinds of starters, nexters, entrees, salads, and desserts. The cheeses sampler begged for more. All the food disappeared in a tangle of arms crisscrossing the dining table. That interaction boosted our shared delight of dining togetherness. Great food, great atmosphere, great service, and valet parking merged for a wonderful evening at Fia in Santa Monica.

Business Manager

5 Stars for the the environment, to VIP treatment and the people I was with. 5 Stars for the waiters, the waitreses, and the hosts. But tha Chef can not cook. Who serves spaghetti crunchy? The Chef at Fia. Who feel comfortable serving burnt blackness on corn? The Chef at Fia. Who feel comfortable not altering the menu fir vegetarians? The Chef at Fia.

Eilana G.

Let's start with the positive. So cute!!!!! This place has both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating has white lights all around the trees. I think because it is cold and raining they cover the outdoor seating but I think in the summer they may leave it open. This restaurant has so many different pockets for seating. Indoors, outdoors, upstairs, etc. it would be such a cute place for a private event. I really wanted to like this restaurant, but I was disappointed. Let's start off with the food. We ordered the fish tacos, brussels sprouts, truffle pasta, a salad, and potatoes. The food was OK. Nothing special at all Except the tacos were unique. They give you the whole fish and bread and sauces were on the side. Fish totally could've used more flavor like salt or sauce but it was a cool concept. The pasta was nothing special at all. Didn't have much flavor very small portion. The salad and brussels sprouts were OK. The potatoes are actually pretty good probably my favorite thing we ordered. The service was extremely disappointing. We asked for recommendations for wine and it took them forever to get someone to explain the wine list to us. They didn't even have someone to go order while waiting for the wine. It seemed as if we didn't have a consistent waiter and we had multiple people helping us except no one was helping us. They messed up on the desert order. We asked for something and they brought us something completely different and apologize stating that they ran out of the other dessert. At least they should've told if they run out of it and we could've ordered something else. That's not OK for them to choose what to give us. They gave us the desert for free but honestly it was so disgusting that we didn't even eat it. The staff seem confused and could definitely use more training and be more attentive. I really wanted to like this place but was bummed.

Jim G.

I was stuck between a 3 and 4. I went up because of the good service, inviting atmosphere, and the quality of the dishes. I'm definitely used to going to some pricey meals but this one was up there for what you get. The best bites...were the salmon tartare, and the ricotta bombolina which will blow your mind! The truffle cavatelli was another dish to not miss. On the other hand, while the beef tartare was good, it was way over sauced and the quality of the fish was completely lost. The octopus with beans is a no go! Overcooked octopus with a sauce that just did not go. The lamb was great quality, but lacked much flavor at all. For the price and the portion size you really can't afford to have some dishes that miss the mark, at least for me. Would I go again? Maybe but likely only if friends really want to try it out.


Meal was way overpriced for what we got. Our pie was cold. Pie is served warm and especially w/ice cream ! We asked for condiments for To go salmon and prime rib but got home and wasn’t there. Service was excellent except for fact condiments were left out. So was real disappointed and the fact my daughter spent a fortune for the Thanksgiving meal?

Lori Powell

Lovely restaurant. Used to be the Wilshire. Same interior design as before but different food menu. Expect to spend 50-100 per person but everything we had were good.

Stephanie L.

Trees abound here. Twinkly lights shine in your eyes. After a horrible days work, I tread down the alleyway that leads to the restaurant and seeing the alfresco restaurant with romantic lighting a front lifted my spirits with each step. By the time I made it in, the whole day washed away & I was back in the present. My husband and I dined outside with a large mature tree probably matching his age, joining us upright adjacent to our table through the meal. It's presence was a constant, beautiful and comforting reminder of the earth around us. The food here rivaled my other main stay favorites to the point that this is a new found love. We are returning this December in fact with family. The black cod dish is simply the best fish I've had. It beat my Las Vegas favorite which floored me. Each veggie dish was so flavorful and delightful, we devoured them. Even the salad was fabulous. Doused ina light, delightfully flavorful but mild dressing and topped in parm. My husband had the donuts for dessert and he enjoyed every last crumb. Our server was phenomenal. I'm so sad I don't recall his name. But do try this beautiful Wilshire replacement. It exceeded our expectations by a huge margin. We love this new addition

Justin B.

Fia (formerly The Wilshire) was an awesome experience. I went with a large work group and booked their private dining patio outside that sits behind/above the bar. The Wilshire had fairly good food but Fia is next level. Our group went with a multi course menu given the amount of people we had, so I didn't have a more typical/intimate experience here. However, it showcased a wide range of their food options. Given the lengthy nomenclature of all their dishes, I'm not going to talk about all of them but we had everything from ahi tuna and salmon, to Italian pasta and oysters, as well as sliced filet. Honestly, I can't remember anything out of probably 10 dishes that wasn't good. I highly recommend this place!! It's valet parking at night so if you can sneak a spot elsewhere I'd recommend.

Victor M.

I struggled on how to rate this restaurant that has been touted as one of the "best new" restaurants in 2019. The place for me was in the 3-1/2 star range. It was much better than A-Ok, but I wouldn't go as far to say that I am a fan. Despite an unfortunate customer service issue during our dining experience, Fia is the restaurant for the 21st century and the 30-something crowd. I think we may have been the oldest ones in the restaurant so our expectations may have been higher than the regular crowd. Serving portions in general were on the smaller size even for their main entrees for the price that was being charged. The food in general was well prepared and tasty as you would expect from a Michelin star chef such as Brendan Collins, albeit the black cod which was overly salty as one of many issues with this specific entree for us. Their rack of lamb was exceptional and their kampachi could easily be one of their "must-have" dishes. They do love to add truffle to many of their dishes which probably also contributes to the higher prices charged per starter/entree/pasta. Their simple green salad had truffle vinagrette, their cavatelli had truffle, their corn had truffle shavings . . . well, you get the point. You better love truffles or you will limited in your choices on the current menu. Fia is a lovely restaurant with an inviting outdoor garden setting. Their cocktails were inventive but expensive, and in some cases, though, less expensive than their wines. They do have happy hour at the bar which could save you a few dollars before dinner. It is quite evident to me that the black cod may not be one of their stronger dishes. How the restaurant management handled the black cod issues for us was disappointing which prevents me from being a fan despite all the positive aspects of the restaurant. But then, we may also not be their preferred demographics!

Gary W.

Disappointing! Fia was underwhelming, and so tragic since Wilshire was wonderful and Fia has so much going for it (great patio, wonderful location, great bar, good ambiance). But if you check out the reviews, it is on a slow, steady decline since opening in August and seems to be rapidly heading in the wrong direction unless they course correct soon. The experience was an average 3-star at best for the following reasons: 1. Beautiful outdoor seating area, but the service was incredibly slow and not very helpful in the suggestion or selection of cocktails or pointing out favorites on the menu. 2. The first round of cocktails we ordered from their list were so poor and uninspiring we sent them back. 3. The good news is the menu is extensive and you are encouraged to order many tapas style dishes (they suggest 4-5 for a party of two), but the portions are so small, with a very high price. The value is truly low given the portion size and average quality of the food. 4. We tried the Hamachi (very good), Salmon cones (good but very small), Chopped Veggie Salad (average), Shrimp Cakes (very good) and Grilled Corn (good) and Octopus (average). But each plate had a price tag of $20-$28 and given the portion size, the value was below average. 5. Total bill for four cocktails and six small plates was $270...very expensive for the quality and the experience. Given how many other great restaurants there are in and around Santa Monica, we will not return and do not recommend. Sorry...not a fan.

Lawrence Shin

Really great ambiance, very friendly staff, delicious food. Price is what it is, but the quality is there!

David D.

I thought the food here tonight was very good. I had the Lobster Bolognese ( 32) (very little lobster in it) and tasted my friends Scallops from Maine. (32) ( Excellent ). Someone else at the table had the braised beef (50) and said it was very good. The waiter recommended Santa Monica Beer (10) and it was great too. I don't think anyone dining here is going to complain about the food. Portion sizes here are on the small size so if you are not very hungry or on a diet don't worry about getting filled up. And no one should come here unless they are accustomed to $75 a person meals with T&T. The average patron age here was 30 something. We were all 50 plus and while the service was fine our waiter continually struggled to relate and get comfortable serving us. I could tell he was not an actor. This is the same Restaurant as the Wilshire and the bar is the same and very few changes to the layout. Parking is Valet or just find a space on the street at a meter. No worries after 6. I think that if you are not concerned with what things cost you will enjoy the food here but if you are value oriented you will be disappointed is the best way to sum it up. Keep in mind that when dining on Wilshire in Santa Monica the rents are exorbitant so probably 50% of the tab funds the rent not the food cost.

Rowena A.

Two words "lobster bolognese"... a must when going to this restaurant. We also tried the cod and the cauliflower vegetable dish and they were great too. Dishes are meant to be share but can be pretty pricey because they are small portions so you have to order more. They have happy hour until 7pm so come during the week enjoy a drink at the bar - they have two- one inside and another one at their garden patio. Make sure you make a reservation for dinner. Entrance is via a long hallway between two buildings but open up to a beautiful garden setting. Staff is very attentive and friendly, relaxing atmosphere, noise level is moderate but we were inside which was a bit quieter I think and definitely warmer for a cool fall day. Dessert was amazing so save room. Plenty of street parking but read the sign restrictions because permit only at certain areas.

Terry E.

This is such a beautiful restaurant. The outdoor seating is lit by little white lights. We loved everything we ordered. Our favorites we the Apples and Burrata and for dessert the Lemon Mousse. What we didn't like. We were warned on OpenTable against showing up late. Also Fia called twice to make sure we were coming. We were there on time. We were told out table wouldn't be ready for 15 mins. 30 mins later they finally seated us at one of 3 tables that had been open the entire time we'd been standing there waiting. So incredibly rude.

Lily Max

Amazing space, food, staff, atmosphere. The space is huge and has so many different rooms- indoor and outdoor. They even had blankets when we got cold sitting outside.

Erica M.

This restaurant is very lovely. We were able to make it as walk-ins on a Saturday night. There was ample seating both indoors and outdoors, and it was a bit cool out, so my friends and I opted for indoor seating. The servers were very nice, and we each ordered a spritz which was refreshing and also strong. We ordered: Oysters with Yuzu Szechuan sauce: 3.5 stars. The oysters were delicious and the sauce was flavorful, but we had shell in each of our oysters, which definitely took it down a notch. Salmon tartare :These cones were delicious! Definitely one of my favorites of the night. Ikura is always a treat and the various textures in each bite was great! Seasonal veggies: The veggies had mushroom sauce on it and it's delicious. The veggies were crisp and juicy. Housemade cavatelli: My favorite pasta of the night. The truffle shavings on top with the cheese was a perfect combo. The cavatelli was well made and the sauce was so savory and good. Grilled octopus: The flavors of the octopus were good, I just prefer my octopus being more crispy. It was cooked that way, but the sauce made it lose it's texture. Dungeness crab ravioli: very good! I liked the crab and also the hint of ginger in those bites! It was different. Patatas bravas: Big but perfectly cooked potatoes. The spicy marinara and burrata were a good combo and a great dipping sauce for them. Beautiful spot, I definitely recommend it!

Danita Day

Great romantic special occasion restaurant. Outdoor dining is beautiful with an outdoor bar. Small shareable tasting serving mostly for two but some items are larger for 4 people. Attentive wait staff. Reservations recommended.

Arsenio N

Every dish at this restaurant was amazing in terms of flavor, execution, and presentation. This is one of those rare places where I would feel comfortable selecting anything from the menu. I was here with a large group and we ordered a pretty wide range of courses, and each was a delight. The drinks and dessert were wonderful and well. This place has a relaxed yet upscale atmosphere. The staff were all very professional and personable. Highly recommended! Also, tye roasted corn with truffle butter (heh) was The Best Corn I've Ever Had.

Gin Chen

Beautiful space, esp their outdoor seating. Food is decent, solid cocktail menu. Service is good.

David Kagel

We were lucky enough to have a table on the patio which is intimate and nicely arranged. We started with the best gin drink called the Adelade which was innovative and refreshing. The small bites are great and we especially enjoyed the hamache. We shared the peaches and ricotta that was plated beautifully. And I never knew that corn on the cobb could be that good! They shred truffles on the corn that was incredibly delicious. And a word on the staff. Each course was delivered by a friendly knowledgeable employee. I couldn't believe the hostest was nice enough to help fix our table so it didn't wobble. And the manager brought our check an little early when we still wanted desert. We then ordered desert and rather than hassle with another check he told us the desert was on the house! Who does that... One of the best new restaurants in LA hands down.

Pamela Van Ierland

I took my grown kids and nephew there for a birthday dinner and we arrived at 7:30 and not seated until 8:40 . And this was with a reservation.

Megan D.

This place has an amazing ambiance. The drinks were great, too. We weren't blown away by the food - rather, we found the flavors to be too bold. We shared the salmon tartare cones, black garlic brussel sprouts, corn, cacio e Pepe risotto, and shrimp tikka masala. We found all of the flavors to mask the main ingredient of each dish and overpower what should shine through. Our favorite was the cacio e pepe risotto and our least favorite was the corn. It was far too sweet. The restaurant, while new, will need time to refine their menu in my honest opinion.

Jaime Kaplan-Perico

Wonderful ambiance and a great menu!

Jordana Haspel

Great food for a decent price. The outside seating is very nice. Was sad when the Wilshire closed, happy with the replacement!

Augie Besa

This restaurant definitely lives up to the hype that our local newspaper gave it. The salad, then the pasta with the shaved black truffles, salmon etc... and then the Kim "this is my garden", ask to be at her tables. It was aqesome!