Santa Monica Proper Hotel

700 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica
(310) 620-9990

Recent Reviews

Jay P.

This hotel is amazing. I always used to stay at the Fairmont when in Santa Monica, which is a great hotel. But now proper hotel is my favorite. They have a great staff. The GM Julian is awesome and takes very good care of all of his guests. The front desk manager Cameron is very sweet. The rooftop bar/pool is amazing. They have a bikes that you can use for free for the first two hours. Free rental bikes. This place is definitely the best hotel in Santa Monica in my opinion. Also as a bonus it's part of the Marriott Bonvoy network. There's also a sushi restaurant right down the street that's incredible too called Kappo. LOVE THIS PLACE!

Lisa Myers

The staff went above and beyond!!! The staff was the definition of hospitality. Thank you, we had the best time, and will def be back again.

Mary M.

If you would like to hand your money over to one of the snobbiest people I have ever encountered then you are in the right place. I encountered Kelly Wearstler in the lobby and asked her for an autograph as I am, make that WAS, a fan of her interior design. She literally shooed me away. I will make it a point to never recommend nor stay in a Proper Hotel again which are owned by Queen Wearstler and her husband. I threw her books out and gave away her jewelry. Rude and condescending is just not becoming..... nor is it good business!!!

Mari Shapiro

I was so excited to stay in this hotel as I am a big Kelly Wearstler fan. Well, at least I was. Our room was nice but nothing super special. Like the fella before me, We were told that all of the restaurants were closed and there was no room service. Great, We also settled for the convenience store food and took it back to our room. As we walked through the lobby I had a chance encounter with Queen Wearstler. She was rude and condescending. Clearly she feels she is above the common folk who just stay in a hotel and don’t own the hotel like she and her husband. I can stay at any hotel I choose..... and I promise that I will never Stay in a Proper hotel again. People like that don’t deserve my money, no matter how beautiful their hotel is. ( Though quite frankly the common area was ridiculously cluttered). Additionally, the rooms need a desk and the location beside Reed Park is terrible.

Mike Middleton

This place is incredible! Can't wait to get back to the rooftop once this stuff subsides. CALABRA is special.

Tricia S.

Stayed there for 4 nights. The staff was great. Food mediocre at best. The room just ok and there is no quality control. The sides of the curtain had been yanked off the electric rod. I pointed it out to the maid and the check in folks. It stayed that way looking very tacky. For that amount of money it should have been fixed.

Jonathan Janis

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Yuhan Chan from the front desk of the Proper Hotel. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and obviously proud of where he worked. The lobby, restaurants, and rooms are all stylishly appointed in a mix of textural neutrals.

Lindsay F.

Amazing space with a very attentive staff. 6 of us for drinks and food Sunday night and it was a blast. That's the good part. I generally make it a policy to not write negative reviews....I just don't go back. In this case I'd really like to go back again to the rooftop so here we go. The food here in mediocre at best...and that's being kind. We tried multiple orders of appetizers, small plates and with the exception of the humus and fried ground chicken on a stick the food was horrible. No flavor, 2-3 tablespoons of gnocchi? wow. And prawns crusted in something awful. Seriously Proper Management if you need someone to help with your food programming please let me know as you have a gem of an environment that's being wasted. I'd suggest a change and soon as it's not that hard to create quality and flavorful small plates. The good news is we all hit In and Out on the way home.

Lauren T.

What a beautiful Space. Amazing decor with so much thought to the custom aspects of design. 6 blocks from the ocean and a total oasis for those seeking some reprieve from everyday life!

ROYCE New York

Stayed for 4 nights for a work trip and couldn't possibly have had a better experience. The concierge team - particularly Brittany - went above and beyond multiple times for me and I am incredibly grateful. The hotel itself is stunning and is definitely the hidden gem of Santa Monica, the room felt like a tranquil oasis, almost spa-like, especially with the awesome Aesop products. But it was the amazing level of service that was most memorable, I was blown away that she personally hand delivered a package to FedEx to ensure I would get it to the recipient in time. The next time I'm in LA, I will only consider the proper as my hotel to stay at, and am excited about staying at the SF property the next time I'm in the Bay area.

Romain Herbeau

We stayed 2 nights at the Proper Hotel with our kids. Hotel is ok but nothing incredible. Service is super poor and you only get a smile for a tip. There is no specific priority access to the hotel guest to the restaurants. The views have nothing to do with what is told on the site and last but not least kids are not welcomed at all. Good for teenager looking for a Tinder gathering.


A very cool establishment to get drinks and food, and our family stayed here for a couple of days, and we all had a very good experience. The rooms are very nicely decorated and just the right size, and the bathrooms are beautifully put together. The rooftop bar and restaurant is also super cool. I will say, the food at the rooftop restaurant isn't the best I've had in LA but LA also has high standards for good food. Also the light switches in the rooms can be somewhat unintuitive.

Hamads Profrogger

I’m rating the Proper hotel four stars mainly because of the style the ambience the vibe but things like not having a coffee machine in the room by default (you can ask for it specifically to be delivered although I was given conflicting information) and no turndown service for what looks like a five star hotel (but I’m guessing it’s not) a no concierge means that the potential is still way higher than what you get. however I would not put you off it and I think it’s relatively well located with an awesome rooftop pool and bar and other cool features including a pretty decent gym.

Dana M.

Abby at the roof top bar was very helpfully when I had the date mixed up! My Valentine and I were treated really well and had a wonderful time! Excellent staff seems like they love working there and the food and drinks were fantastic! We are locals and we WILL be back!!!

Mary J.

What a nightmare because of their "smart system". You can't turn on individual lights and the drapes won't open or close. It's gets worse. The elevators don't work. They also forgot signage so prepare to take 30 mins to find your hotel. Welcome to Vegas in Santa Monica. And when you turn the AC or heat on it honks like a horn and wakes the people sleeping.

Stephanie D.

Gorgeous rooftop bar! A great spot to grab a drink -- awesome atmosphere with a ton of cool decor. I had a glass of pinot noir that was really tasty! I have lived in the area for 4 years and had no idea this place existed.

Jason W.

I guess the business plan here is to bring the Hollywood snob attitude into Santa Monica. Doorman for the roofbar tells us we can't go to up as it's at capacity, so he makes us wait 15 minutes downstairs, then finally when we go upstairs, they won't let us take our drinks up that we bought at the downstairs bar. Then when we get upstairs, the place is half empty. Hollywood Jokers and their fake queues.

Justine A.

The hotel is designed beautifully. It is a bummer that the costumer service is just terrible. The front desks excuse was "we are at 100 percent capacity." I'm sorry, but I don't think that is at all a justification. Come here for a drink but I wouldn't suggest staying. We have not even checked in yet and this is definitely the sentiment. No help with dinner reservations and no hospitality whatsoever.

Leslee R.

Absolutely one of the most beautifully curated hotel I've been to in Santa Monica. The interior design was executed wonderfully, the furniture, the tones. Everything fits well perfectly, it's like walking into a magazine. Many people go to get their outfit of the days taken in the lobby by the bar, if you take a few pictures and are respectful of the staff and others around you they won't mInd. The drinks at the bar and roof top bar are pricey and they are limited on beer. They need to step up their craft beer options, it's LA we are flooded with so many local breweries. Let's support each other. All in all a beautiful dreamy place.

Julie Allen

My new fave LA hangout. Beautiful interiors, great bar and restaurant and spacious rooms. Highly recommend.

Janine Gerard

Beautiful decor, wonderful staff and service! Can’t wait to return!

Michelle Bryant

The Proper is expertly designed, casual yet elevated. The rooms are cozy and functional. The identity and motifs that run throughout the lobby, restaurant, bar, and rooms are trendy, yet sophisticated. The food is delicious and cocktails refreshing and clean!

Joe Campanella

great rooftop restaurant, delicious food and great service

Ashley Addin

Stayed here for a week during Christmas and had a wonderful experience!! Aside from the elegance & beautiful decor of the hotel, they have an incredible bar/restaurant on the roof for the ultimate dining experience. We can’t wait to come back during summer & use the rooftop pool next time!! Loved the reading alcove hidden off to the side in the bar area too. Thank you most of all to the exceptional staff for going above & beyond in every aspect of service. It made our stay memorable & you all were so attentive to our needs. We will absolutely be back.

Lisa Million-Horowitz

What a great hotel! Loved the room, the incredible lobby and bar. All of Kelly Werstler’s choices of art and design add such unique character to the little intimate group spaces. The room was lovely. Very high tech. A button opens the sheers, another opens the black out shades, another turns on all or some of the lights. Room service, concierge, valet, all so nice, friendly. We just loved it. Definitely recommend it. Oh! And coffee and fruit starts at 5:30am for business travelers or morning smoothies up on the rooftop bar and pool.

Carmelia Ray

I stayed at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel for 4 nights in December and I can’t wait to return. The entire staff from room service, concierge, valet and all restaurants were pleasant, attentive and professional. I had a welcome letter sent to my room and it was always impeccably clean when I returned from my day to day business. The food was delicious and all parts of the hotel were clean. The valet gentleman were prompt, courteous and well mannered. Everyone truly seemed to enjoy helping me and my guests. It is in a great location just walking distance from the beach and shops. This is more than a 5 star experience. Thank you ?

Lang Yee

I rarely give out 5 Stars but this place is on point. The rooms, service and even the food, which is rare in a hotel. Nice job, this will be my go-to hotel from now on.

Nicholas B.

This the second time this month we have stayed at the hotel. All new hotels have there kinks. People are to quick to judge. I politely on check out spoke to the manager when we departed... They couldn't have been kinder and more understanding. We are back for another 7 nights. The Decor is sheik and warm. The staff, from the Valet to everyone else couldn't be kinder and more accommodating. I would give this hotel a 5 star for effort and the willingness to listen. Bravo to the staff. nicholas B

Michael Rodriguez

This is by far one of the most beautiful hotels I have stayed at. I do not usually stay at Hotels in LA since I live here but if you are looking for a stay-cation I would HIGHLY recommend.

Nicholas Trott

Recommended by a friend, we chose the Landmark Building with the King bed! This is the original building which has been totally gutted on the inside and upgraded to a modern luxurious space! From the marble floors to the fully automated window coverings and lights, this room was amazing!


A beautiful hotel with warm and upscale decor. This hotel is barely a year old but is one of the best to stay at in Santa Monica. Totally Insta worthy.

Jill G.

aesthetically gorgeous hotel right in the center of the sunny cozy town of Santa Monica. Hot spot hub for shopping, lounging on the beach or relaxing with a cocktail and premium amenities on the Kelly werstler designed rooftop or restaurant rest assured they will take care of you!! Upon walking in I wanted to snap photos every corner I turned, a brand new hotel that is luxury across the board. The amenities in the room (gummy bears are amazing, a snack for every diet and a cold matcha even for the morning!) I was surprised by the trendy and yummy selection in the room. Sleek modern and Minimal it was easy to make myself cozy and at home. Upgraded tech in the room are refreshing and fun not to mention easy to use ! Black out curtains at the push a button. Everything was super clean and nicely presented as well. Room service for breakfast was a nice luxury as I stayed cozy in bed and got a fully organic healthy breakfast that I was actually happy to eat (most hotels can't accommodate my restrictive diet for health issues). The manager was such a pleasure and always made me feel so welcomed his positive energy was nice to have around after a long hectic day in the city running around. ALSO don't forget they have a partnership with AESOP so showering is heaven. For the people who love luxury clean beauty and trendy brands this place will make you feel at home! The shower and bathroom were my favorite - parachute home linen robes were a nice addition to my relaxation and night time routine while unwinding! Would stay here again and again, don't forget to order a drink at the rooftop hotel if you have the chance and take advantage of the pool ! It's one of the best in the city.

Joey J.

Rooms are very small. No work desks, no task chairs. Electric drapes can get stuck. Internet was out for 3 days and that meant no TV either because they use Apple TVs for video, which I really loved when they got them working again. No self parking. Valet is a whopping $50 per day even if you are a guest. Insulting. Staff seems inexperienced. Big heavy windowless door from parking area to hotel lobby and no one bothers to open it for you. Must walk through their high end restaurant to get to 2nd elevator bank to get to your room. Spa not yet operational. No rooms with ocean views. Trendy rooftop bar. Cutting edge design and furniture in the common areas and rooms. Minibar not always replenished every day in the rooms. HVAC worked adequately. Shower didn't get hot one day at 2pm, but worked well otherwise. Complimentary electric car charging while valet parked. Weird add-on fees to the room bill, including ripoffs like "resort fee" and "health and wellness fee." Apparently that covers employee healthcare. But I paid for the room with points so that made no sense. Why not just add "power and water fee" and "housekeeping uniforms" while they're at it? It's enough nonsense to prevent me from going back.

Ali B.

This is the review of the rooftop lounge and the overall esthetics of the hotel. Wow, this is a beautiful hotel. I have been to the roof top lounge twice now and it's been a pleasant exoerience, decent service, good drinks, yummy but pricy Mediterranean snacks.


Cutest little boutique hotel, love the decor and aesthetics of the place. The fine little details make this place so charming. Enjoyed having drinks & lunch by the pool, wait staff was excellent.

Liat L.

This could be a great hotel if they fixed all the many little problems. -The service is ok. Most of the employees seem to want to help, but other aren't very nice. -The room basically has no A/C. It was extremely warm all the time. We changed rooms three times and each one was hotter than the last. They kept saying they couldn't do anything about it. It was mid summer and the room never went below 72, we were always sweaty. -The Pool is small but pretty cute. They have good drinks there. -The restaurant isn't very good. The breakfast was expensive for the quality you get. -Location is good if you want to be a bit far from all the tourism in Santa Monica, but you are a bit far if you want to be in the middle of it. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this hotel but if you wanted to stay here I wouldn't stop you. It's not a terrible option, it's just not that great.

Brittany Lauren

Gorgeous interiors. I was here for an event and visited the rooftop. Beautiful views of Santa Monica, you can see all the way to DTLA where the next Proper hotel is opening.

Dione L.

This hotel felt like a beautiful escape to Tulum. The decor was on point and I truly enjoyed my stay here. My bf surprised w me w a lil bday getaway at this hotel. Amazing architecture super cute color scheme. The rooftop pool was amazing super comfy chairs and good food. The only complaint is the restaurant both upstairs and downstairs is SUPER pricey. $30 for two eggs and toast cmon guys... thats just alot. Other then that hospitality was great. Beds and pillows were super comfy. Proximity wise super close to shopping, great restys, and the beach

Annabelle C.

The rooftop is great during the week. It's nice to have access to such a beautiful place during the week and have few drinks with friends. Will definitely come back!


An upscale and sophisticated not too large, not too small amazing hotel.